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Name:   tayauchiha1
Birthday:   1993-12-01
Joined:   2008-06-20
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I am taya uchia i have a 10 tailed demon panther i was orginally from the leaf village but i got sent away when i was two because me and my friend ice almost destroyed the whole leaf village. i was sent to the sand village. i stayed their for one yr. then i got bored so i ran away i was trying to go to the stone village but on my way rhere i ran into Orochimaru he found out how strong i was by fighting me so he decided to bite me i said he was crazy and he must be on drugs or something(yes i already knew what drugs were at adge 3) if he thought that i would stay with him but then he told me he would teach me jutsu's that only he knew so i decided to go with him. i stayed with Orochimaru for only six mounths because i already mastered all of his forbiden jutsu's. then i went to the stone village i became a ninja there in only six mounths then when i was four i went to the star villege only stayed for 6 mounths became ninja did the same patern go from village to village becaming a ninja thats stronger then everyone in it until i was eight then i joined the ambu routes i only stayed in that for a year because it was to easy since i had e made a hose under each villege and conected them so it was easy to go to villge to village as for information they needed i just told them because i already knew eveything they needed to know because id already been their and gathered info. and also because im a stalker. i got bored so i quit then i went to the leaf village to visit my big brother itachi when i got their there were dead people every where then i saw itachi he knocked out some kid i said (well someones in a good mood today huh big brother) itachi turned around when he saw me he tried to kill me can u believe that he would try to kill hes only sister what a wenny anyways after we fought i laughed and said(that only took 1 second and i already injured u so much that u cant fight ha ha ha then he said(shut up little sis) and ran off to go with the akatsuki {i think my brothers a wimp} when itachi left i walked over to the little kid he knocked out he was the only one there who was alive i went into a diffrent part of the villedge isaw a bench and i went to sleep on it forgetting about my demon when i woke up i saw that the bench i was sitting on was brocken the grass around it was goon and there were a lot of dead bodies and little kids were crying i asked them if i did this and they said(yeah u did it u meany u killed them all) i counted the dead bodies there were 12 how long did it take me i asked only 1 second said the little kid then one of the kids parents who were still alive ran to the hokage building and told the hokage what happened then he kicked me out of the villedge and told me to never come back then i said ill come back if i want to ok man!! then i went off into one of my underground houses and trained because i thought i was to weak i stayed down their and trained for two hole years than when i was 12 i came out from my underground house once i was out i went back to orchimaru to see if he learned anthing new that he could teach me i actually stayed with him 4 one whole year then i went back to the ninja academy (in leaf villedge) for more training the hokage didnt remember some of the kids did though and they said(ahh the monster the monsters back) i ignored them then i saw that same kid from my clan who got nocked out i asked him what his name was he said (i am sasuke uchia) then i said thats cool ur realated to me my name is taya uchia he gave me the wierdiest look and said u cant be realated to me my brother killed everyone in my family when i was 4 then my eyes got real big and i said ur itachis brother!!! i have a little brother he said what r u talkin about then i explained to him how im his sister after that he short of fainted that day i met a kid named naruto and no one else was his friend so i decided to be2 yrs later yay im 14 now woah ha-ha narutos only twelve anyways it was the last day at the ninja academy when naruto goofed off and he did become a ninja i did again but i through the headband away since i already had enough and i walked over 2 naruto sitting on the swing all by himself and from then on we went on manny advantures when naruto leaves the villege 2 go with jirah i go with them but i ran away from naruto one day 2 join the akatsuki because ever since brother itachi joined it i wanted 2 be in it three mounths later naruto returns 2 the leaf villege then he finds out that garra was token away by the akatsuki when he finds gara he also finds me my boyfriend deidara and sasori he asked who did this and i answered me and my boyfriend did naruto and sakura split up sakura stayed their with garas grandmother and fight sasori while naruto and kakashi fight me and deidara .in the end deidara lives because i protected him and gara is brought back 2 life naruto didnt understand why i brought gaara back 2 life so i told him gara is my friend hes just like u and no matter what will always be friends then naruto said so u wont kill me no i wont it will hurt me 2 much if i do it thats why another member will do it so i dont have 2 from then on i have been on the akatsuki and am still friends with naruto but i have bad news the leader of the akatsuki pein wants me to take narutos demmon if i do that he will die so this is what i did i made up a mission and told him he told me 2 do it yeterday so i need 2 go get it done my made up mission was 2 make sure nothing bad happens 2 deidara i do that on a normal basis and now im on a mision 2 protect him thats funny but that day was the worst day of my life because my brother sasuke tried 2 kill deidara and in the end we were safe but because i saved deidara from dying i couldnt move but then my demmon came out and it scared the crap out of sasuke and he ran somewhere else i asked deidara whats wrong he said un nothing its just u almost killed urself poof huh where did u go im over here did my clone put up a good fight un....hey deidara where do u think sasuke went un i dont know un lets go find them un ok i have nothing else 2 do when we found naruto and sasuke they were died they hade riped each others heart out in the end and then that was the end of the anime so everyone automaticly died the end.

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