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RIP Queen Seth

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Birthday:   1997-07-17Country:   United States
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Name:   Talia
Birthday:   1997-07-17
Joined:   2014-08-03
Location:   Texas
Talia-Christiene, aka QUEENSATAN
Instagram: @ish0tlucifer
Vine: @Talia-Christiene
Snapchat: chrisgoesmeow
Kik: talia.christiene

17. Traveler. Madly in love. Let's be friends.
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mew writes:
this is michaela && i'm so sorry for moving. just the heart in the other username turned to a "?". :cc


Posted on: Aug 20th 2014, 8:19:42pm

arealbitch? writes:
hi talia. idk if you remember me, but it's michaela. :oo

Posted on: Aug 12th 2014, 1:28:15pm

scene_boy writes:
Sup <3

Posted on: Aug 11th 2014, 6:05:27pm

vannahpixie writes:
that was all so much to take in at one time! so forgive me if i forget to reply to any certain part, but i'll try my best :)
( i think brittney & i are actually making our way to being friends again, but i'm going to fill you in on tumblr anyways )

anyways; here goes my reply!

i miss seth :( i might not of known him as well, but i miss him so much. that sounds like you had a rough time dealing with it, but i'm so glad that you turned things around for yourself. you deserve to be a happy person, yah know. i'm sure he'd want that. i can understand wanting an escape though & being rebellious. plus with all the emotions i'm sure you were feeling. the whole band thing sucks though, people can be really shitty, as i'm sure you know. but hopefully you're finding your true friends now. i honestly only have a couple people in "real life" that i consider to be my "true friends." i'm glad you had a reason to turn things around though & after creeping through your FB, your sister is the cutest thing on this planet. she has a cute name to go along with it :P i'm glad you'll be able to get your GED. that's a big thing! i don't even know how i finished high school on time with the grades i was making b/c i was being lazy & too stupid half the time for the pressure we are put under here. that boyfriend of yours is a babe though xD i went & creeped on him as well. y'all are the cutest things together. i'm happy that he treats you so well, queen satan ;) i have a babe of my own, or at least i think he's a babe. but we aren't "official" yet. we only met a month ago. but considering he had been in italy & switzerland the past week ( he works for delta, so he gets flights cheap as fuck lol ) & he came back wednesday night, then drove the 45 minutes the following day just to spend a few hours with me c: i'll have to show you a picture of him sometime. :D (so i guess that's an update in itself) haha. we usually see each other sunday night to monday night or tuesday night.

i fell off the deep end for awhile, was depressed, but i was trying my best to hide it. i didn't go for treatment or anything, but i still have some bad mood swings. my best friend moving in with me (she got kicked out) has helped with it though. i am just now going to be getting my drivers license within the next few months, because i was putting it off. (driving scares the fuck out of me..) i do work as a cam model, but that's until i find another job. which i am looking for. life just sorta hit me. i lost my great aunt, then followed that with my grandpa & my step sister. so it got rough for awhile. now with grants passing, it's hard to deal with a lot of things. i fell back into self harm for a bit, but i'll be a year clean of that come november. so that's something i can be proud of. if i make it anyways! hmmmmmm. once i think of more things to update you on, i shall. haha. it's hard to update a few years time all at once :P

i've missed you though.

Posted on: Aug 9th 2014, 1:49:29pm

bloodstench writes:
ah sure, well i'm tom. i know what you're after, but i can't put you in contact with stian. he's still dealing with his past, i can't even have contact with him. andreas i can still get a message to, but it's not like we have everyday contact.

Posted on: Aug 7th 2014, 6:28:24am

teenage.misfit writes:
Hi talia(: I'm alexandra. It's nice to meet you too

Posted on: Aug 3rd 2014, 8:14:48pm

bxbyelf writes:
Holy crap. How do you get so many followers? o.o

I'm pretty sure you asked him anyways lol, he read the comment. I can never catch him online & it pisses me off ._.

Aw! I'm happy for you. :) he better continue to treat you right! <3

Well, Jesse & I actually met way before I was on this website. I was like 12 when we met. I met him at church when I actually went, basically because my parents dragged me 99% of the time. We've been friends ever since, he's 22 now. Little bit of an age gap, but he can be really sweet. He has some mental disabilities though, not bad but enough for him to get a check from the state where he can't work.

It's no problem ^^

Posted on: Aug 3rd 2014, 2:45:49pm

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