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Dear Diary.......

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Birthday:   1996-07-13Country:   United States
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Name:   Carissa Corpse
Birthday:   1996-07-13
Joined:   2010-11-20
Location:   Users/ahoy.
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This is my Diary where i write my feelings down
anyone can write in here if you would like to.

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serendipitous writes:

The hour is 1am! Oh my, it is too early for me to be awake! I cannot sleep! I'm tired, but I just can't get off GG! Just
today I decided to make another GG. It's been over a year since I was off hiatus. I'm so glad to be on. But I'm going
by a different name (an alter ego). I used to be brookieeeh. But now I'm back as serendipitous and my name is Elk (my
middle name). I'm so so happy to be back! I remember when this diary page first started up! It was so great, I used
to write everyday. Well I'm going to try to write everyday.

I only have four days of school left before winter break! I'm so happy! But I won't be able to see Omari everyday.
Last night I went to Omari's house to watch scary movies and cuddle. It was great fun! And today I almost won my
netball game, but we drew with the other team BUMMER! But our team is getting a lot better.

So I suppose I should sleep. I'll write again in the morning.
Love, Elk.

Posted on: Jun 30th 2012, 7:22:36pm

jelly. writes:
Hour: 1am
Dear Diary,
Ellen gave me her account, because she didn't want it and I wanted it because Elk has one. Still no word as to whether or not Brookly is coming back.
PS If anyone has a good avii request page, please let me know.
- Omari.

Posted on: Jun 30th 2012, 7:13:05pm

kalikakes. writes:

Dear diary,
my stomach is killing me, it's been hurtin' for a couple
hours now O__o i think it's "the sign" <3 i sure hope so.
i miss Ethan SO much it hurts. im about to cry, again..
omfg, i am so bored. theres nothing to do is nobody is
online. :c i think we're gonna be going to 6flags or som
ething this weekend. maybe that'll get my mind off thi
ngs. i hate my life, diary. i wish this was all just a bad
dream. :'c gah, i guess i better go get some sleep <3 gn.

Posted on: Jun 25th 2011, 12:29:20am

ahoy. writes:

Posted on: Jun 17th 2011, 8:46:25pm

rainbows- writes:
v STFU >.>

Posted on: Jun 17th 2011, 8:10:04pm

cup~noodles writes:
v, wow! 98 cents!!

Posted on: Jun 17th 2011, 7:02:52pm

rainbows- writes:
Dear diary;
I had the most gayest day ever...lost a bid by 98 cents.... D: fail!... duuude! its an embarrassment

Posted on: Jun 15th 2011, 8:57:33pm

cup~noodles writes:
Dear Diary,
Well today went well. I presented my ELA project in class today. I ditched health class today because it reminded me of my mom. My mom passed away when I was about 4 and a half years old. I wish she still lived. If it wasn't for that stupid car crash she would still be alive. What's scary was that I was in that car crash, in the back seat. On our way picking up my baby sister. My dad and mom were in the front and of course I was in the back. My dad and I survived. I wish I died. I would've died for my mother. If I was older I could've saved her and no one would've been that hurt. But, I didn't save her and I couldn't save her because I was only 4. My dad and I were talking about scholorships for college soon. I have to apply for some colleges but, I don't know which ones to apply for. My mom would know. If only she was here telling me the right and wrong things to do, I would be a good boy. I want to go to college and I'm eager to go to but, dad. But my father doesn't want me to go. He is on his way to his vacation for the summer and my sister, my brother and I have to stay with Aunt Maria and Uncle Tony. Ughh... Yay! Let's read some garfield cartoons! :( That's gonna suck. I wish dad would just stay with us three and not leave for vacation. Ughh.. why did my life happan this way? I guess, I guess only Lordknows that. The only great thing about my life is my wonderful carissa. <3 She is my life. My forever. My infinity.


Posted on: Jun 15th 2011, 8:06:07pm

ahoy. writes:
Dear Diary,,
Ok, so.. it's hard to talk to Alex because we like NEVER get
on the same time. Hopefully we will!<3 Anywho, we talk so its not like we never do. I just wish we could talk more. I've been making youtube videos lately. I have a lot of sweet friends on there. I'm tired of using my brothers computer to. I wish my dad would buy me a new
charger for my laptop! Why did i have to break mine!? Hm, i've been writing poems :D I think im getting better at it but i always was good at writing. XD I drew stitches on my arm yesterday and everyone thought they were real! XD Lol, it was so funny. OMG! I'm watching MTV right now and these kids are like fixing to ehh huhhh. XD Nice. My ex boyfriend has been really pissing me off. I can't believe i used to like him. I must of have been on crack or something.. lol.. jk. My brother needs to go play with his friends more so i can get on the internet more. XD He can't go anywhere because my dad is getting surgery and he CAN NOT get sick. You see, every time me or my brother go somewhere we usually end up getting my dad sick. But the doctors told us he can't get sick if he want's that surgery. And he needs it so.. guess i can't go anywhere. I wish Alex was on. I wanna talk to him. No one has been texting me lately. Thats very strange because EVERYONE text me. Guess it's just because it's summer. Oh, thats another thing i wanna talk about. It's summer and i still haven't done anything "fun". -.- I mean yeah ive been chilling with friends but i can always do that. I made a 'backup' youtube because a lot of people have been getting hacked on there so i wanted to make sure if i did i had a backup channel. It's CarissaCorpse if anyone is reading this. Add me! k, im done.ALEX GET ON!
Love,, Carissa

