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Birthday:   1998-05-20Country:   United States
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Name:   Guess Who
Birthday:   1998-05-20
Joined:   2012-02-27
Location:   Your Mom’s House
cori. coriana. thalia. coco. that's me.
i'm twenty five and weird. but that's
okay 'cause girls seem to like me
anyway. i swear. if cori changes
this, i'm killing him. don't. change.
a. thing. or. you. die.
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stateofgrace. writes:
Nah, nobody gets to stay. I couldn't care less whether or not you say we were an item. lol

Posted on: May 18th 2024, 5:34:17pm

forever-myself writes:
yes exactly! I want to remember what it feels like to be in old andrea's shoes sometimes, but aslo grateful for not feeling like how i did back then as well. yeah my memory is actually awful when it comes to important stuff, when it comes to silly things I tend to remember them all.

Posted on: May 15th 2024, 5:27:46pm

forever-myself writes:
yeah reading thing that my former self wrote is wild, it feels bitter sweet reading thing I have no memory of writing lol

Posted on: Apr 11th 2024, 8:14:23pm

stateofgrace. writes:
not the whole time

Posted on: Apr 7th 2024, 3:00:19am

sunkiss writes:
I believed in all of tht stuff lol mainly cuz my parents kept tht magic alive. It was sweet and if i'M getting gifts or money, I wasn't gonna question it as a kid ahaha. I don't find it creepy, it's harmless. Cuz like what's gonna happen from believing in it?

Hmm I haven't found anything rare or anything, mostly just really good deals on brands that would be expensive if new like Aritzia or Adidas for example. I got a nice vintage dress tho. But ya I ain't paying $100 for pants or something. Awww do ppl there not make separate times with their friends? Are all your friends with someone?

My parents never really closely paid attention, from a brief view it seems harmless. They do slide in sly icky jokes and scenes for sure. I feel like I'll only go to Hollywood if I was invited by someone or I could see the set of a show/movie I really like

Posted on: Apr 5th 2024, 9:51:57pm

herself. writes:
Sir, I am not a bully!!!!!! smh

And yes it is Chick-fil-A.. tbh I think that's the mandela effect because I used to think that too but no it's chicken not chiken - however the cows in the ads spell it that way LMAO

Posted on: Apr 5th 2024, 9:15:20pm

herself. writes:
HAHAHAH we go get Olive Garden when we feel like soup - at home
When we feel like Texas Roadhouse, we go to Texas Roadhouse... getting it to go is a waste because you cannot eat rolls to your heart's content only until whatever they packed you is gone!!!!! So that is ALWAYS an in-person venture. We even went there a few days after I got my wisdom teeth out because to go was not going to give us maximum rolls!!!!!!!!!!!! We are literally in Texas lol

Never did I ever say that Olive Garden has the best bread, only that their breadsticks are the only thing AT Olive Garden (on the menu) that is guaranteed to smack every time.

Posted on: Apr 5th 2024, 9:13:31pm

stateofgrace. writes:
That sounds entirely platonic.

Posted on: Apr 5th 2024, 5:12:50pm

stateofgrace. writes:
Because you’re the person who wants a different word to be used

Posted on: Apr 5th 2024, 4:04:45pm

stateofgrace. writes:
How would you prefer I refer to it, then?

Posted on: Apr 5th 2024, 3:41:23pm

stateofgrace. writes:
Why do you respond to me faster on here than on Snapchat? Make it make sense.

What’s wrong with using that word? Is there a better term?

Posted on: Apr 5th 2024, 3:15:28pm

stateofgrace. writes:
It’s possible.

Posted on: Apr 5th 2024, 1:42:39pm

stateofgrace. writes:
Oh, did you say something?

Posted on: Apr 5th 2024, 5:35:35am

herself. writes:
No no it's okay you can stay lol I don't mind being wrong as long as it was rightfully proven.

I used to always eat Olive Garden when I went out to eat on the weekends with my grandmother and it was pretty good back then lol but I literally went there for lunch like two weeks ago with some school friends and it was nasty - even my soup that day :(

And yes I did say a whole bucket - it's the catering size of the soup and here it's like $15 so it's way cheaper than eating there and it feeds both of us and it comes in a cool bucket lmao I keep them!!

Also I worked in fast food for like 5 years - which doesn't explain anything I'm realizing so I will clarify that it was Chick-fil-A and they're way too nice to everyone BUT my point is the worst case scenario is you're just stuck with what you paid for but the best case is they credit you and/or give you more free food if you call... but I don't call lol my husband makes the phone calls with my very specific instructions LMAO. But also being broke helps with the nerve because like dude we just spent our money on that instead of eating at home and it really sucked like they better do something!!!

Posted on: Apr 4th 2024, 9:02:59pm

forever-myself writes:
what are you doing? im chatting and catching up with old friends

Posted on: Apr 4th 2024, 6:14:49pm

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