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Joined:   2008-10-30Location:   Philadelphia
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Name:   aiplaneeatssky
Birthday:   1988-11-29
Joined:   2008-10-30
Location:   Philadelphia
Call the Police
This whole place is gonna burn.

Taylor Rocket

Get to know me in person.

No, I don't date boys.
Or kiss them.
Unless it's Matt and Joe.
Because they attack me,
and I really have no choice.

This is called "proof"
It means Im not fake.
Robbie Rampage is faking me.
omgwtf <-- That user :l
It's time to grow up kids.

It starts out like a season in reverse
A way to set your mind above and over words

I need to fucking grow the fuck up.

Sit with me
And let me see
Your mind

When you’re talking to me
I can't breathe

She’s so lovely

"It's never goodbye, it's just see you later"
--Bianca Reyes

"Look look!"
"Madd, you drew that?"
"yeah, for you"
"Awhhh, Maddie! Mom, Maddie's gonna be just like me!"
"I hope not."
"Because I want her to have a career"

I draw
It's my life.

Would you trade your Soul for Gold?
Would you trade your soul?

"You're not normal, Taylor"
"What IS normal dad?!"

"DONT EVER do that in my house again!"
"What are you talking about?! She was laying her head on a pillow that was on my feet! We were watching a movie!"

"Maybe your mom is a homophobe."
"But, she has best friends that are gay"
"Yeah, but they aren't her daughter."

I wanna feel the world spin

"Release me, set me on fire
I'll treat you better, than you treat yourself."
--Luke Pickett

"NO, YOU listen. That's so fucking selfish James! Do you really want Bianca to have to tell your beautiful baby girl that her daddy killed himself?! That's so fucking stupid of you to even think about that!"

James Allen Byrum
You were and still are a great person. Look after Bianca and Tegan, they love you dearly. Maybe one day I'll finally be able to give you that hug.
Until then,
Rest in Peace

Everything happens for a reason
"So what's the reason?"

Even though I hate you,
I love you.
You'll make it buddy.
Hold on to life.

"This isn't a joke thomas! You have something other people don't have, it's serious. You WILL die. You're 12, it could take your life at 18! What part of that don't you fucking understand?!"

Bianca Reyes

Athough you are an/have:
Have flat hair days
eat pepperoni
watch black and white films
claim to be sober
make fun of my wawa/train obsession
hate that I call you dad
make me clean your room
and still have a horrible picture of me that you KNOW i hate and still laugh at it each time you see it..
I still love you.

You are my best friend, and I want it to stay that way forever. You mean more to me than ANYONE else I've met or even talked to. For you, I'd do anything. I want to cry, and I am getting sick to my stomach because of the distance between us. I'm not sure if the love I have for you is real love, or just a really strong friendship. But I value that friendship over losing you completely if I were to fuck something up. I won't dare let you go, ever. You are one of the best things to ever happen to me. You're amazing, and hella gorgeous. Who knows, I can't predict the future. But what I can tell you is that, years from now, I'll still be loving you, and if we are in the same boat as we are now, maybe we can find away to make all those dreams we made with each other, real.
Maybe then we can smile at those thoughts we thought together years ago.
Maybe one day we can hold each other everyday

But until then, you'll always always have me, always.
I'll never let you go.
I love you so so so much
And I can't wait to see you again.
You mean the world to me.

"It's like...
"I think of the memories we shared.."
"And all I can do is smile"

Did you ever wish you were somebody else?

"You're a shitty friend" -- emmy
"You say that.. but you still can't give any reasons." -- taylor

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Dear Girl,
It's amazing how nervous you make me

You are freakin' beautiful.
You are by far one of the most amazing girls I have ever come in contact with.

I think its cute that you are terrible at spelling, and act like you're a tough man, and when you wake up your hair is dirty even though you showered the night before. And that when it rains you smell like a wet dog AHAH, no ferreal, you don't I just think it's funny to tease you about it. And that you like to pinch my nipples with the chip bag clips. And try and make me eat cat food. And push me off chairs. And call me retarded and tell me I don't know anything. And that you push me into dirty fountains in philadelphia, aka love park. And how you prank me at 3am telling me to buy your's and jacqui's sausage. And how you tell me I suck at guitar. And that I was an 'ugly" baby. And how you act nice for a second and try and give me a hug but then bite my chest as soon as you get close enough. And that when we are sleeping you pinch me with your toes, and crack mine and I hate it. And how everytime I see you I get a new set of huge bruises. And when were drinking and I look away you pour more alcohol into my drink. Or grab my hip knowing that Im so ticklish there. And push me off the bed.

I miss you when you're not around.

"Maybe it's not too late to make that difference."

Let the people be free

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lifehouse writes:
Your simply fascinating. c:

Posted on: May 4th 2012, 4:45:48pm

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