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Name:   myjournal
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Joined:   2012-07-10

feel free to write whatever you wish in this journal, but...
harassment, hate speech, bullying and discrimination
has no place here. if you're a dick i'll delete your posts.
my account is fleur. if you need to contact me. i will
delete posts on request. so go ahead, add something!
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cookiesandcream. writes:
this site is getting boring :))
gotta quit soon. <3


Posted on: Jul 26th 2012, 1:52:55pm

cosmiclove! writes:
I moved from kiethevez. to here. I felt like it was time, and I chose the username from my list of usernames that I wanted to use. My Tumblr is pretty much all Spiderman AND I REGRET NOTHING. Because it's a perfect movie. I want to see it again ;-; But my parents will never take me again, unless they or my brother want to see it. Anyways, I'm probably not posting any more Danisnotonfire gifs on Tumblr because then the Danosaurs take over my dash ;-;
Okay, not much else.
Caitlin x

Posted on: Jul 24th 2012, 6:11:14pm

cookiesandcream. writes:
dear diary.
i love courtney.
thatss all ♥

Posted on: Jul 24th 2012, 1:57:42pm

him&her. writes:

Posted on: Jul 23rd 2012, 9:14:10pm

kiethevez. writes:
Okay, my life is pretty much really boring at the moment. I saw Spiderman a few days ago with my friend, and it's one of my favourite films :3 I also noticed how Andrew Garfield had Liam Dryden hair for at least half of the film. I woke up this morning to check Tumblr to find a gif I posted last night from a Danisnotonfire video (the gif was bad quality) HAD OVER 400 LIKES AND REBLOGS. WHAT. I am very, very confused. Anyways, not much else, I'm going to go check if the Creatures have posted any new videos after the TDKR video.
Caitlin x

Posted on: Jul 23rd 2012, 6:01:08pm

ƨρяιиκℓɛƨ- writes:
dear diary,
i feel so awesome.
i made livvy bff.:D

Posted on: Jul 23rd 2012, 6:00:30pm

skeletor. writes:
Dear diary,
Tomorrow is the first day back at school :c I'm dreading
going back because a girl that picked on me is coming
back. She texted me, trying to fix things but my mom
told me to ignore it, so I ignored it and I'll just
have to see how things pan out tomorrow. Brock said I
should just be friends with her, but after all that she's
done to me, I am not going to trust her.

I'm going to bed in about ten minutes, after I finish
watching this video on youtube. Next thing I know,
I'll be getting ready for school, ah, how sad.

Also, I love the creatures so so much. I love them even
more everyday. I always thought fan girls were dumb,
but I cannot control my emotions. I am a huge fan girl
for James and I want to meet him so bad. Nova, i love you.

Ew, school.
- Ariane

Posted on: Jul 23rd 2012, 4:54:13pm

c-ry. writes:
dear diary, i really wish kristen would get better.

Posted on: Jul 23rd 2012, 12:31:13pm

skeletor. writes:
Dear diary,
I am absolutely drained. I am so tired. I really shouldn't
stay up until 2am every night. I stayed up until then
every night for the last two weeks. It's because I don't
want to waste any single part of my holidays. I hate
school, and I'm dreading going back on Tuesday. Tomorrow
is my very last day and I don't think I'm going to see
my boyfriend :c But my mum works near his house so I might
go to my mums work and just visit Brock during the day.
Hopefully he'll like that... if he doesn't have any plans.

Ah, nothing interesting to tell.
- Ariane

P.S. I need a new book to read because i finished
Arousing Love. I'm thinking of reading the Perks of
Being a Wallflower. But I have to order it... bai x

Posted on: Jul 22nd 2012, 2:10:52pm

cookiesandcream. writes:
yesterday was my birthday and only courtney greeted me. :O
& i decided not to quit anymore..


