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Name:   mattieluvzkitty
Birthday:   1991-04-03
Joined:   2009-07-10

This is my lexi! ♥ She is the greatest thing that has ever walked into my life. I consider myself the luckiest person in the world, because I get to be selfish and have her all to myself. :) I love her to pieces and she makes me the happiest person in the whole world! :D When I met her, I went from being a very sad, depressive person to a spazz-tastic, hyper, happy, life-loving person. Lexi is my foundation. If all else fails, there's always her and she's all I need. She's the love of my life and my best and greatest friend on top of that. Every second I have the honor of spending with her, I fall even more in love with her than I was the second before. :) Every word spoken, every blink of her beautiful caramel-brown eyes, every breath-taking, heartbeat-skipping smile, and every movement she makes causes my stomach to fill up with air and I feel like I'm going to just float away forever. Pretty cheesy, but Lexi and I love being corny romantics. :D I've never met another person who was as interested in romance, art, music, poetry, food, or fun as I until I met her. I know that if she and I had met and not fallen immediately in love, but had chosen friendship over what could have been, I would live my life alone and miserable, because there is nobody for me but my darling Lexi. I could search the world for the remainder of my days and never find someone I could love like I love Lexi. No one is as spontaneously hilarious. No one is as all-around loving. And NO ONE is as fawlessly beautiful! I have honestly never looked upon another's face and seen more beauty than I do when I see Lexi. Not even a comparable amount exists; she outdoes everyone and everything by so much! :) When I see her, I don't just see her image, rather, I see Lexi as herself. I see her in her entirety all at once and the beauty can be overwhelming and render me literally speechless, as typical a thing that may be to say. I will find myself snapping out of a 5 minute trance of just admiring her. :P She is so wonderful. Everything about her makes me happy and I get spazzy just thinking about her or the next time I'm going to see her, which is usually the only thing I think about when I am not completely preoccupied. :P I cherish every moment I have with Lexi, being as our time together is so finite and limited to weekend evenings. A lifetime with her would not be enough. There would still be so much to do, like have random tea parties and bake cupcakes and watch movies and stay up late together and hug & kiss each other or even just sleep! :) We always end up doing the most inopportune things together that culminate in tons of random fun! We will find small things and those things will forever remind me of my Lexi and the fun we had with them: Munchies, Freddy Got Fingered, blessthefall (plus a million other artists), cats, glitter and hairspray, crawling through windows, the City Museum, anything cute and furry, the list goes on and on. :) Every month, the 14th come around and I get excited, because that means there has been one more month that I've been the happiest and luckiest person alive, and Jan. 14th is my favorite of all! :D And many more Jan. 14ths to come! :) I always get excited when I realize that Lexi and I both have full lives ahead of us that we can have each other throughout. :) Our lives have really just begun. I know mine has, because I was lifeless until her. I was searching for her, but she found me. How lucky am I, honestly? :) I love her. I love her more, most, first, last, and forever. There are volumes more I could say about Lexi, because words simply cannot do justice to the way i truly feel about her or even DENT the subject of how much I love her. She is my everything, my all, my love, and my life and I would be nobody without her and could not stand to try. <3
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