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Name:   you may think its Lindsay but really its NicoleRanking:   --
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Joined:   2006-09-04Location:   Fortness Braggness North Carolnaness
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Name:   you may think its Lindsay but really its Nicole
Birthday:   1993-04-20
Joined:   2006-09-04
Location:   Fortness Braggness North Carolnaness
Uploads:   5 graphics 
im 13 my parents are divorced i have a older and younger blood brother (2) i have 2 older step bros 2 Younger and 2 older Step Sis' i have a step mom and dad my step dad is in the army so we move alot i hate my real dad but love both of my step families. im bisexual and proud of it though i do like guys a liitle more than girls tub revetahw i have 3 prjects for school due the 16 of october and it sucks

I love love love music
My favorite bands are MCR, FFTL, P!ATD, AFI, GC, +44, SP, Rise Against, The Used, and any other band like them

1. Do you like anyone?: in like a friend way or a like like way cause if so then HELL YEAH to both

2. Do they know it: friends- yes crushes/loves- no

IN - T H E - L A S T - WEEK - H A V E - Y O U

4. Kissed someone: Maybe

5. Bought something: A From First To Last CD that i needed to replace my other one that got messed up 'cause of me kitty cat

6. Gotten sick?: oh everyday i get sick of my hyperactiveness

7. Been hugged?: Millions and Billions of times

8. Felt stupid?: maybe

9. Got something pereiced?: Chell yes i got my cartildge perieced yesterday lol

10. Failed a test: You wish! I am so much smarted than the cookie monster**

11. Danced: yeshm

12. Gotten a haircut: HELL NO

13. Lied?: maybe *shifty eyes*


14. Nervous habits?: biting the inside of my mouth and scratching anything that looks normal to scratch

15. Are you double jointed? yeser

16. Can you roll your tongue?: yeah

17. Can you raise one eyebrow?: yeppers

18. Can you cross your eyes?: i do that everyday to scare people like the little 7th graders. What do you think?<sarcasm>

19. Do you make your bed daily?: hells no

H A V E - Y O U - E V E R'S

21. Said "I Love you": so many damn times i can't count it

23. Gave money to a homeless person?: psh you wish

25. Waited all night for a phone call?: yea but who wouldn't when it was rewslly important?

27. Sat and looked at the stars?: mmmhmm everyday


28. Do you swear/curse?: all the time

29. You cook your own food?: most of the time

30. You do your own chores?: wtf are these chores you speak of

31. You like beef jerky?: heck yes

32. You're happy with your life?: sure, it could be way better if i had someone to HANG OUT WITH OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL DAILY.

33. You own a dog?: cha

34. You spend your money wisely?: nope

35. Do you like to swim?: yep

36. When you get bored do you call a friend?: psh yeah who doesn't?

D O - Y O U - P R E F E R's

38. Gray or black?: black

40. Lust or love?: love for 700,000,000

41. Sunrise or sunset?: sunset

42. M&Ms or Skittles?: skittles

43. Staying up late or waking up early?: staying up late

44. Hot or cold?: cold

45. Winter or Fall?: winter

46. Lefty or righty?: righty

47. Have 10 acquaintances or 3 best friends?: all of the above

48. Sunshine or rain?: rain


49. Slept in a bed with the opposite sex?: yup

52. Hooked up in the shower?: dude i'm still a fuckin virgin what the hell do you think?

55. Slept?: occassionally

56. Slapped someone: Oh yeah Matty got slappedadated during lunch by moi hehe

57. Had a crush on a teacher?: i'll take what is yes for 800 Alex

58. Seen someone die?: no not that i remember maybe hmmm

59. Been on an airplane?: billions of times

60. Slept all day?: hell yeahsh

61. Missed someone so much it hurt?: mmhmm

62. Fallen asleep during school?: all the time

63. Been lonely?: i AM lonely

64.Cheated in a game?: Hell Yes

65. Been to the ER?: way to many times

66. Been in a car accident?: a fender-bender yah

68. Missed your first love?: yeah

69. Cried yourself to sleep?: alot of nights

70. Sang in the shower?: yeah

72. Laughed so hard you cried?: lmao yeah

73. Regretted hurting someone?: you dont even know, im still sorry for it

74. Cried so hard you laughed?: yeah
you may think its Lindsay but really its Nicole's buddies:
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