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Name:   trixiecherrycat!
Birthday:   1995-09-16
Joined:   2011-02-04
Location:   Planet Earth
Click the link to my Fanfiction page. I write for a lot of fandoms! Whilst you here, you should check out my Pinterest page! =)

I agree with the dictionary
Girls before Guys
Fun before Studying
Friends before Love

Supporting pairings:

Pokeshipping AshXMisty
DiamondShipper GiovanniXDelia
Rocketshipping JessieXJames


FianceShipping JadenXAlexis
PeachShipping YugiXTea
SilentShipping KaibaXSerenity
PolarShipping JoeyXMai

Kodocha: SanaXAkito
Vampire Knight: ZeroXYuuki
Spider Riders: HunterXCorona. AqueneXPrinceLumen
Dinosaur King: MaxXZoe
Ouran High School Host Club: HaruhiXKyouya. HaruhiXArai. TamakiXEclair
Fruits Basket: KyoXTohru. HaruXIsuzu. KisaXHiro
Tokyo Mew Mew: ZoeyXDren. KikiXTarb. ElliotXBridget
Harry Potter: HarryXHermione
Ghost Hunt: MaiXNaru. MonkXAyako
Maid Sama: UsuiXMisaki
Black Butler & Another crossover CielXMei

Once Upon A Time: EmmaXNeal, EmmaXGraham(If he didn't die). ANTI: EmmaXHook. EmmaXHatter. EmmaXRegina.

Black Butler/Kiroshitsuji: CielXElizabeth.

Dangan Ronpa: NaegiXKirigiri, MaizonoXNaegi (If the death didn't happen)

Death Note: MisaXLight


Pokemon: BrockXDelia. DeliaXOak. CynthiaXAsh

Yu-Gi-Oh! Gx: BlairXJesse. (Ugh why?)JadenXYubel. SyrusXBlair (Pairing because they're both short? You need help fangirls)

Fruits Basket: YukiXTohrou (Yuki sees her as a mother, get over it.)

Vampire Knight: KanameXYuuki (They are family you sickos)

Tokyo Mew Mew: ZoeyXElliot. ZoeyXMark (Elliot loves Bridget in the cannon. Mark used Zoey to become popular with his parents)

Harry Potter: HarryXGinny (That's his friends little sister!)

Dangan Ronpa: TogamiXFukawa (Why on earth would he love her? He has no interest in anyone!)

Ouran Highschool Host Club: TamakiXHaruhi, HaruhiXTwins

GX Shipping's.

Jaden does not suit being in a romantic relationship with Jesse, I think of Spiritshipping insulting to them as characters. 70% Spiritshippers ship them together for the sake of shipping, Jesse has so much as a character and most people overlook that to ship him with Jaden. Yes they have been through a lot together but this doesn't equal romance. Jesse was the first person in Jaden's life to treat him as an equal, everyone else saw him as a rival, a fool/slacker, a brother figure or someone amazing to look up too. This goes to all shippings with Jaden. (Even Fianceshipping).

Whilst Fianceshipping is my OTP I understand that there's plenty of reasons why they wouldn't make it far in a relationship, plus a high percentage of writers here write Alexis as being his fangirl or Out Of Character which is bad. Blair had a lot of potential as well but the anime really ruined her. Even though by the end of the series she's matured a lot, she's still far too young to be romantically involved with anyone of the GX crew.

Chazz being paired up with Alexis weirds me out. It's clear that Chazz has so much more to offer than being a love-puppy to Alexis, the same goes with Alexis! Chazz shows the signs of having a crush not being in love with someone, at the end of the series, I believe Chazz would have matured and stopped pining for her. I've always seen Zane as a brother figure towards Alexis, I don't find any romantic chemistry between them as they both are too interested in Dueling. Sartorius and Alexis? Who even thought of that? Him being brainwashed was never attractive to her and when he returned back to normal he never showed any interest, in both cases she never saw him as a lover anyway!

Yubel is really confusing BUT bear with me. To begin with Yubel was a he, a brother/guardian figure for prince Haou so not lovers, somewhere inbetween him being fused with a dragons heart and being fused with the Society's Light he turned into a 'she'. By this time Haou had turned into Jaden. Whilst they share the same powers and body I don't believe them to be the same person. Yubel isn't looking at Jaden, she's looking at Haou - The Haou Yubel knew from when they were children. Desperate for love Yubel pins for Jaden who settles for having Yubel as a mother-like-guardian. In any case, they aren't lovers & they aren't the same species so it would never work!

Pokemon Shippings.

As much as I loved them as a child. I'm starting to realise that Ash is a bit of a douche. In recent seasons he has gotten a lot more careless towards his pokemon. They way he treats his companions has taken a turn for the worse too. He still carries Misty's Lure and handkerchief which means he still thinks about her. Hints for Pokeshipping is stronger for this since May's Badge and Dawns whatever is kept in Ash's room. (Ash carries Misty's Lure with him wherever he goes.)

As for Misty, she must be getting lonely at that gym. Could they really have a strong long-distance relationship when the only contact they have are letters? Most of which Ash would never get since his always on the move. I wouldn't really trust Ash to write a letter to Misty everyday. I'm starting to see Misty being closer to Richie or Gary. But not yet in a romantic way. I believe Misty belongs with someone more faithful than Ash. I don't think Ash will ever settle down with a girl (Even if it was Misty) or even see him settled once he becomes a 'Master'. A title I seriously don't want Ash to receive, the bond he grew with his Pokemon in the first few seasons are completely different than those he has now.
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