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.."If You dwell On the past there's no future nor is There even a PrEsEnT. To dwell is to Pause Life and kIll Your Soul." ~Cheyenne A. Corty™

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Name:   snowkitten14
Birthday:   1995-08-17
Joined:   2009-12-05
Location:   Alaska
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"I Became insane with long intervals of sanity" Edgar Allen Poe:

I think with my ♥ & Love with my head which gets me in bunches of trouble & My mouth never stops running.

I'm blonde,eccentric,smart,funny & a bit dumb at times, yeah I'm going to make a list of everything about me, muahahahah.

I'm odd.
I'm cute.
I ramble.
I'm moody.
I am a writer.
I'm Italian.
I am a poet.
I am a girl.
I get broken easily.
I do stupid stuff.
I'm a smart A$$.
I'm currently in the 8th grade.
I bite people (there's your warning k?)
I am a PROUD pacifist.
I'm the girl in the corner head banging to her I-pod at the rave.
I'm NOT a vegan...I LOVE MEAT!
I fall in and out of love with myself.
I'm the kind of girl whom, after two minutes of knowing you, will give you a giant hug and say i love you depending on if your awesome or not.
I hate Pink and high heels.
Heights give me panic attacks.
I fear the dark.
I do believ in fairies!
Needles make me cry.
I fall in love easily.
I'm random in case you didn't notice!
It's easy to make me cry.
I listen to music with profanities.
Yes I will tell you if your cute or not, why hide it?
I think Rainbows are KICK A#$!
I laugh randomly in dead silence.
I always want to be right.
NO, You can't hug me )-).
I LOVE manga books.
Breakdancing makes me day dream.
I hate guys who wear their pants so low we can all see their boxers, seriously? Who the flip came up with that it's SO stupid.
I don't like Axe.
I hate being labeled.
I think the sky should fall.
I get angry easily.
I'm awesomer than pie.
I LOVE purple.
Yes there is purple in my hair Shut UP already!
I'm not your stalker...*whispers* your out of milk.
My imagination is very vast.
Don't Try to change me, You WILL fail utterly.
Hell yeah thats a pair of cat ears on my head!(no you can't touch them!)
No, I don't think your stupid, just un-smart.
I like PIE....
I'm Currently madly in love shh.
XD yeah.....I'm weird but you like it ;)
I speak fluent gibberish!
My laugh is weird & IDC what you say about it!

last but certainly not least= My two very best friends are Aly S aka (Poof, Bloopy, Spyder & Xandy), She's the comedy relief in my novel called Life, & Everett H( Brickwall,Purple Haze,Exx, & Dusk) He's my other comedy relief & my other reason for smiling half the time, I love them both with all my heart and if you touch them in any way shape or form that hurts them then you have my promise it'll be the last thing you do.*smiles*. Any Questions Boys and girls?

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