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Everyone can pretend their fine. Like they don't have limits. Until they realize they've been lying to themselves, and that everything's falling apart. Soon, you'll never be the same again, and you'll wish you never screwed yourself over. I know I do.

Name:   Awake&Alive_Barely.Ranking:   --
Birthday:   1992-04-28Country:   United States
Joined:   2010-05-06Location:   Somewhere I Don't Want To Be.
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Name:   Awake&Alive_Barely.
Birthday:   1992-04-28
Joined:   2010-05-06
Location:   Somewhere I Don't Want To Be.
I'm The Most Untypical *&&* Random Person You Will Prolly Ever Meet.
I'mma Blondie (= *&&* Very Proud Of It.=D
I Blow My Candles Out On April 28(= ♥
I Have The Most Amazing Friends *&&* Family *&&* Couldn't Ask For It Any Other Way.
I Don't Have A Dad, He Passed Away, Along With My Step Dad Who Also Did. But I Have An Amazing Mother And She's Given Me Everything I've Needed And IS Always There For Me.
My Wifey Is Dez, My Friends That Are Close Enough To Be Sisters/Basically Are;-->Dez; Kassi; Hannah; Jade; Alyssa; Fally; Abby; *&&* Othersss ♥ ILY Guyss ♥
Im A Big Dork When Youh Get To Know Me, I'm Friendly But At The Same Time, If Your Talking About My Friends, Well.. Watch Out. I Don't Take To That Well. (=
Other Than That I'm Mostly Realllyy Nice *&&* Crazaly Random (=.
I'm Veryyy Shy, So If I Don't Talk To You Much, Well Sorry, Just Shy (= ♥
Sometimes Though I Can Go Up To Someone And Be All Loud And Just Out There (= Which Is Amazing, If I Do Say So Myselfff, ♥.
Basically, I'm Really Confusing, But When Youh Realllyyy Get To Know Me, I'm An Open Book, It Gets Easier And Easier To Figure Me Out.
I Loveee ♥ My Friends And Fam *&&* I Wouldn't Change A Think About Them, They Make Me Who I Am To This Very Day, So Thank You All Immensly Much (= ♥ ILY Guys.
My Hair Is NEVER Perfect; I'm Not Always In A Good Mood *&&* I'm Not The Prettiest Girl, But Whatever Hunn, Cause I Am ME *&&* That's All I Need To Be---> Looking For Perfection Then Get Out Of Here *&&* Go Buy Yerself A Barbie Doll (= Kay? K, Thanks (=.

Likes-Being With My Friends.
Being Myself And Not Caring What Anyone Thinks!
Cudddlinggg ♥
Longgg Hugs (=
People That You Know Will Always Have My Back Through Everything ♥
My Friends, Their Completely My Life.
Music.. Deffinantly.. Couldn't Live W.O It (=
Taking Pictures With Friends On Days When Your So Over Tired; Everything You Do Is Funny!

Dislikes- --
People That Talk About People As If Their Not Even Around.
Bad Smelling Perfume.
To Much Cologne On Guys >.<
Friends Who Instantly Forget About You As Soon As 'Newer 'Cooler' People'.
People Thinking Their So Cool, Then When They Get Bored And Have No One To Be Around, They Call You And Complain.
People Who Think Their All High And Mighty When In Reality Their Nothing.
Dreaming Being Better Than Reality.

R.I.P Billy ;
R.I.P Nicky ;
R.I.P Bobby & Ron ♥. My Fathers. & Also. R.I.P Bandit & Jessie. ♥

----Ashlee. Spelled With Two "E's" For A Reason. An Ashlee, Not To Be Confused With An Ashley, Is No Goodie Two Shoes Or Poser. She Goes Against The Grain, And May Not Fit In With Any Certain Clique But She Sets The Trends. A Possible Social Outkast, Very Dependant, Very Desireable. <-- Dontcha Love Urban Dictionary?

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kristenkillskittehs writes:
Hey Ashlee it is Robyn.
How are you??

Posted on: Dec 7th 2010, 10:04:43am

chelseasmile. writes:
haha yeah man

Posted on: Dec 3rd 2010, 6:26:26am

chelseasmile. writes:

Posted on: Dec 3rd 2010, 6:24:46am

chelseasmile. writes:
I found you :D

Posted on: Dec 3rd 2010, 6:23:20am

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