Posted on: Jul 22nd 2012, 1:31:51pm

skeletor. writes:
Dear diary,
I'm kind of mad at Lilac. She said she was going to take
Tamera and I to Esperance for a week, but instead she takes
Kirsten. I don't mind that she took Kirsten, but it's just
that she's known Tamera and I for over 10 years. But she
always takes other people to Esperance, and never us. It
annoys both me and Tamera that she totally ignores us. I
guess we're too boring for her or something... She's
terribly vain, and is interested in nothing but how others
see her. Not to mention that she is totally cheating on
her boyfriend. Some girls think that the guy in the
relationship is the one that's supposed to do all the
work, and that's why all of my friends are single. You
have to treat him how you want him to treat you, or
neither of you will be happy. Gee, some people are so
arrogant when it comes to guys and relationships. Ugh.

Well today Tamera and I had to spend the whole day
gardening, but we ended up procrastinating. But we made
up for it by staying outside for an hour longer than
our siblings, cleaning off the driveway. And then these
boys on penny boards kept skating past us, looking at us.
Except they were like twelve or something... It was really
weird. They just kept skating past over and over. And then
Tamera yelled out "Yeah! That's what I though!" when they
skated away. It was pretty funny.

So we only have Monday and Sunday until we have to go
back to school :c at least I will be able to see Brock
everyday. But school is so stressful, especially math.
But Brock offered to tutor me, because he's really good
at math and I'm falling behind dramatically.

Dreading going back to school,
- Ariane

Posted on: Jul 21st 2012, 2:18:30pm

-breathless- writes:
Dear Diary,
OMG idk what is happening
but I am enjoying my life these days
to my full extent :D
Its like so many years we are together <3
but since last or three months our relationship
has been more stronger than ever before <3
It's like we spend many hours of the day together!
We study, fight, romance, talk, Cuddle, Eat, Write, SING (OMFG HE IS TOO GOOD AT IT), Party & do a lot of things together except sleeping LMFAO :D
Sometimes we get too much closer to each other that It
gets very tough for meh to control my hormones to kiss him or sometimes lay over him Geehhh JEEZ! I can't do it as it is against my custom,
But still we do a lot of other romantic things
for example: We eat together in dim light and slow romantic music,
We discuss what we will do after our marriage
like where we'll have our house, where we'll go for a honeymoon
what we'll name our kids (Lol it's horny) but still I love to do these talks with him.
It's like wonderful experience <33

Sometimes, He cuddle me so much that he comes very closer to meh and then starts kissing my forehead, cheeks and neck,
but as he comes to my lips.... I stop him D:
he tries to be dominant but at the end Iam happy he understands

There days seems to be surprise packages for meh & I'am Loving It <3
- Sonali ♥

Posted on: Jul 21st 2012, 6:25:57am

melancholymori. writes:

Hey there.
So, I'm actually in a very good mood today. I'm gonna go see my boyfriend tomorrow, I'm excited. I dyed his hair blonde with blue swirls and I dyed his friend's hair blonde with a blue arrow down the middle like Avatar Aang XD

I really miss my dad... I wish he were here. The other day, I went to waffle house with my mom, sister, boyfriend and boyfriend's friend Jack (with the blue arrow down his head XD) and my sister wanted to pick a song on the jukebox. So we looked through them and she wanted to listen to the song our dad always sang to us, ever since we were babies, My Girl by The Temptations. I absolutely love that song and listening to it made me miss my dad so much that I wanted to cry. But I couldn't cry infront of all those people. So I held it in... But, I gotta go for now. So, til next time diary.

-Eternally yours; Moriah.

Posted on: Jul 21st 2012, 6:19:11am

kiethevez. writes:
okey hai.

i haven't written here in a while. so quick update. today was the last day of my summer program. i'm gonna miss all my friends, but i have their emails. two of my friends, hazelle and juliet, are going to my school this year, so that's good. ugh, i watched the video on the creature hub where james, dan, jordan, and max give seamus a haircut. but seamus's hair was beautiful ;-; sly isn't sick anymore, i'm so happy for him ;D
now i'm forcing myself and my friend to write more of our collab fanfic.
so bye.
caitlin <3

Posted on: Jul 20th 2012, 10:59:26pm

him&her. writes:

Dear diary,

I can't wait to go school supplies shopping.
Schools almoust here! ♥

Posted on: Jul 20th 2012, 5:48:36pm

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