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Name:   xSamLoveCookiex
Birthday:   1997-04-20
Joined:   2009-04-24
Location:   somewhere <3
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Love notes for all my loves:


Nikky; my beautiful angel
I love you and you are like a sister from another mother. But no matter what, no matter what we both go through, I'll always love you and you will always be remembered in my heart. I know you are now not in this world anymore, but you're in a more better place with a lot of people from the past who loves you as much as I do. I remembered when we started talking one night, it was the most memorable and loved moment in my life. Cause I knew that day, that I have met an angel that was like a sister to me. Even though you're in Heaven now as one of God's angels watching over all of us who loves you so much, you will always be in my heart, remembered and loved truly. You make me one of the happiest girls on earth. You are amazing and kind and thoughtful. I miss you so much and I hope you're now helping God watching over us all. You're the best, Nikky luff. I love you and miss you.

Izzy; my luff bestie
Izzy since the day we met, I have loved you so much. You are my sister and you are the best. From all of the times we shared, happy times most of all, you have supported me through all my tough problems. When I need to talk, you were there to listen. When I was troubled, you were the one to save me. You are truly beautiful inside out. Your heart is made of gold and you are such an amazing girl. No wonder you have lots of friends. Cause you are nice, sweet, loving and caring. You are the one who I can always depend on. You are amazing, luff. You help me through thick and thin, rough or smooth and everything in my life. You're one of the reasons that my life is finally complete and in peace. Thank you for being a wonderful best friend that I can always rely on.I love you forever&&always. And that's a promise I will never break.

Krissy; my favorite cookie in the whole world
Krissy you make me so happy that right now, I want to jump around saying "I LOVE TENTEN SO EFFIN MUCH!!!" You are wonderful and I don't ever want to lose you. You are the sweetest person that I have met and you make me happy. I remembered the night when I met you. We were just talking and we just started to become friends. We talk till late night and my mom started getting mad cause I didn't want to leave the computer to talk to you. But that night I thought, "She's my best friend and always will be." I just met you and I already loved you with all my heart, cookie. And when I don't talk to you, I really miss you so much and kept hoping you would go online soon and just say "Hi" to me and make me happy for the whole day. You are wonderful and sweet, TenTen. I love you, luff. You mean the whole world to me.

Mary; my dahling girl
MARY! Oh my God, you are different from most girls that I have called my best friends. You are girly and I'm not much of a girly person. But you, you are sweet and really nice. Even in the holidays you talk to me and it means a lot. I just knew you but you're a cool person. You're nice to talk to and pretty cool. We talk about pets and other stuff but it just seems interesting to me. You are cool and sweet. I love you and you are one of my best friends after all.

Nada; my ah-mazing graphic designer babe
Nada you are sweet and caring. No other Nada or anyone named Nada can ever replace you in my heart. You're always there to help me out and tell me stuff to teach me about graphic designing. You're always so supportive towards everyone and always so helpful. I love you and always will. If you're my Mandy then I'll be your Miley. If you're my Selena then I'll be your Demi. I love you so much Nada and I could never bear to lose you. I love you <33 You're awesome, babe. You can be everything I ever wanted. We have some similarities. We both ADORE graphic design and you're AWESOME. Did I mention that? ;) I don't want to lose you (EVER!). :D ILY <33


You are the most amazing person I know. When I first got in grade 1 in my new school, I had no friend, some bullied me. But you were there to accompany me. In 4th grade, I got teased until I cried, you were there to stand up for me and cheer me up. In 5th and 6th grade you helped me got through my first heart-break (its still going on until now) and was always there for me to stand up for me and always make me happy. From 1st until, now, the 7th grade, you've always been there for me through thick and thin. We're more like sisters, even my mom says so. I love you and I will never EVER forget you. :D I can always depend on you. From the day we first met, you were the nicest one to me and we went through some of the same challenges and experiences in life. Every time we have a problem, we tell each other everything. We had our first heart-break and lots of crushes. We promised to be honest with each other and we always are. <333333

Beverly; Friends? Best Friends? OHYEAH
In 1st grade you weren't so nice to me. But each day as we grow older and wiser, I learned to make friends and forgive people. And for that, we're closer than ever. Our moms are close and cause us to be close. We are complete opposites. We are both smart, as teachers said, but we are no enemies who compete. We don't show-off or do anything horrible. You are neat, special and beautiful. You are awesome :D Coming home from school with you, we talk, I trust you and so do you. We tell each other secrets. It's great having a friend like you. ILY <3

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