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Name:   fate.
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2010-04-17

Hello i'm Anna. i'm age 15. i love cats, and bunnies. i'm a fate person. i have been on gg for 3 years now i been moving a lot. i love all my friends but i'm going to start over on my friend list. my real life friend is Haley. she is the best person ever. i love Justin Bieber. he is my man. i love owl city. i love pop. billy talent is a great band. i'm a only child in my family. i'm single. but wish to date online. i love to accept and make friends. i wear a lot of makeup. ppl say i'm very pretty. well i hope so. :) i love to dance an sing. i have never cussed before. i have said shit or suck or shut up but those r not cuss words. i love the movie clash of the titans. i love icarly. and a lot of music. i have a ipod. i wear converses. i want to watch Kick ass. but i might not be able to. which sucks. i love cars. i wish i can drive one right now. i'm a big game freak. i love pokemon, and i love djs. they r awesome. i want to be a star when i'm older. ppl say i'm good around ppl. i love buttons, aviis, and online icons. if u ever want help on gg just tell me then i will help u. my friends call me the "Pink Nerd". thank u for adding me and reading this.
my awesome Pein/poor naruto/i feel srry for Sasuke :(/rivals

likes: friends, no cussing, a peaceful world, friends getting along, pets, ice cream, brandon, Candy, India, my aviis, naruto, Pein, Sasuke, Itachi, the six peins, anime, love, friendship, muse, linkin park, lady gaga, weezer, hellogoodbye, 30 seconds to mars, billy talent, superchick, panic at the disco, offspring, blink 182, avatar, clash of the titans, Sherlock Holmes, kick ass, cobra starship, run kid run, funny movies, action movies, owl city, they might be giants, bowling for soup, sum 41, Enrique Iglesias, pitbull, nightcore, breaking benjamin, chocolate, Shugo chara, Amu, Ami,wishing to marry Logan Lerman, wanting my ex boyfriend be Zeus(from the movie Clash of the titans), Spongebob, Sandy, and Art.
hates: drama, fakers, nonbelievers, dancing, Hannah Montana(wishing she die), losers, ppl with no live, no music, seeing Nick Jonas dieing :(, seeing Avatar dieing, being away from friends, losing ppl, missing ppl, having nobody there for u, not having a boyfriend, PPL who steal pics saying its theirs not the other ppl, faking as a movie star, or a roleplayer(well not the ppl who tell that they r roleplaying just the ppl say its really them, but they can't show proof), losing my heart, seeing ppl dieing, wars, not ice cream, no chowder, ppl who leave for no damn reasons. and ppl who well never say "thank u" or "plz", and bitches who start everything.
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