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Birthday:   1993-08-20Country:   United States
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Name:   Janne Emilio Quinton
Birthday:   1993-08-20
Joined:   2010-12-11
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Janne Emilio Quinton
-The Basic Facts-
Name: Janne Emilio Quinton. Nicknames: JEQ, Jannetor, Bumble Bee, Faggot, Alfonso. Gender: Male. Location: Madison, Wisconsin. School: Madison East High School. Orientation: Homosexual. Relationship Status: Domestic Partnership, crushing.

-Little More In Depth-
Religion: Non-Denominational Christian. Political Views: Conservative. Occupation: Unemployed Student. Hobbies: Camping, Travel, Cycling, Exercise, Body Perfection, Photo Manipulation/Graphic Creation, Politics, Weight Loss, Photography, Weight Lifting, Socializing, Dancing. Instruments: Cello, Piano, Keyboard, Violin, Viola, Guitar, Harmonica, Triangle, Recorder. Languages: English, Finnish.

-Future Plans-
College To Attend: FRCC. Career: Emergency Medical Technician. Place Of Residence: Colorado {Loveland or Fort Collins}. Wanted Occupation: United States Army Combat Medic/Lifesaver {68W}.

-Random But Important Facts-
Fears: Abandonment, Moths, Street Cleaners, Windows W/O Curtains At Night, Dark, Tiny Spaces, Big Crowds, Clowns, The Paranormal, Trains, Death, Gaining Weight, Paper Cuts, Big Spiders, Being Left Alone. Issues: Moderate Anorexia, Binge Disorder, Recovered Alcoholic, Drug User, Social Smoker.
-All The Facts Put Together-
My name is Janne. I'm currently residing in Madison, Wisconsin. I never know what to write in about me's, so we'll see how this goes, right? Mind you, if you're reading, prepare for it to be dragged out. I tend to ramble. So starting, I'm a school drop out, haven't attended since 6th grade. Don't let that fool you, I'm pretty smart (it took me a lot to be able to type that. I never say good things about myself.). I'm just one of those kids with dreams people always tell him, he'll never be able to accomplish due to his past. My biggest dream is to complete the EMT courses at FRCC, then enlist in the US Army as a Combat Medic/68Whiskey. People tell me I'm easy to talk to, that I'm a good listener, and can always cheer someone up. Give me a chance to prove it? I love helping people out. I will tell you one thing that I already know about you: you will judge me before you know me. I'm not saying that in one of those "no one knows me" ways, I'm saying it by fact. I've yet to meet someone who hasn't judged me, or at least taken guesses at who I really am, without even knowing half of my story. I have a passion for camping, biking, hiking and being in the outdoors. Put me inside, and I will crack. I don't stand for disrespect, and I will stand up for ANYONE who is being treated poorly, even if it results in myself being the ending victim. I was put here to help people through life, to fulfill their needs, to meet their accommodation wants. You will never hear me say, that I need something/someone. You will never hear me say that I won't/can't help someone else out. Your needs are far above mine, and never forget that. I see people as beautiful, every single one. You, the guy next to you, the one who just murdered someone, everyone. Why put someone down for what they do/have done/will do? Give everyone a second, third, fourth, and fifth chance. I, myself will do that with anyone, until they give me a reason not to. The way I view people and life is much different than anyone else. I see the good in people, not the bad. Maybe it's because, people usually only see the bad in me? Perhaps. Or maybe it's just because I'm too nice. Whichever. I live by faith, honestly. God plays a big role in my life, and He's always there when I need Him. I'm conservative, but don't think that I'm just the "generic Republican". Just because I'm not Democrat, or Liberal, doesn't mean I don't love, and genuinely accept you. I am not one to turn someone down for their beliefs, and I'm the most accepting person you'll ever meet. I make friends wherever I go, and they deeply, truly mean the whole world to me. I don't know where I'd be without them. My life is based around the Patch Adams Theory. What is this, you may ask? In short, it means to treat people like humans, listen to them, comfort them and help them, and put away the text books when dealing with each and every person, base your help on their needs. I have a wide range of music tastes, anything from my favourite band The Beatles, to Muse, to Weezer, to JET, to Tegan and Sara, to Fall Out Boy, to Bach. Basically, if you play it, I'll listen to it and happily applaud at the end. I'm not a huge fan of country, or rap, but I do have some guilty pleasures under all music genres. Also with music, I play instruments. Violin, viola, cello, piano, keyboard, guitar and recorder. More to come, and more to learn. But my instrument of choice, is always the cello. I have issues, I am pretty open with them, too. One of them includes Anorexia. Confused? I'm not bone thin, I'm not vanishing into thin air, but let me tell you how much I want to. That shouldn't bother you though, right? You'll give me a chance? A random dream of mine is to one day open a school. Not just any school, but a school for people who have gone through situations like mine. Who have literally gone through Hell and back just to walk into the school building. It will be based around what the students want to learn, and there will be no harassment. People tell me that I'm really down to earth, but at the same time the silliest guy some of them have met. I take pride in both. I believe everyone should be able to be mature, but have a fun time doing it. Scary movies are the only ones I will ever beg to watch. Other than them, I'm not really fond of movies. And even if in the horror category, the only one that has 100% scared me, is Insidious. I'm terrified of the dark, street cleaners, moths and fire (although, I am a pyromaniac. Not lying, I get a huge thrill from setting fires). I'm opinionated, but want you to say yours just as loudly as I do. Always down for a good one on one debate about anything really. My self esteem is lower than my GPA (which right now, is about a 0.0) but I can say proudly that I adore my hair. I'm working on it being past shoulder length. It'll be glorious. I give out compliments like crazy, so don't be scared off if I just randomly start pointing out your amazing qualities, okay? I'm self conscious about everything. You'll see me scrambling to find a mirror to be sure my hair is in order, my septum ring is straight, and my eyes don't look dull. I constantly brush my teeth, comb my hair, wash my hands, and shower. Some call it OCD, I call it being happy with myself, even if it's only temporary. I am a broken, shattered, and flawed person. But, aren't we all, really? Aren't we all just on our one path towards our future? Why should my faults stand in your way? Please by all means, if I get in your way, push me aside. I will never hold it against you. Some things people don't really like about me is that I don't answer well to authority. As in, I don't like being held back or being forced to do something/not do something. I live my one life the way that I want to, and if someone doesn't like it, I move out of their way, and continue on. If I want to take a trip across the country, then the next morning I'll be on a bus, whether or not people want me to be. If you befriend me, you will see a great increase in stability, support, and care from me to you. I'm here for you, one hundred-ten percent. And I always live by that. I'm around 24/7/365, and will respond to you even in the dead of night (my phone is never off for that reason and that reason alone, never feel afraid to text me). I worked at a suicide hotline for about a year, and that was the best year of my life. Old clients still come and find me, thanking me for my help. I want to one day be able to help everyone who crosses my path, but for now I'll stick with those whom's paths I cross first. I'm unsure how to end this, so I'll close with this: I love you, whether or not you love me. I will live my life my own way, and you are welcome to join for the ride. I'm only complicated, if you make me complicated. Judge not, and you shall not be judged.
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abandon all ships writes:

Hello. c: I added you for a typical reason.. Well, you seem to have a bright personality. More like the happy kind of person. Um, I guess that's all or now. ^w^ Take care. ♥

Posted on: Aug 20th 2012, 3:25:44pm

Posted on: Feb 18th 2012, 9:31:11pm

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