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Birthday:   1993-11-13Country:   Costa Rica
Joined:   2008-08-17Location:   Mind's on Poetry, Heart's lost...Dreams in Forks, WA
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Name:   Ellie
Birthday:   1993-11-13
Joined:   2008-08-17
Location:   Mind's on Poetry, Heart's lost...Dreams in Forks, WA
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Well I am hyperactive, dramatic, curious, thoughtful, bold, amicable, nice, brilliant (for them who know me, I have my moments), artistic, good person, extrovert, klutz, enterteining, sensitive, perfectionist, original and the the the the only, irresponsible, crazy, rebellious, happy, creative, reliable, vague, intelligent, naughty and playful, immature, lazy, sociable, stupid and stupid, affectionate, random and impossible to label❤ N i only wanted 2 add tht in ths life there r many things, enterteining things (wee) and bored (buu), n stupid things … as this. it supposes tht i must speak bout me, n a bunch of adjectives dn't work cause i ddn't say lik they're applied 2 me, here i go: i kll myself Ellie, it's pronounced eli! i hate tht ppl say badly my name, especially when they say eyi. Well the thing is tht they say me lijhie, dory, bitch n others tht I dn't remind i'm a gurl very different from the other girlz, i built my personality partly to the experiences tht i'm having in the life, 2 the new and old friends n the consequences of everything, good or bad. So tht i'm unique! N ur 2! ^^ when u c m the first impression is tht i'm very serious, the second 1 tht i'm a mad narsist (that is true) n the 3rd 1 kn never b known … depends on whom u r… Well the truth's different, as stupid n improbable tht seems i'm a person tht dn't kre bout others, have a good heart if u r an animal and am very interested in the world where we all live. Never leave you to go for the first impression… The most important about me is what is under this layer that we we all construct for the others… is not that its false, only that is very … flat (I last 15 minutes looking for this word). First that nothing, there is a very certain thing that you see in my, and its that I am very klutz, seriously, I am awkward, clumsy…STUBBORN… and now that i leave my point in clearly I explain to u. I am awkward (stubborn, clumsy, klutz) because i dream wake up and live in my world. A magic world where I am a princess and there is a sexy prince … well not so this way, but every thing that I do is turned by me into a changeable adventure… u should try its entertaining… My favorite phrase is " I do not have conscience ", and i believe firmly in it. The truth is very complicated, I am complicated, but its that what I do that this wrong I do for a logical and based reason, for a purpose … I do not do bad things for which if, so I do not regret of what I did badly. I am a very changeable person, but much is that I get bored of the routine and hatred with every letter the monotony. Also I am very contradictory, or as be said, since already they know many of that they know me. I like the order, but it gives Laziness … I Hate the stupidities, which constitute a great part of my actions… If there is something of what I am sure, it is true is of I want a chocolate all the time, so tht take care of your chocolate reserves when i'm around them… Sometimes it happens to me that I get obsessed with something right now that I am obsessed by the book Twilight and everything relating to it... and I am mad and passionately lover with Edward ... the principal personage ... platonic loves hurt. Also I get bored rapidly, and it is not good, because I eat much and i eat as what i find, though it is your food. It is of 2 when you see me without energy: I am bored, or im sleepy, because to be happy I need to sleep 12 hours ^^ My major goal is to conquer the world to paint the buildings with graffitis … but shhhh! Good Jaja not this is one crazy dream that I have, but my major goal is to give more of what they all (included myself) expect always … and to be architect to buy a motorcycle Harley-Davidson (they rock!) Something else very important is tht i have the weird, exasperating and really mad necessity to show everyone how much i love them! so i'm always hugging everyone except the ones i don't like... also there's something curious about me jaja... and its that is really freaking how can i know wht man think n why they do wht they do... jaja i read boyz like books. I always advice my friends n almost always it works. and wht i say... well is truth! and the most bizare thing is tht i can't read the boyz i like, and wht i feel is always real but it happens to late... love and i are incompatible , so the boy who make me dream hasn't got here yet... meh 1- boyz 0! i like clear and straight stuff, tht is mayb why i'm always at the border in history, cause there's a giant chatter for one single thing... eew. i hate secrets, but i understand'em cause my life is all about em. i like to met ppl like me, different or whit alike likes to chat all day long, cause i speak like a parrot. i love to eat and i love to talk!!! oh and i like to find ppl who overpasses me in anything, it keeps my ego on low profile and it always helps with a lesson of humilty, and to be better day to day I am not competitive, am not a conformist, am not confused, but I am dispersed and I do live in my world… I already said tht … I have memory for what is convenient for me and I do not do it on purpose jeje … always act in own function and for my interests, thing that this badly and it is my worse fault: egocentrism… I do try seriously that i do … to know my u need years and as I clear off from any side to every moment, few persons achieved me to know in a little time, on the verge of reading the mind almost jeje … Something that I cannot stand is that I sneeze very low and nobody realizes ever and they dn't bless to me :P My favorite smiley the Hot Smile! But here is not possible to see sot put in the msn (H) … I have Always wanted to live in another country, to see wht is it alike… always I have wondered because I was exactly destined to live in such a tiny country … other one of my madnesses … I am interested in knowing very much on the real bases of the humanity, as former egipto, the Maya, Aztecs and Incas, mesopotamia, Indian, Chinese etc … I like very much the countries of the east and brasil … ah and tahiti, that it is where is bora-bora, which some day i will visit jeje I like to draw, but I never conform and since I am very perfectionist i leave it of side. I like to write and to read fantasy since it get off me of this world though its for awhile … I need seriously I need the music … i never bore of it … but it irritates me and I like of everything a bit, but more that nothing I like rock... I am independent, i do not belong to those persons who cannot go out without anybody, but obviously I like to be along with someone … always I have wanted to dance jazz and hip hop, and a while ago i discovered the Samkya dance , and if u want to know that it is investigate! Also I have wanted to skate in ice and already made it wee! i'd love to play the guitar, saxo, violin and battery … emmm I like to learn and to study things in that I am interested, but I have the problem of that in what is thought in the school I am not interested:S Also I like some sports, that they do not play in my high, wht a bother! I like the baseball and the basketball … the balomano also and tht's it! i want to learn surf and i think that the best expression of art r the surf n skate... i skate... so i consider myself an artist! but my parents don't allow me to own a skateboard cause im crazy n i've had accidents... i'm a thread on wheels... pitty! i like tennis and i dont like those shoes that fly away... the fashioned ones... i love ocean jeje... and tigers r my fav animal... everyone think that the frogs r, but NOT, though i really like'em... but i prefer tigers and i hate tht ppl confund frogs with toads... disgusting and horrible toads eew! i like buttons... you know arcade games buttons... elvator ones... especially when thet're red and big and shiny jeje... well to finish i write songs, though they rn't great, and poems as well... those are of the limits... awsome! so if u want a poem don't doubt to ask for it... but u gotta specify about wht you want it... my speciality r romantic poetry... and well if you got here, congrats! you lost ur time trying to know me but there aren't prizes... they've run out! (H) oh and the most important thing about me is that i'm an unpredictable and enigmatic person... get a diccionary if u don't know the meaning... remember... tht i might not b the hero, i might b the villian
i'm obsesed wiith twilight, cullenism, vampires, manga and anime!
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