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"I am not insane. Your imagination just isn't as good as mine."

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Name:   Kisuke
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2009-11-26
Location:   Under your Bed.
Chapter 1.

It was a dark, windy night as Jimmi waited under the old flickering lamppost. He was shaky, constantly checking over his shoulder, as if someone was watching him. The voices were slowly showing up as his medicine wore off. "Where the Hell is he?", he muttered to himself as he looked up and down the street. He scratched at his scraggly beard nervously. Sure, he had grown up on the streets, but tonight something was off, New Orleans seemed colder, darker as if something was going down. Finally, the dim headlights of a 1957 Bel Air broke Jimmi from his thoughts. It stopped in front of him as a familiar voice said, "Hey Jimmi how you been?"

They exchanged greeting after which the voice said, "Get in the car Jimmi." He cautiously approached the car, looking in through the window before getting in. "You sure are jumpy Jimmi. What's the matter?", the man asked. Jimmi just looked out the window, twitching nervously as he remained silent. "Come on Jimmi you can tell me..", said the man. Jimmi knew he could, after all Lil Steve and him had been together as long as he could remember. Unlike Jimmi, Lil steve was a clean-shaven, bald-headed bouncer. HE was extremly muscular and no one dared to mess with him, while Jimmi was this scrawny little toothpick. "It's just..The voices are coming back..", Jimmi muttered as the car pulled into a driveway. Lil Steve sihed as he parked the car, "Again Jimmi? What did i tell you about keeping up with your meds? You know I'm not always gonna be here tog et you back on track.", he said as the men ghot out of the car, heading towards the door of the house they shared. "Yeah, yeah i'll get them in the morning." Jimmi whispered as he looked back, thinking he saw something move in the alleyway across the street. "Nah, I'll go get them. Head on in and get some sleep, the pharmacy is just around the corner.", Lil Steve said before heading off into the night before Jimmi could protest.
Jimmi headed inside and went to his room, laying down on the bed. "He's not coming back. He's gonna leave you Jimmi!" the voices shouted inside of his head. "No..He's coming back..we are brothers for life.." Jimmi argued as he shook his head. But the voices wouldn't stop, the shouting in his head grew stronger until he couldn't take it anymore. He grabbed his head and screamed until he passed out from the pain. The next day he awoke to someone Knocking on the door. "Hey jimmi, you up? It's me Gina", a female voice shouted. He groaned and stumbled out of bed, making his way to the door before opening it slightly. "It's about Lil Steve." she said, "He's dead.."
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