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Heart break by a bullet---u carved my name on the bullet-----i know i killed you

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Name:   Aster[[TechniColorMurderScene]]Ranking:   --
Birthday:   1992-04-17Country:   
Joined:   2007-11-24Location:   under your bed bahaha
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Name:   Aster[[TechniColorMurderScene]]
Birthday:   1992-04-17
Joined:   2007-11-24
Location:   under your bed bahaha

hey my name is Aster which means Star....yup my name means star. I am 15 years old...yeah lets get one thing straight i am of no label and i love being me i have my own style esp my hair and clothes i can be G one day and punk the next hahaha....nah not really....yeah anyway..i am graduating high school in June yupyup i am weird but babes i am saving up to be Eccentric... I live in both USA and Kenya i prefer Kenya though for certain reasons unknow to yew *snickers* I love music. Yew could say i am a music geek. I used to be a cutter but i stopped 4 months ago because I promised a person close to me i will not he means that much to me. I am a proud princesh of psychossia ashina's and my world! I love my gummybear kingdom to bits they totally rock! hehe i am not so outgoing and i dont open up easily so give me time. I dont considermyself goodlooking so yup dnt try and convince i am. I hate disrespect and trust meh you dont wanna disrespect me. I hate fakes, i love diverse people and i hate people who thiink they are "celebrities" trust me if you think you are anybetter than someone its normally the other way round. I love hello kitty,black hearts, skulls,rainbow dust, animals, music,and so much more. Truth is, I am different form yeww and yeww know it but thats the reason yeww prolli read this crap hehe!=] jkjk i am into world domination n i fyew wnt to be a gummybear, talk to me, get on my alist and voila ur a gummy bear close to my heart haha cheesy but whatever, i am a realist and not much of a romantic i app art instead hehe ryt now i am in a complicated relationship n oh btw i am a very confused person, and i love writing quotes, write one to me and i'll love yew forever=] I am love someone easily....i am afraid of committment.....I hate alotsa attention, i cannot live without black eyeliner, its real spiffeh!XDD um chea....i am not cacophobic...i dnt care if i look ugli to u i prolli do bt i live on dnt i??course i do....tho i am athazagoraphobic XDD i dnt smoke...they are much more cooler ways to a snake biteeeeeee!!! tho i hate snakes they remind me of liars 0.o and backstabbers ehe!!XDD i am drunk most o the tym when i am not intoxicated.I like being sentimental and crazi at the same time XDD chea thts posible and im living proof ....i think...if u wnt me msn addy ...i hve to knw u so well i guess and dont ask for my number I DONT GIVE OUT so leave me the heck ALOONE okay? I dont sacrfifice my morals for fools I am very opinionated, quite nice actually, i give u a second chance but never a third.....I have this obsession with vintage records...hee..hee I trasure all memories and stuff lol...i am not selective with my acquaintances as most yuu pple are so i can talk to u....dont give me ur number and expect me to call you so give it to another slut who will let you into her pants and when i say I AM GOING OUT WITH SOMEONE i mean it so stop thinking ill ditch him for a loser like you.....I for one are a different person i dont wanna fit in i wanna stand out i dont wanna be perfect i wanna be imperfect i dont wanna lie i wanna be truthful i am not your ordinary girl i can become total incommunicado and then be talktative all over again and i am deep never shallow i loveeasily never hard i get hurt alot i ahve been through soooo much but i dont like saying what i have reason to have a certain state of mind i have had i have no idea wat to say...frm here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YAY!XDD and i just realised i wrote a whole lot of crap oh well this the height of my boredum.......OH SHOOT!!!!...homework yeah i gt tht to do lol.........GRAHAM CRACKERS!!!!!!!!!!! I suck at doing stuff like making pros it takes me centuries lmao heehee X)


SCREW YURR!!!!!! haha spongeybob i love yeww....uh im delusional lol

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