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Name:   heidi volturi
Birthday:   1990-11-20
Joined:   2009-10-27
Location:   Voltera Italy


I am HEIDI VOLTURI.I am a VAMPIRE I am a member of the Volturi in Italy. I am known as the fisherman and the bait.I lures humans to the Volturi for various reasons including to be the next meal.Beautiful beyond description and the perfected image of grace, I tempts all I comes near. I appears heartless (no pun intended) as she enjoys and relishes her job and has no pity on any who suffer under her suffocating presence.You first meet me when I counters Edward Bella underneath Volterra: "She was dressed to emphasize that beauty.My amazingly long legs, darkened with tights, were exposed by the shortest of miniskirts.My top was long-sleeved and high-necked, but extremely close-fitting, and was constructed of red vinyl.My long mahogany hair was lustrous, and My eyes were the strangest shade of violet-a color that might result from blue-tinted contacts over red irises.

I've never been one to tiptoe around the, forgive the irony, bleeding obvious. I must of course, explain myself more fully. As Demetri calls you, 'poor simple minded creatures', you would not be able to understand what I am about to say, only to an extent. And, I suppose what you humans consider the most important thing 'about me' is that, I am not human.

No, I am something far greater; I am a vampire.

Infact, I am not just a nomadic, unheard, unimportant vampire. I am part of the guard for the Volturi Trio, my Masters. We are, for use of a better phrase, 'Top of the Food Chain', in the Vampire world, the pinnacle of the hierachy.

Our identity though, must remain secret. Not just ours in Volterra, where we have always resided, the vampire world in its full. This, of course, is of the up most importance. You humans have bathed in complete naivety for thousands upon thousands of years. By spilling the truth, unnecessary chaos would reign supreme, putting our Master's living situation in Volterra in jeopardy. It would be, at the very least, extremely uncomfortable if human's knew of our exsistance.

Therefore, If I were you, I would keep my mouth clamped tightly shut.

The job of actually keeping our secret, is upheld by my most wonderful masters, The Volturi. We, the guard and, our Masters; the Trio, have squashed all vampiric rebellion to secrecy, or any knowledgable human, so far.

I was turned by the Volturi after possesing the ability in my short human life, of being seductive to men. I was blessed in this way; I was able to lure men away, until they couldn't escape. Couldn't run. Couldn't scream.

That is my chief role, within the Volterra, to be the primary hunter. To lure away tourists from crowds, to be the 'bait' as it were. And believe me, I am extremely good at my job.

I've never failed a mission yet.

Literally; drop dead, gorgeous.


Jane Volturi
Alec Volturi
Demetri Volturi
Athenodora Volturi

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