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R.I.P. Reggie <3333

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Name:   remembering reggie
Birthday:   1990-01-01
Joined:   2009-06-14
Welcome To ReggieBears; Memorial Account

This account was made to remember Reggie Red who left us on May 12th, 2009. Reggie was a loving friend to all of us here on Glitter Graphics. He made a difference in the world as we see today. Although he made us shed tears at his horrible dissension, we will always forgive and forget. This is a place to leave love and show how much we miss him and how much we love him. Please add this page to your idols or lovers. We will not add anyone back for once we leave this account, we will only go under for maintenance. Keep Reggie in your thoughts and hopes. We love you Reggie. To get something added to this page, please contact Swen or Emma for permission. Poems, quotes, graphics and text are now welcome to be freely added to page.



Please leave comments and tons of love for Reggie
We love you<3
Thanks for all your guys support.


Photo Gallery

Reggie's First Account

Reggie's Second Account

Reggie's Suicide Notes;

"Dear ,

I wish i could have known that this love would have hurt me in the end, i know im not perfect but if i was i could have made it last. this is my final word to everyone iknow and care about.

Swen you were like my sister. im sorry to put you through this. you deserve much better than i gave. and im sorry. please dont be upset with me because, i would hate myself for it. please live your life to the fullest, and ill see you later. i love you so much. little sis.

Ana babe, you gave me the best time of my life, when iknew it was over, i couldnt stand it. im sorry that i hurt u but i still dont know how i did. if only you had told me. maybe things would be different. ill always love you in my heart, even if im gone.

i dont really know what to say but since ive only known you for a little while, well i just wish i hadnt put you through this. you mean allot to me and always will no matter what happens. ill never forget you.

Nickie dear you were the greatest friend ever on glitter graphics. i couldnt ask for a more amazing person to spend my time with. you're beautiful dont let anyone tell you otherwise, i wish i could still be with you, but i cant so i leave you with this hug *hugs super tight* im sorry. i love you.

what can i say? sometimes i felt that you never cared about anyone but me. and that made you amazing. you're the best and ill never forget all the fun times we had. ill miss you forever and ever. you're worth it.

That's all i have to say. i wish to remember everyone as they were. please dont make me think otherwise


There is one more suicide note written. Please message ɯɹoʇs+ןıɐĦ to ask for permission to read the suicide note. ɯɹoʇs+ןıɐĦ is under our lovers


If tears could build a stairway And memories were a lane We would walk right up to Heaven And bring you back again
No farewell words were spoken No time to say goodbye You were gone before we knew it And only God knows why
Our hearts still ache in sadness And secret tears still flow What it meant to lose you No one will ever know
But now we know you want us To mourn for you no more To remember all the happy times Life still has much in store
Since you'll never be forgotten We pledge to you today A hallowed place within our hearts Is where you'll always stay

I thought of you with love today but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday and days before that too.
I think of you in silence I often speak your name All I have are memories and your picture in a frame.
Your memory is my keepsake with which I'll never part God has you in His keeping I have you in my heart.

When the clouds part and a ray of sun shines through
We look to the sky; and think of you.
You see our tears and feel our ache
We breathe you in with each breath we take
There is no need to miss, what is not gone
For you are right here, where you belong
You are the suns warmth on our face
Guiding us through this dark place
You are the whisper of the wind through the night.
That gentle sparkle in a stars light
You are the colours of the rainbow after a summers rain
Dazzling, vivid colour,s nothing could ever tame
You are the elegance found after a first snow
That small, beautiful,blinding glow
You made your own path from the start
And we continue to carry your footprints on our heart
When we stop to think of all we miss
Look around and think of this
Something so special & rare could never fade
& That is how we know you stayed
Because when the clouds part and that ray of sun shines through
We will smile, knowing that glimmer is you.
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