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Birthday:   1926-07-20
Joined:   2010-01-17
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The photo above is of me, just because its up there doesnt give you the right to steal it or claim it as your own. I dont go on GG that much anymore, but I do check up on it every few days if possible. I'm still on tumblr at and also made a facebook recently, ask for my email to find me on it.

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webspinner writes:
Ehh Im no one, you just reminded me of Lady Blabla. Anyway just forget that we had this conversation. Farewell.

Posted on: Oct 14th 2010, 5:22:58am

jabawokeecoffee writes:
I'll probably get at tumblr at some point, i have a few other friends who have accounts on there. I'll let you know when i have one. So what ahve you been upto, don't worry about late replies or anything, I get lazy too (:

Posted on: Oct 13th 2010, 1:00:41pm

webspinner writes:
Lady Gaga!

Posted on: Oct 12th 2010, 4:56:28pm

timeisticking. writes:
My room is next to my parents room so when they have a fight and they want to make up, I don't get any sleep because I hear EVERYTHING! O.o

Posted on: Oct 10th 2010, 4:07:05pm

jabawokeecoffee writes:
House swap? Wooooww. Not bad. Sounds pretty fun but I don't think the rest of my family would appreciate it if i swapped my house for somewhere else hahahah. I don't think you would be ugly, I think you're just saying that. Nobody truly wants to admit their pretty unless their really upfront and confident. That always kind of scares me in a person. The peple who think they are pretty usually aren't and the people that think they're not, usually are. Unfortunately for me, I don't feel pretty or look pretty, so it's kind of a downer for me : P, I'm not good with makeup either, so i can't cover it up otherwise i look like an underage hooker hahahaha. Yeah, i thought deleting facebook would force me to speak with people offline but it's didn't realy work out as planned hahahah oh well. You're right, facebook is really boring, I only used it for the chat because msn doesn't agree with my computer e_____e i don't think I'd find roller blades or rollerskates any easier than eachother so It was kind of a random pick i guess, I'm getting better but I'm not gonna risk the roads quite yet @___@

Posted on: Oct 9th 2010, 12:14:33pm

timeisticking. writes:
So how are you this wonderful day?

Posted on: Oct 8th 2010, 11:48:12am

jabawokeecoffee writes:

Yeah this "wonderful magic" island. Fan-fucking-tastic e__e hahahha. I do that too, I'll switch a movie on and barely get anything done, I'm best at drawing when I'm sat down listening to music to be honest. What do you mean by ugly as possible so it looks just like you? You're not ugly 0___o Trust me, my face could win britains next top piece of shit. I don't draw self portraits because it even makes me feel pity for myself hahahaha. £1,400? Not baaadd heh heh. Hmm I'd like to see these pictures, do you have to have a tumblr to see them? I should really get one, it seems like a lot of people are using it. I ended up deleting my facebook. I was so bored, The whole liking thing drove me mad. "Barak Obama watched a good episode of friends last night." "Tony Blair likes this." -________- Anyhow my mum just got home with my roller skates I've ordered but i can barely stand in them so i can't wait to see how it will turn out hahahah XD

Posted on: Oct 6th 2010, 11:50:15am

vintage.heart writes:
So what made you want to be Quinn? im so curious! im a nosey bitch to be honest(:

Posted on: Oct 5th 2010, 7:30:42pm

boom!yourdead. writes:
Oh really?
Sounds rather nice lovely. (=

Posted on: Oct 5th 2010, 10:10:25am

jabawokeecoffee writes:
i can tell your new obsession is black hair and red lipstick, I'm just magic like that hahaha. Yeah I'm a bit like that with drawing, I'll draw loads of face shapes in the corner of the page and decide i don't like it and turn over but when i have the drive for something, i can sit down and draw for hours. Do you ever get it when you draw something on a scrap piece of paper and then you think you'll try and copy it on a neat piece of paper but it never comes out as good. I bloody hate that. But maybe that's just me hahaha. So what have you been upto?

Posted on: Oct 5th 2010, 9:50:21am

timeisticking. writes:
Even when your not truely to be beautiful, you always seem to be. :) thank you and I try to be because if I can make one person smile everyday then I will be the happyest person ever.

Posted on: Oct 3rd 2010, 5:26:08pm

boom!yourdead. writes:
Well then I'll speak to you next time Im online lovey. (=

Posted on: Oct 3rd 2010, 5:22:23pm

timeisticking. writes:
oh ok hehe :P You look really lovely with long hair. Well that's good that your feeling better. :)

Posted on: Oct 3rd 2010, 1:33:00pm

timeisticking. writes:
OH MY GOSH you have long hair again :)
I must have missed alot from not being on here for a month or so. How have you been?

Posted on: Oct 2nd 2010, 7:11:00pm

scream writes:
Your hair seems to grow longer faster! Not mine.. It's at shoulder length right now but still looks short. Damn.


Posted on: Oct 2nd 2010, 3:23:48pm

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