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Name:   John
Birthday:   1920-08-15
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dark. writes:
sup man. i havent been on for like ages :P
this is my goodbye. im leaving for good.

Posted on: Jun 7th 2012, 12:36:26pm

rkf. writes:
yo cracka,
it's paige.

Posted on: Jun 2nd 2012, 1:25:59pm

lunaticsoul. writes:
Nothing really.

Posted on: May 23rd 2012, 5:08:27pm

new- writes:
wanna see my massive ass religious conversation.

paige: well hitler is a dickhead
paige: i wouldnt want to be gassed ok
Sarah: i hate the technology and shit we have nowadays
paige: uhm
paige: well you dont mind using it
Sarah: if you were invincible itd be good
Sarah: i mean how its like wrecking the world aha
paige: oh
paige: well humans advance
paige: so does earth and life and stuff
paige: we're all going to die one day
Sarah: we advanced too much i reckon
paige: why not invent while we can
Sarah: yeah but the earth is slower
Sarah: and coz it kills us faster
paige: theres no time or place recorded for the death of earth
paige: so no one knows that its killing us faster or slower
paige: we could be going normal pace
paige: if there were no evil we'd live til 900
Sarah: ever heard of the mayan calender or how ever its spelt?
paige: or if eve hadn't offered adam the apple
paige: you believe the mayans?
Sarah: not really but its a recorded time of the when the worlds meant to end
paige: it even says in the bible that no man can predict the end of the earth, not even god himself
Sarah: :P
paige: i dont believe the mayans
paige: we die when we die
Sarah: eve was tricked.. you know adam had a wife before eve called lilith
paige: prophecy isnt real
Sarah: and the bible is?
paige: ya im reading ty
paige: well its my religion
paige: i believe the bible over people
Sarah: thats fair enough but still
paige: it may be a book but i trust god over some clan making false accusations towards the end of the earth
paige: calculations are nothing
paige: you can predict when the sun will die
paige: not the exact date
paige: nor when the earth will end
Sarah: the bible could be fake though, back when it was written it mightve just been another sham to make money
paige: i dont believe that
paige: when i was little i watched a documentary
paige: about how seven angels bought this old man scrolls or something
paige: and thats where the story of God became
Sarah: raphael and so on..
paige: ive believed it all since then
Sarah: yeah but that still doesnt mean its real
paige: well to me it does
paige: i believe it
paige: everyone has their own beliefs
paige: whether you believe what i believe or not is up to you
paige: but that doesnt mean the mayans are right
Sarah: im not saying they are, i mean theyve been wrong how many times now?
paige: idk
paige: i dont keep count
paige: but everyone stuffs up
paige: there are doctors that havent lost patients before
paige: and are going to one day
paige: just because they havent gotten anything wrong doesnt mean they ever will
paige: never
paige: *
Sarah: i know but my point was even logic isnt always right but that doesnt mean something like the bible is right either

Posted on: May 23rd 2012, 1:33:10pm

new- writes:
ill get it now and text you

Posted on: May 23rd 2012, 12:35:16pm

dark. writes:
lol. man. im so inactive im the one that keeps forgetting ;p

Posted on: May 14th 2012, 4:15:59pm

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