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Name:   gfys.
Birthday:   1920-01-01
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$†!@N was here, again {05.25.11}.
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Younosyskank!There'snothingherebutbullshittoread!hahafuckyoustupidwhore:)<3 lalalaIrideunicornsnakedthroughmarshmallowvalley:)<3----------------------Hello, the name's Talia.
guess what????? do you really want to know??? are you sure???? 100% sure that you want to know???
maybe i shouldn't say it... mwuhahahaha, i will tell you. are you ready??? i -$tian $olstad- love you ~<3

pink starburst and a rainy football game. this is how we became friends. neither one of us.wanted to be on that damn spirit crew, we were in it for free entry to the games.. That game turned into a disaster. It rained like all hell... But that disaster became beautiful when you got involved. I shared with you a pink starburst, because you were cold, miserable, and pink was your favorite. We walked to the dollar store where you hugged me before your mom picked you up. Right then I knew we would be best friends. The next big event to bring us close was protesting mr milton not letting us wear our gay pride shirts. We kissed in front of the entire school :) it was great and gave me chills. We became the closest of friends and still are to this day. We fight over the crappiest things but always end up loving each other anywhere from ten minutes to six months later. I couldn't ask for a better best friend. I love you forever and always <3 marry me? :) lol
I swear, you mean the world and more to me. I can't imagine life without you, my Marcus-monster (: youre the one person i can trust to be there to pick up the phone at 10 pm when im bawling my eyes out and sing me to sleep. youre so easy to get along with, so easy to be around, so easy to say "i love you" to and mean i 100 percent. every time we speak you find a new way to amaze me. I've been grounded for quite some time and as soon as i get the phone you're the person i call or text. It sucks you moved so far away, as did Joana... but i always have you with me in my heart. You make life seem a little more bearable. i know June 24th will be the best day of the summer, not only because of warped tour but because i have the opportunity to see you again. the very first time you hugged me was the very first time in 10 years that i had actually felt secure, safe, cared for, and sincerely loved. We've never fought but im sure that we will soon enough, and it'll be ove stupid things like Joana and I do (: but, i cant ever imagine myself without having your friendship. you make me feel like a better, more mature person. and i dont ever want to lose that. And guess what??

Talia: What's your degree for anyways?
Marcus: Graphic design
Talia: ... your gonna make a shitload of money someday.
Marcus. psshh I KNOW! <3
Talia: ffffff.... Guess who Talia's moving in with when she graduates??? (:
Marcus: MEEEEEEEEEEE (: <3
Talia: lmfao. but not to be a gold-digger, but because i love you :3
Marcus: I know baby <3

^ this is prolly the one conversation that has made me truly happy in weeks <3

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gfys. writes:
lol love war <3 VVVV

Posted on: Feb 3rd 2011, 12:17:57pm

lovelikevampires. writes:
:D I found you first :D

Posted on: Feb 3rd 2011, 12:16:06pm

halfdead$tian. writes:
yay :D

Posted on: Feb 3rd 2011, 12:15:31pm

lovelikevampires. writes:
Finesse :D

Posted on: Feb 3rd 2011, 12:14:48pm

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