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What started it all...

Sweat mixed with dirt and tears fell down Aniki’s face. She was chained to a wall in a dark musty dungeon. The iron handcuffs dug into her wrists and she strained against the chains. "Bastard!" she screamed at the man standing over her best friend. Yoko’s pretty white hair was mangled and bloody, her eyes wide, cold, and lifeless. A silent scream played on her mouth.

The dark man started for Aniki. "No! Stay away!" she shrieked. She jerked against the chains in a futile effort to get away from him. She couldn’t see his face, for it was covered in shadow. She screamed as he raised the long, silver sword. There was a dull thud, and the world turned black.

Noriko walked down the hallway as fast as she could. She was going to be late on her first school. She put a cautious hand around her books. There were just so many of them… she was so enrapt in holding her books that she slammed into someone from behind.

"Hey! Watch it!" a girl’s voice, said. Woah! Total emo-chick.

"Ah I’m sorry!" she stuttered. "I just got lost in thought, and then I ran into you, but you already know that!"

She panicked. The girl looked pissed, but a boy put an arm around her waist. "Don’t get angry Akira, it was obviously an accident." He said.

The girl flushed bright red. "I wasn’t going too…" she said. She quickly regained her composure. She tossed her short black hair and said, "Its okay, I guess." She crossed her arms over her chest.

"Just don’t go slamming into anyone else dressed like us." The boy said, smiling warmly. Noriko flushed. The boy’s bangs fell over his eyes as he grinned. He was cute, but she wasn’t terribly attracted to him.

"Okay," she managed, and walked away. "So, that’s the new girl, huh?" the boy said. "I don’t really give a shit one way or the other." The girl said. "Hey, you need to watch your mouth." The boy said, frowning slightly. The girl threw her hands in the air. "Honestly Kisuke! Why do I hang out with you?! Your such a nicey nice guy!" she said.

Noriko walked into her first hour classroom and looked up at the clock. “Five minutes before class and the teacher isn’t here, must be some irresponsible lazy-ass”

A deep voice behind her said, “I am not an ass, I’m in fact a human. Although I am fairly lazy.” It startled her and she fell backward right into his arms, staring into his beautiful blue-green eyes.

A light blush crossed her face as she struggled up out of his arms. But he grabbed her and pulled her face close to his, “don’t I get an apology for your snarky comment?” He takes his finger and pulls up her chin to have her eyes meet his, “I will accept your body as payment, miss…what’s your name?”

“Noriko Konsuki.” She says pushing away from him, “And you are?”

“Jin, Jin Inoue. Age 21. Birthday June 15. Star sign Gemini. Sexuality-straight but I’ll bend if it’s to the girls liking. And also the teacher of this very interesting class” A sexy smile played across his face, “So about my payment?”

She just stared at him for a while trying to figure out if he was being serious. Total Pervert, she thought to herself. She tried to give him a fierce glare but found that if she looked into his handsome eyes she lost all focus. She ended up just looking at him like a lovesick puppy dog. She lost track of time.

“Miss Konsuki so you have something to say?” he eyed her with one eyebrow raised.

Without thinking she blurted out, “Your pretty.” Her hands quickly move up to her mouth.

"That’s very flattering but would you kindly take your seat with the rest of the class?" he said turning away pulling a hand up to cover the light blush that appeared on his face. Noriko turned around to see the whole class was already seated and staring at them. Her already pink face turned crimson. She sat down quickly, stumbling as she walked to her desk.

She sat down next to a brunette boy. She leaned over and whispered to him anxiously, "How long have you guys been siting here?!" she asked.

The boy looked up and grinned, "Long enough," he said.

Oh no he had green eyes and green eyes were Noriko’s weak spot. This boy’s eyes rivaled even the teachers. "Hey. I’m Yuji Fujiwana," he said.

She tried to say his name out loud but it sounded weird.

"Yeah, I know, my name is weird," he said.

"Okay class," the adorable teacher said standing up. "My name is Mr. Inoue. I’d like to bring to attention an issue that has arisen. So, Akira Utada, and Noriko Konsuki, would you please stand up?"