Posted on: Jun 15th 2011, 12:02:49pm

elmo'sworld writes:
dear diary,
well i've been on summer break for about 2 days.. and i miss my friends and bruce alot. <3 i'm gonna go to the beach with maritza :D Okaii. well on the last day of school i FINALLY got the nerve to ask bruce to take a picture with me. it turned out amazing <3 he responded really fast. xD i miss him. :'( i can't wait to go back to school. it's been boring. and there's nothing much to do. christina was being a b**** and was telling me crap about how brenda is moving and how she hates elieen. if she hates her then she should tell her and stiop talking about her behind her back. i don't even wanna think about that fattie. SDSU gave me a spot, so when i graduate all i have to do is apply and they'll offer me a free scholarship. :) my cousin is moving away and going to johns hopkins university. I'M NOT GONNA SEE HIM FOR 4 YEARS! :( agh. i can't stop thinking about bruce. i've never felt this way about a boy. ever. okay well i'm proably boring you. so i'll just stop now.


Posted on: Jun 6th 2011, 6:42:54pm

kalikitty- writes:

dear diary, i think i might be pregnant. im not even kidding.
ive been having swallon breasts, MAJOR mood swings, ive been
losing my appetite, backaches, and cramping im so freaking
scared :'c im in SUCH a bad mood right now, im mad for like
NO reason but then im sitting here crying also. i dont know
whats wrong with me! ugh. and i dont start my period for
another week. OMFG. i dont know what to do :'c i think ill
just go lay in bed, goodbye diary. <3

Posted on: Jun 3rd 2011, 6:55:26pm

alex:) writes:
Dear Diary,
I made a mistake yesterday while calling someone a bad name and I have to leave G-G but, I really like this girl. Should I ask her out and make a new g-g account?? MhM.... So confused..

Posted on: May 31st 2011, 3:16:13pm

ahoy. writes:
dear diary,,
Okay, so first off one of my best friends on here said they might leave! Fuck no! I hope he doesn't. Maybe he'll change his mind. I don't know if i told you but me and my boyfriend broke up. I'll never forget what he said after we broke up. His exact words were "Good". :( I really can't believe he would say that. And to make matters worse,, i still love him. Omg, this is just like with Tyler all over again! Ugh, im going threw some bad times. Mhm, well it's summer and i'm already bored, lol. I think i said that in my previous diary entry? lol idk. Me and Klancey are good at working things out so maybe we will. Sorry, i know i keep talking about home a lot. My kittens are growing up so fast! Their already climbing over everything! lol Yesterday i left them by their self and my dad said they cried the whole time i was gone. lol isn't that just adorable? i'm like a mommy! xD Oh, i also wanna say, all of my friends have jobs except for me! lol sorry, im not the working person.. unless it has something to do with painting or drawing.. something like that lol. I usually just ask my dad or mom for money. I'm not spoiled. I'm just well loved. lol Wow, i've wrote a lot. O.o and i'm going to keep writing, lol. I've been actually getting into poetry and things like that. I mean, ever since i was a kid, all my English teachers would tell me how good of a writer i was. I get that from my dad. Were both good at writing. Christian is this boy at my church. And I just think he's the most cutest boy ever, lol. I love his hair! everyone know i like a boy with good hair, XD lol He sat down beside me at church!:D i was thinking in my head "omg your so freaking cute" lol While im talking about church, it's amazing how God works. I love God and God loves me :) If there's any man that will always love me it's God, lol. Sorry, i keep "lol"ing a lot. I'm in a good mood.. well i was for a second till i just thought about Klancey. I hope he text me back. If you guys are reading this.. can you please pray that we would go back out? it would really mean a lot to me and i would love you more than ever. it's ok if you don't even know me lol just say "i hope carissa and klancey get back together". lol that would be so sweet and loving if you did.Mkay im kinda tired of typing. ok not really i just wanna get off this website. I've been on it forever! I hope Alex Comes Back!<3
love,, carissa

Posted on: May 29th 2011, 9:46:13pm

kalikitty- writes:
Dear Diary,
summer is finally here! yayay c: i went to ethan's
the other night i always have such a great time when i go <3
im thinking about going to a british soccer camp in june but
im not sure yeet. so i dyed my extentions blonde (the color of my hair) && i wore them yesterday- i love them :D i hate having short hair -_- i look chunky! xD lol, well my mom is going to call the car place that i picked my car out &im happy c: hrm, well im not sure what all to talk about but ill write later. c: goodbye <3

Posted on: May 28th 2011, 12:55:39pm

thesockmonkey writes:
dear diary,
well, i guess i have decided to start writing in here since so many people are. :D<3 man i am afraid for school to end..i mean what if i mess up in saying goodbye to j? i mean we're not dating or anything but i have a feeling we like each other. i also dont want to be away from him for so long </3 what if he stops liking me over the summer? well, i still have like 6 days left. might as well make the best of it.

Posted on: May 28th 2011, 9:55:45am

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