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Name:   GDW character descriptions
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Discrition: (Great Dane) A rogue boss dog in the Southern Alps. His ears are cut short for past dog fights (cut ears are used so that the competitors could not pull the dog down by their ears). He took the injured Gin captive and intended to take over Futago Pass using Gin as a trump card. In the past, he and his brother Genba were man-eaters, and cannibals as well, devouring their comrades one by one when they were left in a shed by a careless breeder. When he came back, they devoured him as well.

Description: (Kishu Inu)The leader of a large but strong group of juvenile dogs, all abused or abandoned by their parents. After several episodes of dispute, Weed wins Kyoushiro's loyalty, and the entire pack comes under Weed's leadership. He almost defected when Jerome was exiled, but Jerome convinced him to remain with Weed. Kyoushiro is a bit headstrong and rash at times, but he always fights for Weed with all his strength.

Ken an Kagetora
Description: (Kai Ken) Often shorted to Kage. Son of Kurotora and brother to Harutora and Nobutora. Kagetora is very impulsive, loyal, and proud. When he and Ken went to find their family and packs, Kagetora's brothers joined his pack, while his father, Kurotora, defended the fortress Gajou from the evil Great Dane, (Great Dane/Saluki mix) The son of Ben and Cross, and brother to George and Miney, Ken leads a small group of soldiers on the border of Ohu. His best friend and co-leader is Kagetora. He and his pack joined Weed after seeing his strength and courage. At one point, he and Kagetora went to find Ben, Cross, Kurotora, and their packs; after finding them, the new reinforcements joined Weed's pack. Ken is very strong and very protective of his friends and family.

Description:(Great Dane) Hougen's younger brother. He looks almost identical to Hougen, except he has longer ears and yellow eyes. He leads Hougen's invasion of the Futago Pass in episode 13. The two brothers had made a promise after devouring their cruel owner that they only ever wanted to be killed by each other's fangs. Hougen fulfilled this promise in episode 18 out of mercy after he went insane due to a massive head injury once being thrown off a cliff by Tesshin and Shigure. In episode 18 Genba goes crazy, and Hougen decides to end his suffering by killing him

Description:(Borzoi) Formerly one of Hougen's scouts, he defected and joined Weed's group. His loyalty was solidified when his brothers, Missile and Jet, were murdered by Hougen. Though Jerome and the others were hesitant to trust him, he proved himself by rescuing GB in episode 8. In episode 14, he led the pack to his hometown, Wakayama, in hopes of recruiting some natives. But, instead, he was lost and was held captive by Kamakiri, only to be rescued by Jerome.

Description:(German Shepard) A trained guard dog and assassin. He was sent after Kaibutsu by his creators in order to kill the mutant. He originally had 15 subordinates; the last four of them face Kaibutsu with Jerome at Gajou. He later became Weed's advisor, and taught him several fighting techniques. Jerome gathers a group of other followers including Ryo to aid Weed in his fight against Hougen after Weed banishes Jerome for murdering Lector and Thunder. In episode 25 Hougen throws him into the river while Weed jumps in after him, Jerome saves Weed by keeping his head up and then floats down the river.

Description:(Golden Retriever) A puppy about the same age as Weed, and formerly a slave of rogue dog Blue and his two minions. He was ordered by Blue to kill Weed, but Weed told him that Mel must listen to his own heart and do what he thinks is right. Mel then gained his first movement of courage and attacked Blue, only being beaten in a few seconds and thus leaving Weed, Hook, GB, and Smith to save the day. When Weed, Smith, and GB turn to leave, Mel changes his mind to stay and leaves Hook to go with the Akita/Kishu, stating that he wants to be as strong as Weed. He has shown considerable tenacity, especially in defense of Gajou when obviously outnumbered by Hougen's army.

Desciption:(Kishu Inu) One of Gin's direct lieutenants. The last living Iga ninja dog. He assists in the defense of Gajou after escaping during Gin and John's capture by Hougen.

Description:(supposedly Labrador Retriever) Another of Hougen's generals. He is a blind dog with extremely sharp senses, which he calls his "mind's eye." Like Buruge, Bat was fighting against Ohu. He was defeated by Ken and Kagetora. When they showed him kindness by sparing his life, he also shed tears and joined Ohu.

Descrition:(supposedly Labrador Retriever mix) One of Hougen's three generals. He was once a fighting dog who, because of his unyielding determination, earned such nicknames as the Death God and the Demonic Warrior. During the Battle of Gajou, he fights and is defeated by Kyoushiro. When Kyoushiro shows kindness to him by letting him live he cries tears of regret and decides to leave Hougen's forces.

