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Name:   masaya.
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2016-09-28
INSTAGRAM: @_piscesfinalboss


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wesley. writes:
i'll try to check this again for you soon. crazy how i still think of you and my friend erin from this site sometimes. maybe we'll meet one day, yeah? am i too old for ya? i wear a tie and everything for work. life is beyond crazy. i got out of a really bad relationship last year. trying to heal you know. doing my DBT if you know what that is, it's the treatment for BPD. i'm working on a book about it, not that it'll ever be published or see the light of day. stopped drinking at all, stopped engaging myself in dumb illegal activities. been workin on some art, you always seemed very artsy to me. i'm not very good buy hey, it's something. if i remember correctly you live in NY. i was in the city last summer, with some of my friends. i'd quite like to go to MoMA, still haven't been in the two trips i've made to the city. maybe in some dream we can go one day if you'd like.

Posted on: May 11th 2020, 10:47:51pm

wesley. writes:
i can't believe you're 21 and i'm 24. time really does fly.

Posted on: May 11th 2020, 10:42:52pm

wesley. writes:
i see the comments on your page.. quite disheartening. remember that people only tear others down because they are insecure in themselves. i remind myself of it everyday.

Posted on: May 11th 2020, 10:42:27pm

wesley. writes:
i won't take up much of your time.. i hope you're doing well. i don't use social media at all because i don't like it. i'm an adult now, with a degree and a job and a house.this has been a tough past year for me especially mentally, i have borderline personality disorder on top of all my other shit but i'm managing. i hope you have found some sort of solace in life and i always wish you the best. maybe if you're interested we could talk on the phone or something, i'd really like that.

Posted on: May 11th 2020, 10:37:38pm

lucifersdiamonds writes:
Do you even speak English? Lmao. I bet you bring shame to your parents. Since they’re “federal” workers lmao. You’re trash dude. Hang yourself.

Posted on: Feb 10th 2020, 8:54:58pm

wesley. writes:
wish nothing but the best for you masaya. i know that may be hard to believe. i'm trying my hardest to be the best person i can be. it's difficult.

Posted on: Aug 27th 2019, 3:48:39am

lucifersdiamonds writes:
Nope had my dad there the whole time. Didn’t go to prison unlike your trash crack addict dad from the hood lmao. Girl. You are NOT that fucking cute LOL. Sad. You’re awful trashy too. Try again. I’m done playing with your dirty ass.

Posted on: May 24th 2019, 5:18:11am

lucifersdiamonds writes:
Aight bitch, 2 years strong w/ my man ;-)

Posted on: Apr 29th 2019, 3:30:36am

lucifersdiamonds writes:
New York, makes sense. Snob/trash city baby.
I couldn’t ever be jealous of YOU lmao. Get real hunny. Love how you throw insults back at me based on my original insult lol. Get back @ me when you gain some originality. Not wasting my time looking at your ratty ass. 🤣

Posted on: Apr 27th 2019, 3:23:38am

lucifersdiamonds writes:
GIRL. Lmfao.
You’re honestly so pathetic. I’m glad you had an abortion, I’d hate to see what fucked up, incest thing came out of that nasty cunt. Try scrubbing it, maybe all the trailer trash pukes you fuck won’t want it again. They won’t want you once you don’t smell like a dying possum. You know, prevent another abortion.

Posted on: Apr 23rd 2019, 11:49:50pm

lucifersdiamonds writes:
Girl you’re real fucking annoying. Gtfo

Posted on: Apr 16th 2019, 2:10:37pm

wesley. writes:
i saw an ad for this website and i can't believe i forgot. hello.

Posted on: Feb 6th 2019, 10:30:20pm

wesley. writes:
hi hope you're doing okay sorry for not checking in a lot going on. fill me in.

Posted on: Jul 22nd 2018, 6:58:54pm

wesley. writes:
did you have an abortion??

Posted on: Jun 28th 2018, 6:04:40am

wesley. writes:
i love you baby

Posted on: Apr 11th 2018, 11:30:10pm

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