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There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.

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Name:   mango-star
Birthday:   1990-09-26
Joined:   2009-04-09
Location:   Your Bittersweet Dreams
Uploads:   39 graphics 

♥ Favorites ♥

• Color: Rosy Brown or Peach Puff
• Day: Friday
• Month: September (My B-day... MONTH. <3)
• Season: Winter
• Weather: Cloudy or Rainy
• Time of Day: Evening
• K-drama: Witch Yoo Hee
• K-movie: 200 Pounds Beauty
• J-drama: Hana Kimi
• J-movie: 10 Promises to My Dog
• Genre of Music: Alternative or Classical
• Genre of Book: Fantasy
• Anime: Kuroshitsuji or Kiniro no Corda/La Corda d'oro
• Book: "Strangers" by Taichi Yamada
• Band/Singer: Regina Spektor or BECCA
• Hobby: Drawing or Singing
• Food: Some tofu that my mom makes with egg and some oddly good sauce- yum!
• VOCALOID Girl: Meiko
• Western Zodiac: Libra
• Chinese Zodiac: Rat
• Soup: Asparagus Soup
• Candy: Andes'

"This or That?"

Fruit or Vegetable? - Fruit; I just like them more, lol.
Salad or Soup? - Soup; I find salads to, bleh. Soups are the bomb. <3
Dark or Bright? - Dark; but it matters on if I'm doing something important.
Comb or Brush? - Brush; it's easier to brush my hair with than darn combs...
Cluttered or Clean? - Clean; but it matters on what's clean &/or cluttered.
Short-sleeve or Long-sleeve? - Short-sleeve with a jacket; but long-sleeves are nice too.
Spoon or Fork? - Spork..? Eh, well it matters on what I'm eating, haha.
Cloudy or Sunny? - Cloudy; I see too much of the sun as it is...
Laptop or Desktop? - Laptop; I love bringing it over to my bed, lol. So much easier.
Sweet or Sour? - Sweet; but it matters on my current mood.
Dog or Cat? - Dog; I'm more of a dog person, but cats are nice to have too!
Upbeat or Slow? - Upbeat; it matters on my mood though.
Hot or Cold? - Cold; it's too hot where I live already... Darn the desert.
Coffee or Tea? - Tea; I find coffee to taste pretty good, but I like tea better.
Hardcover or Paperback? - Hardcover; it's harder to ruin than paperback, haha.
Casual or Formal? - Formal; I absolutely love formal events, but wearing heels hurt...
Singing or Dancing? - Singing; I fail when I dance, I really do. All my "moves" suck!
Straight Hair or Curly/Wavy Hair? - Guys: Curly/Wavy Hair; Girls: Straight/Wavy Hair.

✔ Likes ✔

† Pie, Cheese, Drawing, Rain, Snow, Cloudy Days, Music, Pastel Colors, Otome Games, Anime, Dramas, Animals, Stuffed Animals, Snacks/Food, Playing the Flute, Scenery, Wind, Nature, Computers, Talking, Texting, Cheering People Up, Cold Days, Winter, Autumn, Tofu, Most Foreign Foods, Chococat, Sanrio, Cinnamoroll, Other Saniro Characters, Peaches, Mangos, Strawberries, Watermelons, Sweets, Water, Juice, Tea, Hot Cocoa, MMORPGs †

✖ Dislikes ✖

† BUGS, Arachnids, Being Alone, Annoying People, People That Say They Can't, Spammers, (Most) Remakes of Shows/Movies/Dramas, Sunny Days, Really Hot Days, Skinny Jeans, Summer, Most Salads, Needles, Blood, Scary Movies, Doctors, Pictures of Myself †


♣ Hello~ My name is ______.... Yeah, if I really know you then I'll tell you my name. *coughcough* But until then, have fun guessing, haha!

Ethnicity: Filipino-Chinese-Spanish
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown

(more stuff about me)

♠ I like to draw a lot! I draw rather good when I do it by "accident"... When I say by "accident" I mean when I'm not really trying to draw something and in the end it actually ends up looking decent.

♣ Alas, when I really do try to draw something, in the end it just doesn't look good and I just go off killing trees (wasting paper). D; Oh well. I just think of drawing as a hobby. Although I would like the major in it when I'm in college, or a university~!

♥ I play the flute as well, I've been playing it for about three years! Go flutes~! I'm also invovled with Marching... Gah, considering I live in the desert it's so dang hot when we march! The sun! It burns!!! So evil...

♦ Anyways, my favorite anime is La Corda d'Oro also known as Kiniro no Corda and other names. Ha-ha. I'm being biased though because it's based off classical music just like the anime and J-drama, Nodame Cantabile. But it's still a good anime whether or not you play an instrument or not! It's a real recommendation!

♠ My favorite drama is... Hana Kimi? Hmmm... It's too hard!!! I can't choose between Hana Kimi or Goong... Pssshhh... Fine I pick both! What now?! I like others too... Like Nobuta wo Produce, My Girl, Witch Yoo Hee, Absolute Boyfriend... Other ones I can't remember at the moment.

♣ My favorite movies are, 200 Pounds Beauty, 100 Days With Mr. Arrogant, The Perfect Couple... A lot of the Classical Disney Movies... Hmmm... Harry Potter Movies. Ha-ha! There are others but once again I don't remember them at the moment...

♥ Aaahhhh... I'm so biased. I'm picking a majority Asian dramas/movies.... But then again I don't really watch any American dramas anyway. In my opinion most of them have the same thing in them. I'm also not really drawn into them. But that's just me!

♦ Well, for visiting my profile and maybe taking most of your time reading this odd 'About Me' section! I finally fixed it up a bit too... *coughcough* Well buh-bai!
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