Description:(supposedly Greyhound mix) Another of Hougen's generals. His front legs were replaced by indestructible metal legs by humans who wanted to make him an assassin dog. During the Battle of Gajou, he fought Tesshin and lost. Just as with Bat and Buruge, Tesshin showed him kindness and he cried. When he, Bat, and Buruge were brought to the healing springs by Sasuke, they were shown even more kindness from Gin when he demanded they heal their wounds by joining him in the hot spring. They cry tears of regret and vow to never ally themselves with the likes of Hougen again.

Lector an Thunder
Description: (Doberman Pinschers) Brothers that are Hougen's top assassins. Their teeth are essentially steel. Weed used a branch on Thunder's fangs, knocking them out. He later knocked out Lector's fangs in episode 16. Jerome killed both of them in episode 16. Jerome kills Thunder and Lector by biting them to death as Weed watches and orders him to stop. His disobedience leads to Jerome's exile from Weed.

Description:(Beauceron/Malamute mix) Another one of Hougen's past leaders. He was first seen in one of Hook's memories when he was telling Weed about why he shouldn't fight him and how he killed his brother. He then ordered Mel to kill Weed when Mel opposed him and he defeated Mel but didn't get a chance to kill him. He then ran from Weed and the others in the middle of the street saying "I'm going to meet up with Nero" before he got hit by a truck. When another truck came and was about to hit him, Weed try to save him but he threw Weed out of the way, telling him right before he died "If I met someone like you a long time ago I would never had done any of this".

Description:(Kai Ken mix) Kagetora's cousin, Kurotora's nephew and the only survivor of his brothers. Ordered by Shouji to go to Mutsu and get reinforcements because he is the fastest, he swore to get revenge on Genba for taking his brothers' lives. In episode 17, he and Tesshin knocked Genba over a cliff and made his head collide with a rock that causes him to have permanent brain damage and grow violent to everyone. He then returns to his uncle with Tesshin to tell him he has avenged his brothers.
(sorry couldnt find a pic of Shoji)
Description:(Kai Ken mixes) Three of Kurotora's nephews that died in episode 13 in the fight with Genba's army when they tried to take over Futago Pass in Ohu. The fourth brother, Shigure, survived. He ran away from the fight to give a message to the Big Four of Mutsu. When the fight was over Genba felt like they were taunting him and he said, "How annoying. They died laughing at us" and when two of his followers asked him if they should treat the bodies with courtesy due to their bravery, speaking as though they were praising them, Genba became even more enraged, grabbing the corpses by the scruff of the neck and then hurled their bodies into the river below, claiming that there was "no need to honour the enemy." Kurotora vowed to avenge them.

Description:(French Spaniel mix) One of Gin's commanders. He lost his leg after saving GB from being hit by a car. He was sent off during Kaibutsu's invasion to protect Sakura and inform Gin of the attack. He was killed by Kaibutsu in episode 4 in attempt to save Weed.

Description:(English Setter) Weed first encountered GB whilst hunting a bird, trying to steal it from GB. When GB hears that Weed's Mother is ill, he gives the bird to Weed. However, because of his actions, GB is punished by his leader, and sent to hunt for another bird. When hunting for this bird on a duck pond, his friend, Sasuke, is attacked by a Guard Dog. Weed notices, and helps Sasuke, whilst encouraging GB to do the same. Weed's selfless actions re-lit a candle in GB, and he joined with Smith and Weed to help find his Father: silver tora-ge Gin, leader of Ohu. He is now Weed's godfather and closest friend, showing minor moments of bravery and courage. GB is one of the weaker fighters of the groups, but he wins over the others for his humor and his kind heart. In the last few episodes of the Weeds series GB tries to stand up to Hougen in a fight near a river. Hougen over powers him and Jerome saves his life.

Description: (Shikoku (dog)) Son of Kurojaki, leader of the legendary Koga dogs. A ninja-dog that possesses over the ability to mimick the leader's Battouga, passing it over to Weed by letting him practice on a branch. Later, Weed performs successfully on a hog. (Note: Tesshin was the pup affectionately titled "Chibi" in Nagareboshi Gin. His father was the enemy of Akame and the Iga, Kurojaki of Koga.) Tesshin proves to be one of Weed's most loyal and skilled comrades.

Description:(German Shepherd) Gin's best friend and first lieutenant, taken captive by Hougen alongside him. He escapes, but is severely mangled by Hougen and his dogs and left to die. He was killed by Hougen in episode 9 when attempting to deflect Hougen and his followers while escaping with Hiro and Reika. John fights to the bitter end and never bows down to Hougen. He dies as a true soldier of Ohu. Johns fangs are buried in Gajou with his body.
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