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dont chu lik meh smexy voice???!!!

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Name:   rockpuppy
Birthday:   1991-01-13
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1. "Yo momma so fat, even Naruto doesn't believe it."
2. "Yo momma so fat, even Byakugan can't see through her."
3 . "Yo momma so ugly, even Jiraiya doesn't peep on her."
4. "Yo momma so ugly, she's the reason Kakashi wears a mask."
5. "Yo momma so fat, Chouji quit eating."
6. "Yo momma so ugly, she makes Sarutobi look like Brad Pitt."
7. "Yo momma so skanky, she makes Sakura look like Jesus."
8. "Yo momma's eyebrows so thick, even Lee was disgusted."
9. "Yo momma so old, Lee lost his pride."
10. "Yo momma's poetry is so emo, she made S----- cry in shame."
11. "Yo momma so fat, Neji couldn't hit her Chakra points."
12. "Yo momma so fat, her thumb is the size of Tsunade's left breast."
13. "Yo momma so fat, she broke Gaara's sand coffin."
14. "Yo momma so ugly, she made Gaara shriek."
15. "Yo momma so old, she sat behind Shodaime in third grade."
16. "Yo momma so old, her Shinobi I.D. number is -1."
17. "Yo momma so fat, Kakashi tried the Thousand Years of Pain on her and was sucked in."
18. "Yo momma so fat, she broke Haku's Crystal Ice Mirrors."
19. "Yo momma so fat, Zabuza's Guillotine Sword bounced off."
20. "Yo momma's so ugly, Naruto asked how to do the Ugly Ass Jutsu."
21. "Yo momma so ugly, Jiraiya turned gay."
22. "Yo momma so redneck, her signature is F-U Jutsu."
23. "Yo momma so fat, even Jiraiya wouldn't hit that."
24. "Yo momma so stupid, she cheated off of Naruto's paper."
25. "Yo momma so fat, it took Lee ten days to run a single lap around her."
26. "Yo momma so dumb, she saw a sign that said 'Konoha <--Left', and thought everyone left the village."
27. "Yo momma so ugly, she did Sexy Jutsu and everyone went blind."
28. "Yo momma so thin, Naruto thought she was a ramen noodle."
29. "Yo momma so fat, she touched Gaara."
30. "Yo momma's forehead is so big, it makes Sakura's look like a Post- It note."
31. "Yo momma so perverted, she makes Jiraiya nervous.

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