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I have so many names! Peter, Jared, Gweenie(no one here would get), Po, Coolicebluey, Bluey, Blues Clues and the person with the twin.

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Birthday:   1998-05-23Country:   United States
Joined:   2010-03-23Location:   Turn around, I'm right behind you...
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Name:   coolicebluey
Birthday:   1998-05-23
Joined:   2010-03-23
Location:   Turn around, I'm right behind you...
I don't know what to say but here we go! Well, Im pretty shy actually if its someone i don't know and my friends dont know. My sister says I'm like Nick Jonas?I have no clue what that's supposed to mean...

And Of course!

My favorite bands:

Taio Cruz

My favorite foods:

Cheese Tortellini
Extra Cheesy Grilled Cheese

My Least Favorite foods:

Es Cargo (snails)
Calamari (squid)
Chocolate-Covered Ants
and any other creature that is not cow or pig.

My Favorite People:

My Twin Sis, Lily
My Parents
My "sisters from other misters", Rose and Alice
That handsome dude in the mirror (Haha JK)

My Biggest Fear and story to prove it:

I am seriously afraid of the rats that sneak into your house. So, one day, a rat had gotten into our living room and onto the couch. My sister was sitting across the room when i walked it and sat on the couch with the rat on it not knowing it was there. So the rat scampered onto my lap while i was talking to my sister. I screamed and jumped onto my sister's lap and she yelled at me to get off. So I was like, "Ok, ready? 1,2,3!" And I sprinted to the stairs and looked through the railing bars. Eventually my sister scared the rat out of the house with a broom and a vacuum(<---don't ask).

By The Way, I will keep any comments that look cool or are funny!

hacked.the color of the text on ur page really bothered me!so I fixed it!--------love ur favorite sister,Rosalie<3
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jen. writes:

Posted on: Jan 2nd 2012, 1:43:12pm

almond demon writes:
hey I had two weird dreams...heres my first:
(kidnapper:*walks in brianna's house*(I was having a sleepover only with alice.)"I forgot something...follow me..."*walks out of house*)(Alice:*follows kidnapper**Goes in kidnappers car*^^)(me:"Alice!"-_-*goes in car*"alice...we need to get ou of the car..."I whispered.)(alice:^^?"why?")(kidnapper:*locks car doors*)(me:DDD=*trying to open doors*)(kidnapper:*starts driving out of driveway*)(me:*SCREAMING*"HELP!!!HELP!!!HELP!!SOMEONE HELP MEEEE!!!!!!")
and my second dream...^^:
(me:"mom,dad.Can I go to a rave?")(mom:"ok u can go just call us alot.")-later in dream-(me:*walking to rave with alice**sees ppl from one of my favorite anime movies*"OH MY GOD THATS SO EPIC!!!"=D)(alice:"I KNOW!"=D)(ppl:*takes off masks**chases after*)-later in dream-"I NEED TO CALL MY PARENTS!BUT I DROPPED MY PHONE!"*sees something glowing**reaches**gets phone*:O)-later in dream-(me:*at grandma's house**watching the little mermaid with cousins*^^) and those were my dreams...^^

long comment~<3

Posted on: Oct 23rd 2010, 10:45:02pm

almond demon writes:


Posted on: Oct 16th 2010, 12:51:05pm

almond demon writes:

Posted on: Oct 12th 2010, 6:01:19pm

almond demon writes:
peter!u popped up in the story!cuz this guy is like u popped up to try to defeat him!=D
(u:*pops up**pokes alex/indestructable guy*"I did all I can."*stands next to alice and rose*^^)

Posted on: Oct 8th 2010, 11:18:51pm

csrequests writes:
We are providing all the members graphics, avatars and banners :)

If you want the URL:

Posted on: Sep 29th 2010, 11:50:07am

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