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Name:   Dee's Buddies.Ranking:   --
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Joined:   2008-12-16Location:   Beside 'em. :D
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Name:   Dee's Buddies.
Birthday:   1992-01-01
Joined:   2008-12-16
Location:   Beside 'em. :D

Dee's Buddies.

Ugh. I just met him today, {{ December 16, 2008 }} & I already love him so fucking much! He's the nicest person ever. Very, very, cute too. Nicest & most rockin' person I've ever met. Gentleman too. :) Though, I can totally kick his ass at Guitar Hero. >:) We're so cool, ice cubes are jealous - We're so hot, we make fire stop, drop & roll - We're so thin, we make sticks jealous. Though he does wanna be fat. I'll respect that of him. :D I swear to God, I love him SOOOOO MUCH! :) Very, very, fun to hang out with. Boredom is no where near him. We had only like 10 minutes or 20 minutes to talk & ILHIMSFM. He thinks my "special someone" should be someone that makes me cry tears of joy. Ain't that sweet of him? Looking out for who I choose. Pff, he's the coolest person EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRR. :) Makes me laugh at how cute he is a lot too, sometimes tears fall out. :) Bah. He's seriously the cutest thing ever. :D :D :D By cute, I mean his character, btw. Though he looks RAD too. Dyed hair or not dyed, ilyou, Zain! :)
He doesn't need a picture. He's already great on his own. :D

Honestly, he's the coolest guy I've ever met. Giving me Iceee & all. Honestly, you should get to know him. But those who've cussed at him for being "fake" which he isn't, yeah, you guys should probably just back off. Or at least, apologize. Bottom line: ADD HIM OR YOU'RE MISSING HALF OF YOUR LIFE. :)

We're not so close. But I'm just putting you here 'cause you're a really nice guy. I hope I still get tah have the chance to know you. 'Cause you're smart enough to know that suicide ain't the right path. Hope you don't lose hope & I'm sorry about Robby. We all miss him. ♥

She's my sister. You all probably know her, since she's pretty known in this site. Sweet girl, ain't she? I can't imagine my life without her. She'll be my best friend for life. 'Cause running into her on this site was no coincidence. Baby, it was fate. If you cuss at her or say anything mean about her, whether it's something really small or not, I will cuss you out 'til you'll regret it. Yes, I'm very protective of my friends. Especially this chick. Some people misunderstand it for anger issues. But no, Nikki is my sister. I love her like one. :)

He's my sunshine after the rain. I love him like a brother. We've been through lots together. I've seen him break-up & make-up & all those things a sister should know. We both give each other advice & I can't imagine a world without him. He means a lot to me. Obviously. But if one more girl ever screws him up, that bitch will see hell the next time. Love you like a bro, Maxy. :)
Maxy has no picture.

Me & Jacky? We became fast friends. She was way more friendly than I ever could be. A really nice chick-a-dee. She makes the cutest couple with her boyfriend, Jonathan. That kinda love is something I'm sure that'll last forever. Ya hear that, Jacky? She's been through here and there with me. Even trying to hook me up with her guy friends. Ain't she a sweetie? Oh, just so you know, she's my sister from another mister & I love her like no other. :)

Wow, she's the greatest girl ever. Been heart broken, just like I have. Fought with a best friend, just like I have. Had mistakes in a relationship but still friends with the ex, just like I have. Met another new guy & had a crush instantly, just like I have. Both our crushes like a gorgeous girl. I swear to God, I think I met my twin. We may not be identical, but don't you think she's gorgeous? Ain't it so hard to believe she's still single? Jenn, if Cameron screws this up, he's gonna totally regret it. She's one gorgeous gal with an amazing personality. ilyou, Shae. :)

First impression's are always right. Zannah's the sweetest girl ever. But in her words, "She can be a happy camper at times, or a solemn cloud. Meaning, she can be your best friend or your worst nightmare." Which honestly, I can't disagree with. She sticks up for me & the rest of her friends. If you fuck with her, you'll seriously regret it. & I mean, REALLY REALLY REGRET IT. She & Danny make the cutest couple, don'tcha think? That's why she's my one & only inspiration. She's the nicest girl ever once you get to know her. Gorgeous too. She might disagree with you on that though. But yes, she's beautiful, ilyou, Zannah. :)
Zannah has no picture atm.

Friendliest of them all, she can make a ton of friends at once. She has the sweetest smile too. At times of sorrow, she'll make you laugh your ass off. Very protective. She's more like my bubblegum. My lovie-dovie too. Sister's more like it. Oh, yes, Gwenn is a princess indeed. :)

Dex The Dangerous. Or, in Zach's words, "Sexy Dexy". Shexy indeed. He's dating Zach Attack. They're both so cute together. Dex is the coolest guy I've ever met. His hair's pitch black as you can see. Very cool hair cut too. He let me listen to his favorite band, "Something Corporate". & I swear to God, they should be famous. Thankyy, Dexx. He's the sweetest guy ever too. Misses you when you're not around. Very, very, sweet. Something Corporate's cool too, just like him. :D ily.

She's the coolest gal ever. Sweetest personality. Nice to everyone too. If you need someone's help, I swear, she'll be on your every beckon call. If someone cusses at you, she'll be there to back you up. We're sorta like Batman & Robin. Kezzy's the coolest. Definitely add her. She's usually online too. So, if you're bored, she's one of the funnest people you can talk to. Seriously. She's very supportive too. Thankyy, Kezzy. ilyou. :)

I will write about the rest later.
I'm so tired. Let me think straight. :P
If you want you're ass up here,
Feel free to tell me! :D

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