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Name:   RIP_JcBarrett<3
Birthday:   1992-12-23
Joined:   2009-09-05
Hello darling, if you don’t kno me, i’m samantha. i am emo/scene, and bisexual. if you have a problem wiff that, then get off my fukking page! I do say “ooo, that chics hot!” or some shit like that, and if you have a problem wiff that, we prolly won’t get along very well . .

I can be one of the most depressing ppl you will meet. But now that I don’t take my pills anymore, I’m happier. . the only problem is that anything can set me off. I seem to cuss out at least 2 to 3 ppl a day for saying or doing something that irritates me.

. . . . I tend to start liking a new guy every week maybe two, and don’t tend to date many of them. but the only reason is cuz I won’t ask out. They have to ask me out. And you might have to do it quickly or you might loose me, or you have to be really good at keeping me interested. :|its quite bad, and sad.

uhm . .Jc was pronounced dead on November 17, o9. . .he died of an over dose of drugs.(pill popping.) he took some pills, then drank alcohol, passed out on my friends bed. . .and didn't wake up. . .i haven't left the house since i found out, but i'm going to school tomorrow because i made i shirt wiff a quote that he wrote bofre he died and was going to get tattooed.
he was going to get the gates of Heaven, a REAl heart, like a human heart wiff stitches going through it, and this quote he wrote:

The Most Special Person
Can Make You Dizzy,
Like You've Been Drinking
Bacardi And Coke All Morning.

They Can Make You Feel
Full Of The Single Greatest
Commodity Known To Man:

Promise Of A Better Day,
Promise Of A Greater Hope,
Promise Of A New Tomorrow.

This Particular Aura,
Can Be Found In The Gate Of That One Special Person.
In Their Smile,
In Their Soul.
In The Way They Make Every Rotten Little
Thing About Life
Seem Like It's Going To Be

that's going on the front of the shirt. . . and my firend Mogan and i wrote this poem thats going on the back. the shirt is white and is going to be written in blue; his favourite colours. . .

In A Single Blink
Everything And Anything
You’ve Loved
And Never Wanted To Let Go
Is Gone

In That Single Blink
Everything you thought
You Knew
You Loved
You Couldn’t Get Out Of Your Mind
Is No Longer There

The Person You Loath / Love
Through Thick And Thin
Has Disappeared
In A Thick Black Fog. .

Only To Be Remembered
Not Forgotten

We love You,

Rest in Peace<3

i first found out that he died when i was in sixth hour. . i started crying like a little baby in one of my friends arms on the ground. . i didn't believe it. . i was taken out of class for the rest of the day, and was making calls to find out if it was tru. . it was. . . i didn't get to say bye. . i haven't talked to him in four weeks . . and he died. . i still can't believe it. . but i have to stop talking about if before i start to cry again. .

I have blond curly hair NATURALLY, but i die it black, and straighten it. I bleached my hair a while ago, and it completely fukked up my hair. I had to cut it like uber short, but I like how it is now.

i’m a COKE addict;D {coca-cola.} but I seriously am. . . if I don’t have at least one cup of coke a day, I can be a total bitch. . lol. Well I can be a complete and total bitch anyways if you piss me off.




my favourite colours . . . would have to be . . . . the rainbow!! I am seriously and uberly obsessed wiff rainbows. . ask my friend luca:) but one day I wore rainbow striped socks, a rainbow shirt, rainbow belt, rainbow ear rings, a rainbow bow, my make up was rainbow, my nails were too, my necklaces were too, but EVERYTHING was rainbow;) if you kno what I mean. Hah. It is so colourful, and amazing. I have to wear my rainbow belt wiff the pacman ghost on it or I feel a part of me is missing.

I am outgoing, extremely talkative, caring, loyal, a great person to talk to when you are upset. I’ve been told I give amazing advice . . . but idk. I’m very strange, adventurous, and I make a lot of friends.

Music is my life, i live for it. i sing, and have been since i was five. I can change my voice to almost any chic singer if she is in my range. And some guys if they are too.

i am the kind of person that just randolmy adds you out of nowhere and for no reason. so if you don’t want to add me, don’t. but if you want to add me, that a whole different story, I’ll add you if you don’t look too old or creepy. xD

Add me on myspace. Ask for my url or name,its not under samantha.


Have a Good Day, Lovelies. <3
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