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Name:   beast.
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2010-01-16
I have flaws just like you, you might like me. you might not. you get to know me you would find that i have a wonderful personality and a quirky side to life.I stick up for my friends and i dont care if you hate me. i am not a toy, don’t mess with my feelings, i’m real, just like everyone. i say i love you, i mean it, with every part of my existence.i have changed alot.but that’s called growing up.i don’t care what people call me, it’s just words.i’ve made alot of mistakes, and given up plenty of times.but that is no longer me.i will still make mistakes, but i refuse to give up. I dont have a label, because i'm not a product or on a can, i'm just me Dylan. Someone who will hump your leg for a TicTac :) My greatest fear would be to die without the world ever knowing my name, now that’s scary. Hi, my name is Dylan Joyles, I like the cold side of the pillow. I like you already. Today’s society as made me hate the way I look. It is the reason for my constant body modifications. I am loud and confusing, but you’ll learn to love me. I’ve learnt in my short life that there is no time to discriminate, hate every motherfucker that stands in your way! Hey, people are going to talk about you anyway, might as well give them something fun to say, and remember; You’re no one until you’re talked about. I’ll either intimidate or entertain you, most likely both. I’m definitely not conceited. I’m single. Do I make you want to LA LA in the kitchen, on the floor? HOLA ATCHYA GURL. Now that’s conceited. I’m a very nice person, and will get along with people just fine. but I do have an opinion, and I will express it. I am too clumsy, and don’t know my left from right. I laugh too much and talk when I’m not supposed to. I have a problem with making decisions for myself, I also have a bad memory. I couldn’t care less what you think of me, love me or hate me? Your call. I can’t not get myself to trust, these days..who can you trust? Yourself. Talk to me, I’ll most likely talk back. I want, need, crave someone who will obsess over me, and that the feeling in mutual, I think they call “To have survived, he would have had to be either more cynical or further from reality than he was. Instead, he was a poet on a street corner trying to recite to a crowd pulling at his clothes..”. I probably wont get on much.
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