"What’d I do?" Noriko asked, confused.

"I swear I didn’t do it!" Akira said standing up. The teacher leaned against the white board and folded his arms across his chest.

"So, is that your guys natural hair colors?" He was referring to how Noriko’s hair was pure white and Akira had a purple streak in hers. The class burst into laughter.

"Heck yeah it is!" Noriko shouted over the class. "I’ll show you my baby pictures to prove it!" she said blushing.

"Okay, so it’s her natural color. Now Akira there is no way that yours could be natural." he asked coolly.

"Its not, my hair is naturally purple, I die it black to make it more balanced. And to you its Miss Utada!" she said.

"Why should I respect you when you obviously don’t respect me?" Mr. Inoue said, not taking his eyes off Akira. Akira walked up to him, her jeans swishing around her ankles. She raised her hand and placed it on the pressure point in his neck. "What’re you--?" she gently pressed her left ring finger to the point. "Owe. Owe. Owe. Owe. Owe." He said, his knees bending. "This my friends, is called a pressure point. At this point, I could do just about anything to him."

"Okay, you’ve made your point. You’re very seductive…"

"And?!" Akira interrupted.

"And you want to have your way with me..."

"What!" she said, pressing the point harder.

"Okay! I’ll respect you! I give!"

Akira let go, and turned and grinned at Noriko, giving her a rock-on sign. Noriko returned the sign, obviously confused. She walked back to her seat, just behind Yuji.

Kisuke frowned slightly, but his eyes twinkled, in a sort of smile.

"Okay class, simmer down." Mr. Inoue said. "Now its time to learn something." There was a large moan from the class. "Oh come on its not that bad." A paper ball hits him. "Ok fine, learning is boring, but we have to do it. If we don’t I get fired. End of story."

"Well!" Akira said, clapping her hands together. "Let’s get this show on the road!"

Yuji turned to Noriko. "That means she likes the teacher, and wants to keep him as her eye-candy." He said, grinning.

Noriko blushed; a cute boy was talking to her. She had never talked to a cute boy at her old school simply because there were none her age. Kisuke and Akira grinned. Akira tapped Yuji on the shoulder.

"What is it?" she whispered something in his ear, and he turned bright red. "Oh shut up Akira. Like your any better. Why not just go out with Kisuke? You know your going to end up with him." Yuji said.

Kisuke turned red, but Akira remained the same. "Oh well, if I going to be with him in the end, why not enjoy myself now?" she shot back. Noriko watched in awe. She didn’t know punks and jocks interacted like this.

Why was high school so hard? Noriko wondered. Noriko had graduated high school at the age or ten and college by 14. She had a complete photographic memory and could remember every thing told to her. Her parents wanted her to have a ‘social life’ with her ‘peers.’ So this is where she ended up.

Noriko’s mind had wandered off into the past and Yuji was waving his hand in front of her face. "Hellllloooo…Norrrrr…ikoooo …." He said.

"Oh! Sorry!" she said. "What were you saying Fujiwana?"

"Call me Yuji," he said.

Noriko flushed, and Kisuke said, "We want to know if you want to go eat out with us at lunch. Our school lets us go anywhere for lunch, its really cool." He said, his dark bangs falling over his eyes.

Akira reached up, and absentmindedly brushed them away. "Well, do you want to go or not Nory?" She said.

"What? What's with the nickname?" Noriko asked.

"I dunno, sounds cool though, huh?" Akira said, grinning.

"Wow, your lucky. Akira wants to be your friend. Man, now I’m not the only ‘chosen one’" Kisuke said, smiling sweetly.

"What about me?" Yuji said, "Am I not your friend A-Kay?" Then he puppy-dog pouted.

"Not if you call me A-Kay again," Akira said more puppy-dog pout from Yuji. "You know that doesn’t work but you are my friend. Happy now?"

Yuji laughed, "Sure I guess I’m happy, it doesn’t really matter to me. So…Noriko, are you coming?"

"I don’t know," Noriko said.

"Oh Nory why not come? What do you have to lose except your virginity, and Yuji wouldn’t do that…. To his friend," Akira smirked.

