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Name:   megatron wants me
Birthday:   1997-02-13
Joined:   2011-11-02
Location:   In your Closet omgz! ;0
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Welcome to my Profile! *Watches 0ptimus Prime transforms into a Epic Autobot*

As you can see,Im a Huge fan of Transformers and of course Star Wars.

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My name is Selina and im 1_. (Around in my Teens)
Im into Videogames,Learning,Drawing,Reading,Reading Fanfic,Watching Transformers or Star Wars,Listening to Rock Metal Music (Heck ya!)

Disclaimer: This Fanfic belongs to Username PixelTheLittlestFembot.
I do NOT own this Fanfic.

That was it. The war for Earth's resources was over for the Decepticons. Megatron hated to admit but everytime he felt victory was in his grasp, the Autobots would always barge in and 'save' the day. What pathetic nonsense to protect a race that would drive itself to extinction by itself! The pure absurdity of it. But he needed to carry on. It wasn't the first time he had lost.

Megatron decided he would leave for now. Lacking the ability to fly, it would be awhile before the Autobots could find a way to follow them and stop their plans of conquest. His sights had began to set on a new target. One very close to home but never attempted. Cybertron had a sister world call Voltrex. A cute, little planet that had tried it's hardest to stay out of Cybertron's war. So far they had succeeded, especially with the Autobots protecting them and the Decepticons having been on Earth for a few million years. The little planet was also unusual because of it's government: a monarchy.

But now the Decepticons were off Earth and the Autobots were stuck there for awhile. Now Voltrex was in his cross-hairs and he would not let it go this time. He just had to think of a plan silently invade the tranquil planet.


Solarflare was trembling with excitement as she ran throughout the palace. One of her servants had informed her that foreign visitors had arrived, seeking out her father. Her peds slid gracefully across the luxurious tile as she skidded to a stop. The sounds of heavy footsteps greeted her receptors as she peaked around a corner, waiting for the foreigners.

Her optics widened as she saw the war machines. Never in Solarflare's young life had she ever seen mechs with so much weaponry. Not even the palace gaurds were this heavily armed. It made her shake with anticipation. What did these mechs want from her father? A servant was speaking with them as they walked. She assumed the bot was telling them about the palace and the great king that he was leading them to meet. The poor bot looked terrified.

" Enough of your senseless chattering, bot. We just wish to meet your leader. " Megatron said, his patience growing thinner with each passing moment.

" O-of course, s-sir. The Highness is in the throne room now but we are making him aware of your p-prescience. P-please just be patient a while longer. " the bot stuttered, bowing low to the Decepticon leader.

Megatron only grunted in acknowledgement. Why did he always get stuck with the simpletons? For a moment his optics caught ahold of something white with orange and black markings but it quickly disappeared behind a corner. He assumed it was a spectator. It didn't surprise him one bit. The whole palace had been staring at them since their arrival.

Solarflare's spark beat wildly as the gun-metal gray mech's red optic glanced at her. Quickly, she had ducked back behind the corner. The poor thing was terrified at how cold and cruel his optics were, like nothing she had ever seen in her sheltered life. She prayed that they would not seek her out. But why would they? They probably thought she was just a spectating servant. Chassis shaking, she peaked back around to look back at them. Luckily, their backs were turned away from her. Three identical mechs with red, blue, and purple paint jobs were chatting among themselves. Though the red one was glaring at the grey one's back.

Megatron would've smacked Starscream if it wasn't for the fact he was trying to seem friendly, a facade quickly fading. His patience was growing thin as he was kept waiting for this 'king' figure. The trembling simpleton was not helping his mood either. It would be so easy to just to bust in and threaten the king but where would he be then? No, it would be much easier to have the king hand over his resources on his own free will. Then he wouldn't have to worry about the people on this pathetic planet.

Pulling herself together, Solarflare decided she should be the good hostess she had been raised to be. On soft peds, she walked to the mechs.

" It is a pleasure to meet you, fellow transformers. I'm sorry for such a long wait. My father must be very busy with political matters. " she apologized, giving the group a curtsy.

" Father? " Megatron asked, raising an optic ridge. Well this was an unexpected development. He hadn't expected the king to have a daughter, a beautiful one at that.

" Yes, sir. I am Princess Solarflare, only child to the king. " she responded, her face flushing with embarrassment at how brash this older mech was being.

A smirk curled on Megatron's face as he took her tiny servo.

