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The greatest thing for you to learn is to love and be loved in return.

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Name:   .xтιn.
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I'm Just Me. No Labels. ;)

I don't care what you say, just say it to my face, please. Anyway! I'm Jhayleen Genevieve, or as some, very littly know me as, Genn Aisaka. Just a random thing that I came up with, and I do that a lot. I'm 11 years old, so what, you think I'm to young for you, big kids? Think again. I'm more mature than I appear.. If that makes sense. I'm taken, and by who? Thea. Been with her since o619'o9, and I've never been so happy. You can't have her either >:). I'm not Bi, or Lesbian.. Or Straight, of course. I'm always me, myself, genn. I know what it means, so cut your crap, or I'll do it myself. If you don't know what ME is, look it up, and afterwards don't you dare go saying that's what you are, because you're probably just lieing to fit in with the rest of us, and that's the dumbest thing you could do. I listen to way to much music, and its always way, way, to loud. I'm probably at very high risk of the lovely thing we call hearing damage. And honestly, that hasn't even stopped me from listening to my music the way I do. If its not loud, its just irritating! :D I love kawaii things, blue, of course, Anime, Pikachu, Pachirisu, YugiMoto, all that. I love Mirumo, Pokemon, Naruto, Mamotte! Lollipop. If someone ever calls me scene, it better be to my face... I am NOT scene, or emo, or any of that. I am just me, I may put pics of scene, or emo, but I'm NOT, okay.. I'm NOT. Truthfully I don't like kids who are scene or emo, most of they are stuck up preps, or just sympathetic losers with no life. I will say, I have scene & emo friends, but they're different than most of your average scene & emo kids, kay? I'm not against them, I just don't like most of them. I don't like bugs either, I've had terrible experiences with them.. All.. I hate liars, copy cats, poseurs, fakes, ect. My favourite singer is Miranda Cosgrove. Don't like her? Don't tell me about it, because I don't care. I hate it when people insult me to their friends, or insult other people to other people, if that makes sense at all. If you can't tell it to their face, just shut the hell up, okay? Its worse to keep it behind the person's back. - Ever heard this phrase? " The quiet ones are the worst to mess with. " - Believe it, I'm a quiet one, & not to pretty when I'm pissed. I usually don't cuss ( on my profile ) But I just don't care, anymore. I'm not a good girl, troublesome, I will backtalk whoever I want too, & everything else. I'm no angel. But I'm not a devil. I'm talking to much, aren't I? Good, you'll learn alot about me. :) I'm originally from Philippines, but I'm mixed with English, Chinese, European, & Filipino. That's all I know I have in me, so anything else is just as new to me as it is to you. :D I make alot of little faces when I talk, and tend to give late replies due to laziness.. I'm a slacker, and I could care less what the others think. My bedroom.. Not suitable for humanity.. Only me, & my cute lil kitty cat can stand it, which is awesome, because no one bothers me while I'm reading! . Okay, well, this is getting to long, & I'm getting bored, your probably asleep, but Idc.. Add me. ;)

Okay, So What Do You Like?

What do I like? Anime, of course. We should talk about that! I love.. ABSOLUTLEY love Naruto. Best anime ever in my opinion. I like Pokemon, Mamotte Lollipop, La Corda D'oro, Mirumo, Shakugan No Shana, Tora Dora, Shugo Chara, Inuyasha, Digimon, Ect, I love Miranda's song About You Now. Umm, I can't remember the artists' names, how professional am I? Hehe, but I love their songs, A Thousand Miles, & Pretty Boy. They are two different people btw. Umm ;; I like ... cats, I love a lot, haha. :D Or like.. But oh well! Umm ;; Taylor Swift is really good. oh!, most deffinetly, love them like I do Anime, but love ANIME way, way more. I like music, let's put it that way.

Let's Talk Contactation. :O

Friendster ;; I have two......

My real one; ;don't add this, don't even view it...

