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"tHe oPPosite Of LoVe iS nOT haTE,it'S i dOnT giVe a daMN".....i LOvE aLesaNa aND i wOuLd giVE a DaMn fOr thEM!!!haha

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Name:   alesana18Ranking:   --
Birthday:   1989-05-19Country:   Philippines
Joined:   2007-09-06Location:   Dipolog CiTy
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Name:   alesana18
Birthday:   1989-05-19
Joined:   2007-09-06
Location:   Dipolog CiTy
craZY buT saNE
-iNnoCEnT bUt frEak_
- am a fLirt,,hAha
-my mOm said i canT liVE wIthout mUziC...xEz a LiaR..i caN..anD i dId fOr abOut 2 dayz way baCK wen i was gRounDEd fOr cOming hOmE nOt alloWed tO tUrn oN thE tV,The raDio..aNd eVerything..wHuEEww..kaya kO un uYy!!
iT was hELL thoUgh!!
~miGrainEs,tootHacHe,anD hEartacHE..they're maH bEstfriendZ
~i wriTe pOemS eVerYtime i gEt mad,SaD,conFused,aNd wHen iM inLovE
~i StruM thE guiTar WhEn i havE nOthn To dO
~i laUgh aLL the way tO hEll WhEn i hEar CoRny jOkes aNd EvEntUaLLy start cRying PopCorns anD iCe cReam
~Oh i ThnK i am nOt a fliRt..jUst sWeeT
~i am nOt pRetty bUt i dO haVe a faCE
~i lOve hanging OuT wIth GUyz wHo aRe mUziC lOvErs
~i loVe lollipoPz
~i lOve fairytalEs anD ballooNs,aNd fLowERs,anD cHocoLates
~i haTe snaKES!!
~anD im scaRed oF ugly faCEs!..
~i loVe hOuse & lot,& caRs & jEt fiGhterS & bUtterfliEs
~But i HATE hEartBReaKERs
~i Love plaYin Wit kIdz bUt i dOnt waNT kiDZ
~Oh i lOve baBieS..aNd i lIKe blaCk & pInK
~i lUv thE sea,thE sUnset
~thE blue skiEs
~th stOnEs,& ROCKS & RaiNbOwS..OHh i lOve em mUCH!
~i eVen lOVe jaZZ!
~i love mY auNt wHo LuVz jaZZ
~whIch Is Why i lOvw jaZz tOO!
~i lUv rEadiNg bOOks, maGz,& sToRybookZ
~i read tHe biBleabOut tWice a wik!
~i lOve pRetty GIRLS..DAMN!
~i Would lUv a gUy HU wUdnt mInd taLkin 2 mE tiL a buBbLer
~i WONt sLeep FOr cOnVersatioN's saKe! miNd YOu!
~i WanT sUm1 hu wiL sIng 4 me wiT
hiz gUitar
~SumTymz i waLk WiT caTZ,aNd flY wit fLies..& i sWim wIt r golDfiSH
~i dOnt want a mOm Hu naGZ aBout EvrY 15 mInUtes
~i DoNt waNt a dadHU slaPs a DaUghtEr COz xE weNt hOme laTe
~i haTe iT weN my paRenTz bCUm OVerpRotEctIVe wiT mE
~bUt i lOve eM anYwaY!
~i WuDnt waNT tO looSe evryTYm i plaY cHeSs sO guYz bEware!
~ill Do anYthin To wIn,weLl i caN thRow ChessbOards & piEces oUt Of d WinDOW iF i feEL Lyk lOosin!hahA
~aND oNe thiNg....
~i ThnK i hVe 2 saY dat "tHe OppOsiTe Of lUv iS nOt hatE,iTz i dOnt giV a daMn!"

Who I Want to Meet:

RoCKerZZZ!!! PsycHo kiDz..
-:-) sUM1 hUz nOt a feeLer
-:-)nOt a faKER
-:-)NOt a pRetEnDer
-:-)NOt a hEartbREaKER
-:-)i Want TO mEet real pEoplE
-:-)uNg mEdyO weIrD lyk mE
-:-)unG mDyo EmO
-:-)unmG mDyo maY sEnSE
-:-)SuM1 WhO can SinG anD laUgh wIt mE
-:-)Sum1 hu wIll treat mE lYk an aNgeL eVen iF i aM a LiL deVIL
-:-)Sum1 Who can acCePt thE real me...fOr hu i am..fOr wat i am!
-:-)Sum1 hU wIll say thaT.....
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