" A pleasure, dear. " he said, pecking the soft plating of her servo like a gentlebot.

A chill of fear ran down her spine. Having her servo kissed was something she was used to by now but this mech was...different. This one had an almost sinister edge to him. He terrified her.

" T-The king will see you now, sir. " the other bot stuttered, opening the throne room's lavish doors.

It was time for Megatron to spin his web.

Solarflare sank into the soft plushness of her berth. A sigh escaped her from not only the comfort of the berth but also from the relief that those terrifying war mechs were now gone. Her father had been right when he said that she should never be around foreign bots. They were so much different than the peaceful, fun-loving people of her beloved planet. Solarflare could still feel where there leader had grabbed both her hand and her arm. She rubbed absentmindedly at those spots as she curled deeper into the nest of softness. No, everything was perfect right here in the palace. ...At least she thought.

A loud rasp at the door signaled that someone was wanting entrance. The young princess wondered who it could possibly be. Her father had given very strict order that she was not to be disturbed from recharge. Solarflare did not mind that request for entrance but who ever would knock at her door in such a manner? Carefully, she dug herself out of the plush to get to the door in a timely manner.

" Hello? " she answered, opening the door for the bot to enter.

" Hello, sweetspark. " a purple mech sneered, shoving the door open wider. Solarflare stumbled back from shock as two others made their ways in. All three looked identical except for their colors and the expressions they wore. By Primus, it was the mechs from earlier in the day!

" W-What are you doing here? You're n-not supposed to be in here! " she whimpered, backing away from the intruders.

" Well, we just so enjoyed your company today that we thought we'd come back and spend some more time with you. " the blue mech chortled, shutting the door behind them. Poor Solarflare's spark was racing as fast as a turbofox. She thought for sure she'd pass out but then where would that leave her with three very large mechs in her room?

The red mech's optics never left her chassis as he made his way closer, only for her to back farther away from him. Her trembles, the shake of her lips, the way her body shuddered under his scrutiny was like a drug to this seeker.

" Megatron doesn't need her right now. Even if he did, he could blow it out his actuator. Why should he be the one to get such a treasure? We'll have a little fun then we'll complete the mission. Our little princess isn't going anywhere. " the red mech said in a raspy voice that made her armor crawl. She was at their mercy now. No bots would come anytime soon because of her father's orders. The princess would have to try protecting herself.

Solarflare tried to run for the door but these seekers were too quick and easily caught her before she was even close. She tried thrashing, but the purple mech easily pinned her tiny frame to chassis.

" Tsk, tsk, tsk! What a naughty femme you are to try running from our company! I think Starscream and Thundercracker are going to have to punish you. " he purred in her receptor, turning so that she was fully exposed and helpless to the other two seekers. She tried to scream for help but a clawed servo clamped down on her derma plates so hard that she could barely mumble.

The blue mech, who she assumed was Thundercracker, took a step toward her but was promptly pushed aside by the dominant red seeker called Starscream.

" Hold her still, Skywarp. I don't want her squirming so much that she can't enjoy it. " Starscream chuckled darkly, moving closer to the helpless youth. Solarflare tried to struggle but Skywarp's hold was too great for her to make even the tiniest of movement.

The princess shuddered as she felt Starscream's hot breath on the nape of her neck as he moved close to her. No, no, no! This couldn't happen to her! What had she done? Had she been a bad girl? She always listened to her father and was never bad! Why were these mechs trying to violate her? Her thoughts were interrupted as the red mech set his claws on her hip, digits teasing at her hip joints. Solarflare shut her optics tight to shut out his touches. These touches were so unfamiliar to the virgin femme. The youngling had not the least idea how to even pleasure herself netherless the opposite gender.

Her body went rigid as one of the red seeker's servo dipped between her legs to stroke her inner thigh, carefully teasing the sensitive cables between the scarce armor that she wore. Behind Skywarp's servo, she bit her lip to keep any noises from coming out as a mumble. But the widening of her optics did not fool them.

" She's liking it, Screamer. She really is a naughty femme, after all! Why not move this to that comfortable berth of hers? " Skywarp suggested, a smirk on his lips as he motioned to the giant pillow nest that she called her berth.

" I like the way you think, Skywarp. " Thundercracker chuckled, as the purple mech set her down on the berth. Solarflare trembled in her spot as the three looked hungrily down at her. They wouldn't rape her, would they? Her thoughts ran wild as the blue mech gently pushed her on to her back. But the red mech promptly moved between her legs before the blue one could get the chance. The youngling's breath came out short and ragged as Starscream stared down at her.

