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Name:   GiGI
Birthday:   1993-06-07
Joined:   2010-07-30
Location:   why do you need to knowLEAVE ME ALONE
Uploads:   4 graphics 
my name is ... and i love animez!!!!! ANIME IS EPIC!!!! I dont look like i love anime becuse i love pink tooz!!! Volleyball is my life. I live for volleyball!! I also play the violin. Right now solo eneslemble is coming up so i am practiceing for that. I am doing a duet (Minuet No. 3) and a 1 solo (Prepetual motion) I am in a class with doglover12587. I love to paint my nails different colors. Right now i have pink on my fingernails and dark blue on my toenails. My friends call me Gummy Gangsta. Its beast.I made a shirt that says GUMMY GANGSTA its awesome!!!!! :) I also play softball. Next year i am trying out for lions volleyball. We gonna pwn West!!! ILY jen but no offense west sucks. I also do photography... its awesome im really talented thank thank you. A White man once said,''Colored people are not allowed here.'' The brown man turned around and stood up. He then said: ''Listen sir... when I was born I was Brown" ''When I grew up I was Brown,'' ''When im sick i'm Brown'', ''When i go in the sun im Brown'', ''When i'm cold i'm Brown'', ''When I die i'll be Brown'', ''But you sir.'' ''When you're born you're PINK'', ''When you grow up you're WHITE'', ''When you're sick you're GREEN'', ''When you go in the sun you turn RED'', ''When you're cold you turn BLUE'', ''And when you die you turn PURPLE'', ''And you have the nerve to call me colored?" The brown man then sat back down and the white man walked away. Put this on your page if you HATE racism....
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love_an_cafe writes:
thanks sweet friend ^^ how are you today?

Posted on: May 15th 2011, 12:51:28pm

mio~ writes:

Posted on: Oct 31st 2010, 3:19:37am

dream breeze writes:
My sister wanted to Thank you, what are you going to dress up as for Halloween ?

Posted on: Oct 30th 2010, 6:32:45pm

dream breeze writes:
Have a wonderful Halloween !

Posted on: Oct 30th 2010, 6:00:43pm

dream breeze writes:
That wasn't my story... it was my sister's story that she wrote ! So if you like it, you should give credits to my sister... if you do, I'll tell her for you !

Posted on: Oct 30th 2010, 5:59:56pm

dream breeze writes:
um... you like animes right ? I made this from an anime my sister watched, I hope you like it...

Ɔяɛƨcɛит Ɯσя∂ƨ :

Ƭнɛ Ғιɢнт σи Ƭσρ σғ Ƭнɛ Ƭσωɛя !

Δℓℓɛʏ βσʏ :Ɯαит тσ ғιɢнт ? βяιиɢ ιт !
*нιтƨ тнɛ ɛиɛмʏ ɢιяℓ*
Ħɛαℓɛя Ǥιяℓ : Ƨтσρ ιт !
*нɛαℓƨ тнɛ ɛиɛмʏ ɢιяℓ*
Δℓℓɛʏ βσʏ : Ɯнαт αяɛ ʏσʋ ∂σιиɢ ? Ƨнɛ'ƨ σʋя ɛиɛмʏ !
Ħɛαℓɛя Ǥιяℓ : Ɩ cαи'т ƨтαи∂ ƨɛɛιиɢ ƨσмɛσиɛ нʋят, ɛиɛмʏ σя αℓℓɛʏ !
Єиɛмʏ ɢιяℓ : Ƨнʋт Ʋρ ! Ĵʋƨт ɢσ тσ Ħɛℓℓ ! Ɩ ∂σи'т иɛɛ∂ ʏσʋя нɛℓρ !
*ρʋиcнɛƨ тнɛ нɛαℓɛя ɢιяℓ*
βα∂ Ǥʋʏ : *нιтƨ & нιтƨ тнɛ ɛиɛмʏ ɢιяℓ*
Єиɛмʏ Ǥιяℓ : Δɢɢ... Ɩ ∂σи'т ωαит тσ вɛ вɛαтɛи вʏ α ριɢ ℓικɛ ʏσʋ !
βα∂ Ǥʋʏ : Ɯнαт ∂ι∂ ʏσʋ ƨαʏ ? Иσω Ɩ'м ριƨƨɛ∂ σғғ, ωнσяɛ !
Ħɛαℓɛя Ǥιяℓ : ИѲ !!!
*нɛαℓƨ тнɛ ɛиɛмʏ ɢιяℓ*
Єиɛмʏ Ǥιяℓ : Ɯнʏ ? Ɩ нιт ʏσʋ & мα∂ɛ ʏσʋ ƨʋғғɛяɛ∂ вʋт ʏσʋ αяɛ ƨтιℓℓ нɛℓριиɢ мɛ...
Ħɛαℓɛя Ǥιяℓ : Ƴσʋ αяɛ мʏ ғяιɛи∂ ! Ƭнαт'ƨ ωнʏ !
Єиɛмʏ Ǥιяℓ : Ɩ яɛαℓℓʏ нαтɛ ʏσʋ, ʏσʋ ƨнσʋℓ∂и'т вɛ иιcɛ тσ мɛ...
βα∂ Ǥʋʏ : Ɩт'ƨ тнɛ ɛи∂ ғσя ʏσʋ !
*ɢяαвƨ тнαи тняσω тнɛ ɛиɛмʏ ɢιяℓ σғғ тнɛ тσωɛя*
Ħɛαℓɛя Ǥιяℓ : Иσ... Иσ... ИѲ !!!
βα∂ Ǥʋʏ : Ƨнσʋℓ∂ Ɩ κιℓℓ ʏσʋ αƨ ωɛℓℓ ?
Δℓℓɛʏ βσʏ : Иσ ! Ɖσи'т !
βα∂ Ǥʋʏ : *cσмιиɢ cℓσƨɛя тσ тнɛ нɛαℓɛя ɢιяℓ*
Ǥσσ∂ Ǥʋʏ : *ƨтαвƨ тнɛ вα∂ ɢʋʏ*
Ƨσяяʏ, ∂ι∂ Ɩ мακɛ ʏσʋ ωαιт ?


Normal Words :

The Fight on Top of The Tower !

Alley Boy :Want to fight ? Bring it !
*hits the enemy girl*
Healer Girl : Stop it !
*heals the enemy girl*
Alley Boy : What are you doing ? She's our enemy !
Healer Girl : I can't stand seeing someone hurt, enemy or alley !
Enemy girl : Shut Up ! Just go to Hell ! I don't need your help !
*punches the healer girl*
Bad Guy : *hits & hits the enemy girl*
Enemy Girl : Agg... I don't want to be beaten by a pig like you !
Bad Guy : What did you say ? Now I'm pissed off, whore !
Healer Girl : NO !!!
*heals the enemy girl*
Enemy Girl : Why ? I hit you & made you suffered but you are still helping me...
Healer Girl : You are my friend ! That's why !
Enemy Girl : I really hate you, you shouldn't be nice to me...
Bad Guy : It's the end for you !
*grabs than throw the enemy girl off the tower*
Healer Girl : No... No... NO !!!
Bad Guy : Should I kill you as well ?
Alley Boy : No ! Don't !
Bad Guy : *coming closer to the healer girl*
Good Guy : *stabs the bad guy*
Sorry, did I make you wait ?

Posted on: Oct 24th 2010, 7:55:43pm

dream breeze writes:
I do love animes ! They are very fun to watch !

Posted on: Oct 24th 2010, 1:44:04pm

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