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I have a lot about me , because honestly... something is eating me from the inside out

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Name:   preistess's and demon holders
Birthday:   1995-06-18
Joined:   2009-11-23

Age: 18
Siblings: None
Likes: Sitting on top of my temple and Talking with Yuna
Dislikes: People who don't approve of me and People who don't do their jobs right(ticks me off!!)
Crush: No,none whatsoever.(tracy:look below to see who she likes!^^)
Crusher: Seiphorth. freaking wierdo somtimesp.s he would want this to happen

Wepone of choice: Paper summons. I have a emensive amount of magic at my disposale.
Info: I am a priestess that used to work with Yuna before she left.
I honestly don't care because we kept in touch, I ended up defeating more fiends than Yuna did because I got bored and went into Paper summons.because of this my temple disowned me, i havnt been able to connect with many whatsso ever

Before Yuna left when I was 18.

Likes:kicking things, annoying seifer,and actually seeing my sister.
dislikes: siefer(with my entire being!) and when his sister moves without telling him.
talent:martial arts
Info: i love my sister with all my heart, but she barley ever talk to her, our family is broken because those monks samashed her spirits into a thousand pieces.

Age: 17
Likes: Floating around my village,Hanging with Garra, and Talking with Sasori
Dislikes: Tololu's drama, Shukaku,and the Akatski
Crush: Garra...
Info: I am the leader of the village of Tornadoes, and I have the 10 tailed pheonix within me, her name is Tololu and she is a major pain sometime because she is protective of me.and also i have no friends beside garra and tololu.

Age: Uh don't really have one..
Likes: Making tornadoes, Talking to Shukaku (somtimes), and Defending the village
Dislikes: Shukaku when he is being a perv, Clay, and Being grounded(literally)
Crush: Used to be Shukaku
Info: Before me and Shukaku put ourselves within vessels we dated. But one day Shukaku told the Akatski of my location in order to have me killed. So I can never trust him again.

From: Tololu To: Shukaku

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