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Birthday:   1993-05-29Country:   Denmark
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Name:   xTheRockstar
Birthday:   1993-05-29
Joined:   2007-08-08
Uploads:   28 graphics 

Nikki Sakin Zero

A little rocking info about me

Hey dudes ! My name is Nikki, but just call me Zero, because that's my nickname and I better like that one. You can also call me Nikki Sakin Zero, I love that name. Well your chose what to call me. My best friend ever is Marie from my school, she rocks my life. I <3 her

Me and Marie has many of the same interests like music and other, both of us are learning to play the piano and the both of us love to sing and draw and we both love My Chemical Romance, and also Green Day and other bands. We're having the same style and same lame humor! We love to go to concerts, and have been to one together this far! She's like my soulmate x)

Concerts I've been to:

The Dreams - 12/09.08
The Dreams - 20/09.08
Celina Ree - 11/10.08
The Dreams - 18/10.08

Concerts I'm going to:

Celina Ree - 29/11.08


The Dreams - 12/09-08

It's was my fave band, called The Dreams. It's a danish band, and I met up with them after the concert and talked with them and got pictures together with them, it was so fucking cool! Under the concert the bass player, Eirikur, my love of my life, took the microphone and took it out over mine and my two friend's heads. It was so fucking cool.

After the concert, Marie Louise, the one who invited me to the concert, asked Eirikur for his water bottles, and he gave his three last water bottles to us. It was so cool, so I kept it, and wrote on it 'Eirikur gave it to me'. And then we waited for them to come out so we could talk with them. When they came, the lead singer wasn't and they told us that he got this huge head ache under the concert, so I didn't get to talk to him or his autograph on my album or a picture with him, I'm gonna get that the next time (:

How I met up with Eirikur:

I came walking towards him. "Hey can I please get an autograph?" I asked totally angelic. "Yea of course!" He answered with a big gorgeous smile. I felt like melting. I handed him the album and he took a pen and wrote 'Eirikur' on it. He gave it back to me and smiled. "You know my piercing, right?" Eirikur asked me pointing at his lip piercing. "Yir" I answered kinda desperate. "Well, I just hate it when I sing, haha. It jumps onto my teeth, it sucks" He explained laughing. I was so long into my dream, just listening to his beauty voice. Then after that we took a picture together.

But we should not forget the great girl whose foul it is that it's possible for me to go to it, Marie Louise, not my bestie but one of my other besties, she's so cool and love the same music as me and has the same style, and guess what ? It was the first time I met her, lolz. She rocks in real life !! <33

The Dreams - 20/09.08

Also my fave band. Seriously, it was so cool. We were waiting out door to get in the door, then a girl called one of the sound men who was together with The Dreams that moment, and then we all sang : "We're waiting for The Dreams! Our lifes are dedicated to them! We are so helpless guys! We donno what to do without you!" It was so fucking cool. Then we came in and waited in the hall to get into the DREAM ROOM.

While we were waiting, Corfitz, the guitar player, only 18 years old, came walking throw the 'crowd' sometimes. Then my friend should pee so I followed her to the toilet. I was standing in the door out to another hallway. The we were talking and suddenly I saw corfitz on the stairs outside the toilets. I was like stoning. He smiled big at me and then waved to me. First when I waved back, he went back up the stairs. I was so stupid, I should have asked him for some pictures. So I could get lots. But I didn't.

Under the concert I was standing right in front of the scene. It was so fucking cool. On my hands was writing 'I <3 Eirikur'. I showed him my hands in the start of the concert. He was like smiling big at me. Later I was taking a video while I was screaming for Eirikur to come. If you wanna see the video, just ask me. In the video he's then running towards me and touching my hand. I felt like dying.!

How I Met Up With The Band:

After the concert I went out to see the band. First I met up with Heini and talked with him and he wrote 'Henkogt Tun' on my green pants, and of course his autograph. I got a pic with him but it was bad so I asked for another one, then he said yea but it had to be later then, because he didn't feel well. So I went over to Hans. I asked him to sign my album, because he was sick at the last concert. So he signed it and then he wrote 'Hans' on my pants. Well higest up almost so he was almost touching my *****, you know ? : D

So I talked a little with him and asked for a pic. But because they were standing behind the tables, he asked me to come behind the tables. So I was like the only fan up there at that time, then we took 3 pictures, and he promissed me to come in the near where I'm living with The Dreams. So I went happy down again. I was going for Corfitz this time. He wrote on my pants: "Hey Nikki, du for sej!! Din Corfitz" which means: "Hey Nikki, you're too cool!! Your Corfitz" I was so happy. It was also at high with my pocket.

Then I asked him to do me a favour. Then he looked curious at me. "Will you please kiss me on the chin, my friends wouldn't believe that I couldn't get a pic like that" I said and smiled to him. Then he began laughing and gave me a big kiss on my chin. Then my friend hurried up with the camera and took a picture. So he was kinda kissing me for 5 too short minutes. It was lovely.

Then I went for his brother. Then Heini came back after smoking and then I got a good pic with him. Then I came to Eirikur and asked him to write on my pants, he did. He wrote from my knee and down. Something that it was really cool that we wanted to come and such, I can't really read it, lolz. Then I also asked him to do me favour. When I asked him he came with this really big really cute smile and then gave me a big kiss too. Again it was for 5 short minutes. It was a wonderfull concert!

Celina Ree - 11/10.08

Well in the start of the concert, me and my bestie was like, my god, Celina hates us. Because we were screaming and jumping and headbanging the whole time to make her see us. (we were the only one doing that under the whole concert) Then we showed her the top of our hands, there stood "you rock" then she smiled and blew a kiss for us. And under one of the song when we were jumping she yelled "yea!" and pointed at us. It was so big.

Then under "Se Dig Selv I Mig" one of her songs, meaning "See Yourself In Me" then I showed her my hand, there was standing the name of the song, and I showed it to her just at the time that she sang it, so she got teary eyes and blew another kiss for me. Under the whole koncert she only blew two kisses, one for me and my friend, and one for me.

Before the last song, her famous song, she said "When I screams now, you'll all run up the scene! OKAY?!" In the last chorus she screamed now. But nobody ran up the scene so she pointed at me and my friend, and then the both of us ran up the scene. We were the first once up there!

After the concert, Celina signed my poster and wrote something in my remember book. Then I got a picture with her and then she said to me and my friend. "For fuck sake! It's so cool how you were acting in there! It's so cool when we do a lot and get something back! You rock girls!" I felt so good at the comment : D

How I met up with her band:

Then I went over to her band and asked for their autografs. I said thanks, and then Kasper looked at me and said: "Don't thank us, we're the one thanking you!" I looked like really weird at him. Like 'WTF?'. "Well, you're the first asking for our autographs ever!!" He explained. I was like, oh my fucking god! HOW COOL BE THE FIRST!

Then Kasper asked me to hold his beer while he signed my poster. Andi, Anders & Anders Bo, also signed it. It was so cool. Then my bestie came towards me and also asked for their autographs. Then Kasper asked me to hold his beer once again. We stood there talking for a while, we had them all by our selves.

"Can we also please get a pic with you guys?" I asked like a little girl. "OF COURSE!" Kasper answered and hold his hand around my shoulder. The Andi stood behind me, and Marie stood next to me, and then Anders stood next to her. Our other friend, well Marie's friend, took the picture. Then we found out that we've missed Anders Bo. So we called at him and got another one. It was so cool!

Then we talked a little again and then we said our byes and got our stuff. I also bought a band shirt. We said bye to Celina, she waved at us. When we walked down the stairs, her band stood in the door waving at us. We were like totally FLIPPING OUT!!

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