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Name:   blossomisawesome
Birthday:   2003-04-16
Joined:   2016-07-20
Uploads:   6 graphics 
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jane (official artist) writes:

Posted on: Aug 19th 2016, 3:21:43pm

shakela (official artist) writes:
Hi there sweetie...thank you for stopping by my page with your kind concerns and prayers for my Aunt. My family and I appreciate it! She's gotten her bypass done and she's recovering well.
Oooh I see the tag I made you on your page and I'm sure you love it! Don't forget to vote and comment, would mean a lot to me!
Well, the weekend is over and a brand new week lies ahead of us! I hope this new week holds an abundance of blessings for you and your family! Take care, stay safe and God bless.


Posted on: Aug 15th 2016, 5:08:21am

happy_guy writes:
Life is better when you are happy.
But life is the best when other people are happy because of you.
Be inspired, give peace and share your smile with everyone.
Have a nice weekend

A good friend is like a computer.
I ‘enter’ in your life,
‘save’ you in my heart,
‘format’ your problems,
‘shift’ you to opportunities & never ‘delete’ you from my memory!

May God bestow upon you good health, lots of love and happiness
That you can cherish always.

Have a nice weekend

Posted on: Aug 14th 2016, 7:54:01am

shakela (official artist) writes:
Hi Blossom...hope you're doing great. Just stopping by to leave you a little gift. Hope you like it. Take care and God bless.

XOXO ~ Shakela


Posted on: Aug 13th 2016, 1:01:05am

tyla writes:
Hello Thankyou for adding me as a Friend on
Glitter Graphics I am Happy to meet you from Tyla

Posted on: Aug 12th 2016, 7:26:30am

jczbabydoll (moderator) (contest runner-up) writes:
Hey again,

Your graphics were in the wrong category, anything with text, goes under glitter text & what it describes, the directioner goes under glitter text/misc, the hi one, goes under glitter text/greetings, they've been moved :)

Posted on: Aug 11th 2016, 3:00:48pm

jczbabydoll (moderator) (contest runner-up) writes:
Hi Blossy,

Cool, that your uploaded images were successful. Your welcome, glad to be of help to you, anytime :) Not all copyright images are free, most you have to pay for. I would do a search of what your looking for & then look for possible freebies, but make sure to read the sites Terms of use, as that is also really important too, thanks for asking :)

Posted on: Aug 11th 2016, 11:13:07am

shonna (official artist) writes:
just letting ya know I generally make stuff from scratch Blossom I have a made for others to you even you can use them too feel free to use on what i Have in my gallery
I made frames, hearts,flowers some animals, etc go ahead you can use them in your creations most of all have fun here is my link gallery...

Free images to use.

Posted on: Aug 11th 2016, 6:23:31am

shakela (official artist) writes:
Hi sweetie...there's tonnes of freebies over the net. I get most of my pictures from google. For instance if you type on butterflies come out and if you type as free butterfly images then...comes the images that are free for use.
I used to use freebies and most are collected over the years but now I make it a point to purchase my tubes and they come with copyright and license no. to use the said images!
There's lots over the net...just keep looking and you'll find the right ones. I've used some images that needed license to be used and got my graphics rejected due to these requirements. So just be careful when you use the images and read their TOU before use if they have one!
Thank you for your love and concern over my aunt's situation...I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart and thank you ever so much for your prayers for her speedy're a blessing, sweetie.
Good luck with getting the images and making your graphics. Take care and God bless.


Posted on: Aug 11th 2016, 4:16:51am

jane (official artist) writes:
Well I see Shonna beat me to it, she gave you some great sites to check out. When someone says Accepting or Taking Requests, it means they will make them for you with your name on if you post the one you want on their page. Most though only do the latest ones as we don't always keep older ones. You copy the BB code under the graphic you want and then come to their page and post it, saying something like, Could you please make this for me with the name ? whatever you want on it, but no nicknames or any of our pets. Hope that makes sense and helps. Check out Shonna's message and visit them and see how they are for you. Cya soon

Posted on: Aug 11th 2016, 2:46:08am

shonna (official artist) writes:
Hi Blossom and welcome to nice to meet you I normally now use programs that I have but I Do know some sites I will make sure the sites work before I post them on here I give a few at a is a good site to do graphics on I will be back with some sites links.... Gave a tube site and gave a bbcode site.... always read the terms of use... on each artist cause they are all different thanks so much for stopping by with your comment it's appreciated....
here is the bbcode examples BBCODE Examples


Posted on: Aug 11th 2016, 1:50:43am

dawg writes:

Posted on: Aug 10th 2016, 12:50:23am

shakela (official artist) writes:
Sorry sweets...on the font colour and size...just follow this BB Codes and you'll get the hang of it!

This is font size 8
This is 12
This is 15
This is 18
This is 22
This is 26
This is 31

aqua aquamarine blue blueviolet brown
burlywood cadetblue chartreuse chocolate coral crimson
cyan darkblue darkcyan hotpink lawngreen lightblue lightgreen seagreen lime mediumpurple orange orangered orchid peachpuff plum powderblue royalblue salmon silver slateblue thistle tomato turquoise violet indianred plum indigo gold greenyellow deeppink

Posted on: Aug 9th 2016, 9:21:30am

shakela (official artist) writes:
Hello're most welcome on the hearty welcome! Aww, how sweet of you to say that I made you feel at home with GG through my welcome...appreciate it, sweetie1! Oh yes, don't worry about the typos...we do that a lot here...LOL!
Well, on learning about the other just have to type out image editors on Google search and you'll get all the sites you want. Just pick the ones you're comfortable with and you'll be creating soon enough! Most of us picked up a thing or two while we were learning. It's a little difficult to teach other than to go through tutorials which basically I did from time to time!
Hope you had a beautiful weekend. I haven't been around the last few husband's aunt had a heart attack and was admitted into ICU. She has 3 blockages and will be going through a bypass this Wednesday.
When I came back on Sunday night, I had 22 pages of graphics in the uploads to vote and comment...LOL! Well, I've finally completed that part and now moving on to answering my messages from my sweet GG friends!
I will be off this weekend as well...visiting my aunt after her surgery. I hope the new week will bring wonders by your way and that you'll be blessed abundantly! Take care and God bless.

XOXO ~ Shakela


Posted on: Aug 9th 2016, 9:16:35am

robbie4 (official artist) writes:
Hi Blossom welcome to GG I noticed you are a New
Member. I have a Granddaughter on here that is the
same age as you,you may wish to add her as a Friend
her name is TYLA and if you look in my Friends List
you will find her,her Avatar is a Cute Little White
Dog,Im sure she would love to add you back.

Posted on: Aug 8th 2016, 8:47:39pm

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