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You're just jealous because the voices talk to me and not you.

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Birthday:   1997-01-12Country:   United States
Joined:   2009-06-02Location:   Milwaukee, Japan
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Name:   Essence
Birthday:   1997-01-12
Joined:   2009-06-02
Location:   Milwaukee, Japan
Welcome. You're viewing the profile of a...

HAI! My name is Essence but on the internet I'm also known as Shinzui, AzamiIvanov, ICantRewrite, Impure Essence, Pure Sinner, I'm Your Heart, Hotchokolating, Cereal Killah, Moody (Mythical) Hybrid, and Raptured Rayne! Lol, yeah, that's an awful lot.

I am a very retardational girl with equally retardational friends. Here's a snippet of one of my conversations with Jazmin.

Jazmin - "Can I kill this one? It's a retarded one!"

Me - "...What if someone said that about you?"

We were talking about a fly that flew around her computer. xD

I'm also like some kind of small child who finds great joy in being mean...Example? My niece and I.

Me: (pushes her)

Her: (hits the wall, falls, and starts crying)

Me: (holding in laughter) Oops, didn't mean to do that!

Her: (sobbing as she stands up) Yes you did!

Me: o.o (turns her around, places hand on her back and pushes her forward a little) Oh, no I didn't! :D I'm just giving you a push in the right direction. (pushes her with more force and she falls into the computer chair) O__O oops! My bad!

Her: (still crying)

Me: (runs into my room, slams the door and starts laughing my ass off)

I've also been told I'm kind of depressing.

Jazmin: Isn't that baby so cute and funny?

Me: No. I mean, it's cute, but..

Jazmin: "But"?! You'll make the happiest person alive...depressed.

I hurt myself a lot.

Me: ass hit the wall and made my door shake.

Jazmin: (can't stop laughing)

Me: It's not that funny, goddamn it! It really hurts...

Did I lose any profile viewers yet? Cause that tends to happen to me. :O

They usually read something that makes them slowly back away from the screen...

And run.

Oh well... >:D I'm crazy, people! Fear meh! FEAR MEH!

Or laugh, you know..people laugh at me, too...

...I swear to drunk I'm not God. Quit asking!

( - Essence is currently high on laughter. Her mind will self-destruct in 3...2...1 - )


Oh wait. Nothing happened. Was I already brain dead?

Yes? Awesomeness! :D

RAAAPE! Call 911! NUEVE UNO UNO! o___0

I gotz a PokePlushie Adoptable!

Click here to feed me a DigiTreat!

And here's another one! :D

Click here to feed me a Speck of dust!
Get your own at Pokeplushies!

Me and Jazmin are solid! We're like this! (crosses fingers)

Okai, school has begun once again...

So far?

Good teachers: Mr. Piontek, Mr. Stadler, Ms. Loesl-Borth, and Mr. Weeden.

Baaaad teachers: Mr. Haddon (hate math soo much) Ms. Avery, Ms. Pike, Mr. Garrison, and Ms. Johnikin.

UPDATE - Man, never mind! Screw Mr. Stadler. He can go to hell too!
And Ms. Johnikin isn't our teacher anymore...we have Ms. Manke! Who looks like a slight older Kelly Clarkson...anyway, she's freakin' awesome!

Gawd, I'm so bored. But you know what helps? YU-GI-OH! Yes, I've gotten back into that, after all these years. And do you know, who specifically helps?

I shall tell you.

A forever-awesome yami, Bakura...

And his lovely hikari, Ryou Bakura!

Then there's the only yami that scares the shit out of me - Marik!

His badass hikari, Malik Ishtar!

I'm positively sure you've heard of the King of Games, Atemu, whether you watch YuGiOh or not! :P

And now... the vertically challenged, innocent, Duel Monsters-loving hikari... Yugi Mutou!

They are THE pwnage. No doubt about it! :D

I also love this picture of the three yamis.


Hm...well, until I think of something else...BYEZ!
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