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On the edge of sanity but inching to the edge quickly.

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Name:   ReiLuvsRazors
Birthday:   1991-08-06
Joined:   2009-06-04
Location:   Behind you...
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Have no fear, Kelly is here. Wait. That doesn't mean I have to help you.

I'm a self proclaimed profession Forum and Hub(most of you don't know what that means) Designer. I do HTML and manipulate graphics to mine and my clients liking to create one of a kind forums and game hubs!

Isn't it fun to scare people? To wear red when everyone else is wearing blue? Yea, some people may do it and not mean to. Some people were sucked into that horrible black pit of doom that the "socially correct" call Losersville without getting the chance to tie a bungee cord on. But who cares? When it comes down to it the only people who can really be called freaks are the ones who are saying it.

Wait a second...if we are all different together...doesn't that make us the same? Nope. Just means you aren't suffering by yourself in the pits of social Hell. Feels kind of good, doesn't it? Feel the flames on the back of your neck and know that someone else is on fire too!

Who cares if we like to wear all black, dye our hair really off the wall colors or run around screaming "Look at me I'm a ninja penguin!" Maybe it amuses us to scare the living Hell out of the poor souls that end up having to deal with our random lives. Just because we are in some sort of a way different doesn't mean people have to call us names, tell us to kill ourselves or shun us from their own lives. When did living life become such a bad thing?

There's nothing wrong with us. They all just have something screwed up in their heads.

Life is to short to live by the standerds that were set up for us from birth.

Instead of sticking your fingers down your throat why don't you look in the mirror and go over what people say you are. Now. Take a moment and ponder that. You weren't born to be their little slaves of fashion and looks, now were you?

People call us weird, different, strange, freaky. They shun us, they look down upon us just because we dare to stand out. Some of us didn't even try to be different. So what? Who wants to be different in to days society anyways? People are dolls from the minute they are born. If we don't dare to be different then who would balance our world out?

I love Jeffree F***ing Star and AFI. As I Lay Dying and Children Of Bodom own.

I defanitly support Alyssa and Brooke! I know, they don't have anything on their MySpace but dude. Add them. They rock. They're just cool to have.

Don't hate on people who self harm. Don't call it self mutilation either...self mutilation is to purposly do harm to yourself in an attempt to create body art. Emos arn't the only ones who cut (nor were they the first), teenagers arn't the only ones who cut and people who are in search of attention (idiots) arn't the only ones who cut. I bet your best god damn friend hurts themself in some That'll give you something to ponder tonight while you're laying all snug in your pretty little bed, praying to your pretty little God to help all the pretty little screwed up people out there. Ohh...I feel mean now. You'll live (:

Below is a banner that leads to a multi player Bleach game. It's pretty good, getting updated a lot.
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