I don't wanna be myself once so I made this... ;add this one

Yahoo, new & updated, other one was hacked.. I think, I can't get on it,

Gmail, same as always, never have changed it, well, have but always went back;

Gaia, not on it as much anymore like I used to be, but I check in time from time,

That's all I can think of, got an account you want me join? Tell me, and I'll think about it! ;D

Time For Idols, Heroes, Inspirations & More! Roflroflrofl... :D

For the first, Thea.. My twin sissy, my music, my stars. She may not be anywhere near where I live.. But she's in my heart, and she's always going to be there. <3 I love her.

Anam, of course. My make-up artist, I should say. I go to her when I'm stressed of something serious, maybe not so serious, a death of an animal I loved dearly was a serious thing for me though. Hah. Anam, your like a sister to me, & I say that alot, to alot of people, but when I say it.. I mean it.

Mae Anne, you are water.. No doubt, there's just something about you. It's like your water, I can't live without you. Nothing has EVER torn me from you.

Clucille, we don't talk much, and I guess that's the time differences.. Maybe? Idk. But I've known you for a while now. Your one of the people I honestly look up to in life, your a hero, an idol, an inspiration, your everything.

Jan, outgoing, funny, sweet, and everything else. Your really fun to be around, and you always keep me in mind, and I really, really love that about you. Makes me smile when I think about it, what an awesome friend you are, and I think you know that. ;)

Anyone else that's not on here.. Just talk to me more, & I'll add you, that's the only way your getting on. ;3

What Do You Not Like .. ?

I really hate copycats, posers, fakes, liars, preps, rude people all that.. But out of that all.. I hate the fake, the poser, & the copycats most ... But copycat mostly out of it ALL. People think of my as a copying machine, I guess.. You just see my profile, & you seem to " grab a copy " do you get what I'm saying? It works out pretty well in that area if I say so myself. But that doesn't matter .. COPYCATS .. Just GET A LIFE.. One BETTER than the one you've got, because copying people will get you know where, if you have no originality, FIND IT and don't FIND OTHER'S. We don't like to be copied from, so screw off, & get your own originality, how would you like it if someone started copying you? Its not the greatest feeling.

She Deserves This More Than Anyone Else..

Thea, my loving, caring girlfriend. Even though you deserve way more than what I have to offer, you still chose me.. ;) Even though I can't always be there for you, but neither can you.. We still make it through somehow. You are my light, you are my everything, you have my heart .. & baby.. I don't EVER want it back. ;) I hope you know, that your mine & I don't ever want to share you. Your the reason I stay up all nights, the reason I try to get up early. Time tears us apart, but we always go back together. ^.^ Like a two puzzle peices connected together by a magnet or something. If that makes sense. I love you. ♥

Take Your Jelousy Else Where .. >:(

I know it'll probably never happen again. But if your that jelous of me, as in.. My looks.. Tell me. Don't steal my pictures. & Don't bother trying to take them off from photobucket, you'll never find them, unless someone's got my pictures on their account, which is the most unlikely thing in the world, I'm very uncommon, unknown, unpopular, but on here.. Everyone knows who I am, & if I tell them to not believe you .. They won't, because everyone knows who I am on here, at least.. Most people do.. So tell me .. Don't take my pictures, I don't see why anyone would.. & If you can't take my pictues because my name's on it.. Don't make a damn account saying your me without pictures, stupidest thing to do.. Ever.. So shut up & leave me alone, I don't like posers.. >:( & I hate it when people are jelous of me! I find it very unappealing, & very insulting.


One more thing & You can go. You can STOP copying me, right now! Its insulting, unnapealing, stupid, retarded.. Oh wait .. You wouldn't care about me insulting you.. But for you all.. If your reading this.. Stop taking my originality, or trying to .. Screw you, okay.. Screw you! Use your own damn originality, I want to keep mine, its not for sell, or for damn give away, get a life, and I mean a better one.

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