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Make sure you hold on to your memories.

Name:   Megumi MaruyamaRanking:   --
Birthday:   1997-07-10Country:   
Joined:   2009-08-25Location:   My Room.
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Name:   Megumi Maruyama
Birthday:   1997-07-10
Joined:   2009-08-25
Location:   My Room.
Going to my "About Me" account, I'll comment there.

Hello, I'm Megumi Maruyama. I'm a student at Arota Private School with, as you all know, Yuni Niten. Well, for some reason, me and Yuni have been enemies since we first met in Elementary School. Anyway, I'm not going to just speak about our relationship. I'm one of the best students at Arota Private School and I have special talents. My dad is well known around the world, he is a close combat sensei and has taught many great fighters and swordsman in his life. I'm a discreet fairy and demon, no one knows and only suspects I'm a normal human. My aunt takes care of me when my dad leaves.

Name: Megumi Maruyama
Human Form

Fairy Form

Fox Form

Age: 12
Crush: Ryuu Kobayashi
Type: Fairy and Fox Demon
Power: Memory
Meaning: I can make people remember things and make them forget things. I can also know a person's memory completely, it's like reading their thoughts.
Likes: Messing with Yuni, Reading, Learning, Training with my dad, Making Friends, Jade Siren.
Dislikes: My brother bothering me.

My Twin Brother
Name: Kenji Maruyama
Human Form

Sparrowman Form

Fox Form

Age: 12
Dating: Yuna
Birthday: July 10th
Type: Sparrowman and Fox Demon
Power: Manipulative/Controlling
Meaning: He can learn every person's fear and weakness and use it against them. He also can easily get on a person's good side and take control of them for his advantage. He can also, if he wanted too (It uses a lot of power), just control a person without getting on their good sides or learning their fear or weakness.
Likes: The band "Shadows", The band "Life on Hold", Meeting people, Listening to music, Using his powers.
Dislikes: Me bothering him, People making fun of him.

My dad, Ranoko Maruyama.

Age: 30 (He would be 24 but Liya used her powers to make him older.)
Crush/Dating: No one.
Birthday: December 5th
Type: Close Combat/Fighting Sparrowman
Meaning: He specializes in fighting, he can make himself stronger and make his opponent weaker. He can increase his speed and make his opponent slower, things like that.

My mom, Nikayi Maruyama.

Age: 25 (When Deceased)
Type: Fox Demon

My aunt, Rinukaliya "Liya" Maruyama.

Age: 27 (She would be 21, but she used her powers to make her older.)
Crush: Some guy at her job.
Birthday: February 16th
Type: Time Fairy
Meaning: She can tell the future, sense the past, make a person older, and make a person younger. She can time travel and prevent future tragedies from happening.
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