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well im not ALL about reading like my profile is but im pretty close...

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Name:   lifesstory
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CHA. 1
im writting a story on here and my name ON HERE is 'Shunna' im not telling yall my real name because i have another account this ones just for the story...

ok so here it goes.

Hayley was looking though her dead mothers book shelf weeping, the funeral for Mrs.Pike was tomorrow. And of course she refused to go.

"no! I am not going to a church full of lurking spirts to see my mother being burried!" she screamed furiously at her father. Then turned and ran her fingers over the books, causing a massive amount of dust on her finger tips

"Honey, oh I know you miss her, but this is your last chance too say goodbye."he replied sweetly and gave her a pitty look

"No offense dad but uh," she lowered her voice "she wont hear me," then she put a finger too her mouth as if a secret

"Look your going, end of story."

"Fine but im wearing yellow," she smirked, then returned to the bookshelf pulling out a journal of her moms and started reading intentivley. After about an hour of reading Hayley finally slipped into a quiet sleep.

The next morning she woke up in her bed and went right to the living room, she heard her father taking a shower. So went ahead brushed her hair, got some breakfast, and brushed her teeth. Then after about thirty minutes of deciding on what to wear, she finally picked a yellow rainbow tank top, jean mini-skirt and red flats that matched the red in the rainbow.

Hayley heard a nook, she opened the her bedroom door, and sure enough there her dad stood with flowers and had on a black tuxito. Peering around him into the living room she saw it had been cleaned. No more books laying around, and the floor had been vacumed.

"Did you forget the occasion? We're going to a funeral, and you look like skittles", he said interupting her thoughts

"Taste the rainbow," then she shut the door and grabbed her teddy bear bubbles. Her mother gave the bear to her when she was three and she threw it far across the room. Bubbles laid there, for a while there was no movement at all. Everything was so much quiter and a lot lonlier than usauall since her mother died.

Honking came from the window,it was only her aunt Kara picking them up for the funeral in her red mini van. Hayley grabbed bubbles and walked out the door. Her and her father walked down the steeps she had known all her life. As a little tear trickled down the side of her face..... she guickly wiped it away.

When Aunt Kara saw what Hayley was wearing she raised her eyebrows,
"Are you serious?"

"If I have to go to a church to see my freaking mothers dead body I'm wearing what I want, thank you." she said hastily

"Look I loved your mother just as much as you did and we are going to respect her, and you look like you are fixing to go babysit and I can drop you off at your nefues house so you can"

"I'll go change." then without another word to that conversation, hayley walked slowly back inside. While trying to fiqure out what to wear for the second time. Hayley was going though her closet and came across a picture laying on the floor. The picture was of her father and her mother kissing on the beach. For some odd reason she thought this picture was seriously gross. But, she was a normal teenage girl, wasn't she aloud to think that seeing her parents making out is gross?

She walked outside with her skittles outfit still on. Hayley walked up to the car where her aunt was rolling down the window.

"I'm ready to babysit", she said. Aunt kara shrugged her shoulders and waved to the backseat, an invitation for Hayley to get in.

While on the way to Aunt Karas house they made as little conversation as possible. Aunt Kara pulled up to her house.

"Okay you can get out now."

"Your serious?"

"Yeah," Hayley got out of the car willingly, as the car pulled away she saw her fathers face look back at her from the window. Little as she knew that was the last time she was going to see it. She walked to her Aunt Karas house ready to babysit.

A black shadow ran past her, and into Aunt Kara's backyard which had a forest. She recignized the thing, it was Aunt Kara's rotwillier Bucky. Hayley knew that bucky wasn't supposed to go into the wood so she dropped her bag and ran after him. Farther and farther into the woods she ran until she realized she didn't recignize her sorroundings. Frantically she kept running though, serching for Bucky.

Yet he was no where in sight, she kept muttering his name under her breath. Hoping that the words would bring the dog to her.

Until those wishes became yells. She felt dizzy and weak, who wouldnt? She'd just been running for a mile.

Cha. 2..

Pulling her up on her feet a big orange, well, thing stood.It had wrinkles all over it like an old lady, old, old lady. Bright purple eyes and long green eye lashes that touched the top of his head when he opened his eyes wide enough
"hurry we have no tim
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