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Day Dreamer's Dreams In Sobriety And Recovery From Sep 2,1992

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Name:   Rama Sethu Ranking:   --
Birthday:   1955-11-21Country:   India
Joined:   2007-11-18Location:   Chennai,Tamil Nadu,
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Name:   Rama Sethu
Birthday:   1955-11-21
Joined:   2007-11-18
Location:   Chennai,Tamil Nadu,
Uploads:   5 graphics 
I am A Day Dreamer And a Sound And Recording Electronics Engineer living in the Detroit of South India Chennai. I'm also an old man but young in thoughts , and I like and love music!!!

I am a perpetual learner, a seeker of knowledge and Enlightenment...

I was born in the Manchester Of South India Coimbatore, with my graduation from world renowned PSG College of Technology under Madras University with a B.E., Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering.

I am currently Involved in Event Management and Consultancy from Concept to Completion of recording studios, stadiums, conference halls, hotels, discos and open-air rock shows in entire South India under the banner Innovative Sound & Light Engineering.

Handling the complete management system for higher education in US & UK along with Travel Consultancy, Visa Consultancy and Financial Planning under the banner Research Associated Management Systems.

My International Exposure Includes US,UK, Dubai,China,Japan, Singapore, Malaysia,Thailand and Hong Kong.

I am a Member – Aero Modeling Club, Amateur Photographers Association, Amateur Radio Federation (HAM) & Madras Motor Sports Club.

I'm a poet, a hopeless romantic, an idealist and I was the "long-haired pinko" your grandparents were worried about.


I like long walks on the beach I like to watch the sunsets ,I love meeting new people, and just having fun. I love random things. I don't find myself particularly pretty, but my friendly and amusing personality make up for that. LoL. Just a Fun loving guy looking to meet new people and experience the Joys of life I really enjoy traveling and meeting new interesting people.

Who knows, maybe you and I will meet someday. So what do you think of my pic? Do you like me? I also like history, it really can be interesting. I am too a fun loving person who wants to make friends and want to enjoy life to the fullest

I am to myself sometimes until I get to know you. If you are in my circle. I will honor you and look out for you. I appreciate great friends, and can't imagine my life without any. My circle is bigger than most I guess you can say I am blessed, never lonely, and I am lucky.

I am also a freak!! Ever since I was young for those that know me. but value and morals go along in being one. I respect family, friends, and those that respect me. I don't understand hate. and would never bring someone down who is coming up in positive success. I think goals brings success, so anyone who has that, I like to surround myself with.

I believe that women have gone a long way to gain respect and proud of women who stand strong and independent. Independence in my definition does not mean selling yourself low.

Besides all that, I enjoy traveling all over various countries (very often) just to get away, and see how other cultures live their lives and try to be in their shoes. Traveling opens my mind up to new things and I like to enjoy life because you only get one shot to live it the fullest.

I recently had a life threatening experience and it hit me hard to know that life is too short. To live a new day is a blessing, to lose a day is a waste of time that you can be doing something productive, treasure every moment.

I like nice things, living good, eating good, so I can sleep good! I am materialistic, meaning I will work hard to get the things that i want. I am more of a giver than a receiver. I feel that I am one of the luckiest people alive b/c I have been through a lot and trying to always get the most out of life.

WHERES WALDO is like my theme of life!! WHERES CANDY NOW? (except I do not have the cane w/ the stripe sweater. I will be rocking ,so watch for me!!

To my true friends...thank you for being there for me and taking a chance in trusting my friendship. To the people that want to be my just have no idea what you are getting into! I have a big heart :)

To the people that have seen me around and THINK you KNOW me or as if i should KNOW who you are...please don't make any assumptions! PLUS. This is a fun networking site you still do not even know my favorite color.

Extremely careful and cautious by nature, I value neatness and order above all else. I rigorously practice very high standards of living and conduct and I demand the same of everyone with whom I come into contact.

At times, I am so supercritical that I am merely nit-picky. I am very good at practical skills and quite handy with tools of all kinds.

I have a special aptitude for working by myself, or with a like-minded group of dedicated individuals. Once I've committed myself to a person, my loyalty and devotion are total.

Gregarious by nature, but at times I am uncomfortable around strangers, greatly preferring to be in known and familiar situations.

Others may regard me as shy or eccentric, but those who know me well, are aware of the intense loyalty that I have to my friends.

Extremely methodical and analytical, I am a perfectionist. But, at times, I pay so much attention to details that I lose sight of the larger issues. I tend to take friendships quite seriously—I remain loyal and true to those to whom I am attached.

For me, love is mixed with pride and respect. Relationships are over when I lose respect for my partner. My energies get turned on quickly whenever anything interests me. But I have a very short attention span and it is difficult for me to complete tasks because something else more interesting always seems to be beckoning.

I love to debate and argue, usually in a spirit of friendly disagreement. I need to be in constant physical motion!

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