" Why don't you let the three of us show you a good time? We usually don't do this for just any bot. But you're special. Usually we just do this for a special mech since we're lacking females. " he purred, nipping at her neck causing her body to shudder. But not out of fear, instead it was because of pleasure. A bright flush consumed her face platings as she realized the mistake she had made. She did not do it on her own free will!

Three sets of servos seemed to cover her body as they greedily took in every detail of her exquisite frame. Each digit sliding into a place she had never thought to explore. Her tiny chest heaved from their touches as her body reacted to the unfamiliar feelings. This was wrong! So, so, so, so wrong! She should be screaming for help but she decided they would get their way anyways and might as well make it as painless as possible.

" P-please...d-don't break my s-seal... I'll be ruined...Father will get rid of me. " Solarflare finally sobbed, emotions becoming too strong to keep silent. Her father wouldn't want her if she was ruined. She was meant to be married off to make his kingdom stronger and no one would want her if she had a popped seal. She would be ruined goods and no use to anyone.

The three seekers glanced at each other as she silently wept on the berth. The thought of whether or not to continue was quickly dismissed as Starscream got a very angry comm from Mr. High and Mighty himself wondering where in the hell he and the others were with his princess.

" Your lucky day, princess. Megatron wants you back and in pristine condition. Guess he doesn't want used goods either. " Starscream sneered, pushing himself up from the berth. Just like that war lord to ruin his and the others good time.

Solarflare never felt more relieved in her life then she did when they got that message...until Skywarp jerked her up and threw her over his shoulder. They promptly left behind the only world she had ever known.

This Fanfic story is my cup of tea.I like it alot.Im into Lemon,Erotic fanfics. They turn me on.. lol xD (Make me fill *porny)

To me,School is quite interesting,because you get to make new freinds and get cool classes.Well me! I go to San Jose High. (Go Bulldogs! Yay!! Tehe *Winks*) I like Learning.I know I sound weird right now (Laughs) but San Jose High is a great school! Trust me!

*~ Nerds come to this town... ;p ~*

Megan Fox *Mikeala Banes* Shia Labeouf *Sam Witwicky*

Samuel James "Sam" Witwicky (b. October 10, 1990 or September 13, 1991) is a typical adolescent human with an atypical destiny. He quite often ends up in the crossfire in the war between the Autobots and the Decepticons. He can seem to be a coward sometimes, but he has the makings of a true leader.

When he bought a car, it turned out to be an alien robot. Who knew? Also, his pheromone levels suggest that he wants to mate with Mikaela Banes

Mikaela Banes (1990- ) is a beauty with brains, with a penchant for fixing cars, and looks strong enough to make Sam Witwicky offer to "ride" her home in his new car.

She does not seem to mind making out on top of an alien car while other alien cars watch. Kinky.
No matter what happens, I'm really glad I got in that car with you.Mikaela Banes to Sam Witwicky, Transformers

0mg.. lol xD Sam is like "Crap! Dont leave me babe!" lol xD

Mikeala & Sam are meeting the Autobots for the first time.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Transformers (Film) Micheal Bay Film does.It is also brought to you by Hasbro Transformers Figures.

11/3/11 Selina: I wanted to write a funny/lemon/humor Fanfic.
Please Enjoy! Tehe! :3 Note: Look at the image of Mikeala & Sam.They are quite surprised;because the Autobots are all around them. Follow my story and please tell me what you think.Please excuse me from my typing;im doing my best to type up a story. ^^;

Sam Witwicky was walking alone in the dark when suddenly,he sees a hot-sexy young girl.Sam gulpes and walks up to her.This young-lady, was on the floor."Excuse me but.. isnt it dangerous for you to be out here in the dark..?" The young-lady looks up.She sees a Handsome young-man asking her a quesiton."0h.. um! I was shopping and I tripped on a rock and I fell." Sam helps picking up the shopping bags for this girl.The bags were bright pink with light pink stripes.It said "Victoria's Secret". The girl stands up and thanks Sam for picking up her shopping bags. Sam cant believe how gorgeuos this girl is. He was glad that he bumped into her. The girl smiles and says "Oh by the way! My names Mikeala.Whats yours?"
Sam hands her the shopping bags,"The names Sam." He smiles.

To be Continued (Sorry! I will be typing up more pretty soon!) ^^'

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Wheelie! (Hes my favortite!)

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