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amymont717 (moderator) writes:
You have been reported to me that you are harrassing other users and cyber-bullying. I'm here to make sure you have read our terms of service. We do not allow any type of harrassment here. Please refrain from using any remarks that perating to bullying someone else. Thank you. Terms of Service

I. ACCEPTANCE OF TERMS, owned by Mozanim B.V., provides the following service to you, subject to these Terms of Service (ToS). By using this website, you agree to this ToS, which may be revised at any time without prior notification. Please consult the ToS regularly.

II. DESCRIPTION OF SERVICE (GG) offers a service that allows its visitors to create profiles, upload and share graphics that are generally used on profile websites such as myspace, friendster, xanga and our own. The service is provided free of charge to its users. Expenses are funded by running paid advertisements.


-The user remains responsible for all actions they take during their visit to the website, all comments, graphics or other content they upload.
-The user does not take part in or associate GG with any illegal activity, including harassment, abuse, phishing or spamming.
-All content is the property and responsibility of the contributor; GG is granted the right to re-distribute the content on its website.
-No content may be used for commercial purposes or for re-distribution.
-Use of the content is solely the user's responsibility.
-Users may only hold 1 active account per person.
-Users may not artificially inflate votes.
-Any account may be terminated at GG's sole discretion at any time.

Posted on: Feb 1st 2012, 9:06:52am

wearefullofshit. writes:
Actually I'm punk, asshole.~ Big differense between emo and punk. So shut the fuck up, and get a life. <3

Posted on: Jan 31st 2012, 2:56:13am

scythe- writes:
Cool, I'll drag you with me you homophobic cunt.

Posted on: Jan 30th 2012, 6:32:46pm

trollface. writes:
Don't be a little pussy, just because you think you're better than everyone else. You're not perfect. Now, shut the fuck up and leave everyone alone. You little bitch.

Posted on: Jan 30th 2012, 10:21:18am

trollface. writes:
Ignore my comment then. You're not even cool.

Posted on: Jan 29th 2012, 6:35:10am

jutsu writes:
Fine with me.

Posted on: Jan 25th 2012, 3:37:46pm

ownanowl. writes:
i saved your e-amil, but i'm not sure if i will. i have to go.

Posted on: Jan 25th 2012, 10:46:36am

ownanowl. writes:
i'm not sure if i want to...

Posted on: Jan 25th 2012, 10:37:27am

ownanowl. writes:
what? please, just leave me alone. it hurts.

Posted on: Jan 25th 2012, 10:34:44am

ownanowl. writes:
i know who you are, and i know why you're doing this.

Posted on: Jan 25th 2012, 10:23:29am

jutsu writes:
& their is no such thing as "ugly" people.

Posted on: Jan 24th 2012, 5:33:15pm

jutsu writes:
Hey, leave Kenny alone please. He has his own right to what he is. It's HIS life, not yours okay? Are you Kenny? Didn't think so. So just back the fuck off. Chill your ovaries or whatever you have. You're being really rude and serious jerk. Think before you act, please. Who cares if he cuts, that's him, it's his life, maybe he's going through a difficult time and noone is there to listen? Maybe? Maybe something happened? Maybe? You just don't know, people have REASONS for doing something. Who cares if he's fat? Who cares if he's skinny? Who cares if he was Robert Pattenson or w/e you spell it? Who cares if he was short boy with glasses? It's not right to judge at all. I know you're the type of person to start major stuff for no reason. Just like to cause hurt and pain and drama and all that stuff. Well please knock it off, how old are you? Well it really doesn't matter, just, simple stop it. You live your life somewhere else and go to school get an education and maybe get a job and raise a family and he'll grow up go to school and continue his life the way HE <---- wants to. Like I said before THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. I lost a friend for sayin' something I shoulda kept in my head. I still miss her, but yeah.
So stop, leave him alone and quit juding people seriously.
I'm trying to be serious and mature it so if you wanna come in my space, cursing at me then, i don't give a flying fuck, okay?

Posted on: Jan 24th 2012, 5:27:15pm

wearefullofshit. writes:
Too pussy to admit that I'm lesbian? Ha! Seriously?
And I know that I'm ugly, I really do. But atleast I show it.~

You should really stay the fuck away from Kenneth.

Posted on: Jan 24th 2012, 3:53:09am

brokenmind writes:
haha you're pretty stupid. attacking someone over something that is normal? that's cute.
maybe you should go back to elementary school.
you know, so you can actually be around children that
have the same maturity level as you.
even then, they are probably more mature than you are.

& i know you're doing this for the attention
& for everyone to come bitch at you,
& you're probably laughing.

but at least i know how to stand up for something i believe in
& i don't go around putting people down.

have fun not going anywhere in your life,
because if you want to do in ACTUAL life & not
on the internet, your ass is going to be kicked.

karma's a bitch, so think before you speak your ignorant comments
& hide behind the face of a computer.

Posted on: Jan 23rd 2012, 8:21:04pm

trollface writes:
Listen, being bisexual isn't a bad thing. Maybe you should try it or something. You're being a pussy by saying shit about someone behind a computer screen. You're lame. Saying this shit about someone proves how insecure you are about yourself. Me saying this to you? No, I'm just showing you how much of a douche bag you are. And, 'cutting' yourself? I bet you do that too. So, stop being a cunt. You need to grow up and get a fucking life. It's sad you don't know how to approach people on here. Probably because you're such a dumbass that has no friends. Now, stop being an ass to everyone. You're not perfect and neither are they. So, stop pointing their flaws out. People should be pointing your flaws out for doing this. You have such a big problem with people apparently. You can judge everyone but yourself. I just don't understand people like you. Saying someone should go 'die' for who they are. Obviously you're jealous of them or something. I don't even think you know what you're doing on this internet. You're full of drama. And, you're fake. I know who you are. Now, stop or I'll show your identity. So, fuck off of people on here.

Posted on: Jan 23rd 2012, 7:13:18pm

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