Yuji and Noriko turned beat red. "How do you know I’m still a virgin?" Noriko demanded.

"Women’s intuition." She grinned. Yuji’s mouth was hang wide open, his gaze distant.

"Stop thinking perverted thoughts Yuji!" Kisuke said.

"I’M NOT!" Yuji said. "And anyway she’s right I wouldn’t do that, but Kisuke sure as hell would!" he said.

"What?! To who?! Tell me, tell me, tell me, tell me." Akira said. Kisuke turned bright red. She jumped up and down in front of him, "Come on! Tell me!" she squeaked Yuji grinned evilly. "I think I know who." He smirked.

"Yes," Noriko said.

They all looked at her confused. "Huh?" The all said. They had completely forgot where they had started.

"I’ll eat with you." Noriko said still trying to forget what Akira had said about Yuji. She didn’t want to be a pervert. He had been the first boy her age that had ever been nice to her. Ok, well the only hot one. She wondered to herself whether this feeling she was getting was teenage love? Did she have a crush? This was uncharted territory for her.

"Yes!" Akira exclaimed.

"Um, excuse me?" Mr. Inoue said sarcastically. "If you guys don’t mind, were gonna interrupt your discussion for class. Gee, thanks your so kind." He finished. "That’s what I’d say if you guys were in charge here. Now sit down Akira!" he ordered. Akira threw him one of her looks, the ones that made you feel like shriveling up and dying. Mr. Inoue held her gaze for a moment. "Something you want to say?" he asked

Akira lifted her hand, as if to press his pressure points again. "Okay! Just Sit Down MISS UTADA!" He said raising both hands.

"I was just kidding. You can call me Akira." She said rolling her eyes.

So Mr. Inoue started class. He talked about how they were going to learn about Japan first. He went into explaining Japanese literature. He told them about one story in particular, Memories, a tale that had been lost for many years after it had been written. By the time it was found, many of the passages were too faded to read. Yet Mr. Inoue insisted that the pages remaining were very well written.

Noriko was too busy analyzing the last twenty minutes in her head to pay attention too much attention, although the story sounded interesting. Plus it would be good to research about Japan since she was of Japanese heritage. She looked over to Akira, Kisuke, and Yuji. Yuji was doodling, Akira was staring at Mr. Inoue blissfully, and Kisuke was sleeping. The bell rang, and Noriko looked down at her class list. Her next class was study hall with Mr. Inoue.

None of her ‘friends’ moved. "Does that mean you guys have this study hall too?" she asked them?

"Um Hmm." Yuji said, finishing his doodle.

Akira poked Kisuke in the side. "Jeez, he’s out cold. And I thought he was a goody two-shoes." She said laughing. "Wake up Kisuke!" Kisuke yawned and stretched his arms.

"Is school over yet?" Kisuke asked.

"No Kisuke its study hall time." Akira said.

"Well then why did you wake me up? I was having such a good dream."

"Was it about Akira?" Yuji asked.

"NO!" Kisuke quickly replied his face turning red.

"Something makes me think your lying." Yuji grinned.

"So…this is it?" Mr. Inoue said out of nowhere, "Just eight of you high-schoolers?"

The four looked around "Ohhh," Akira gasped clasping her hands together, "senior guys!" she squealed.

Akira was referring to the three boys that had come in. While she was staring at them with a small smile. Kisuke was looking at them with his ‘come any closer and you won’t see tomorrow’ look. Akira walked up to one of the guys, who was wearing all black. "Hey." She said.

Kisuke walked up and put an arm on Akira’s shoulder. "How is it going?" he asked warmly, but his eyes weren’t smiling at all.

The boy had held out his hand to shake Akira’s but now pulled it back and ran it through his hair. "Sup, my name is Chad. These are my friends." He pointed at the other two boys. Noriko looked up to see these boys but quickly put her head down. She had known one of the boys for when she had been in 2nd grade at the age of five. His name was Alphonse and he had always teased her.

"What wrong? Say hi Nory." Kisuke said, not aware of the situation at hand.

"Nory, as in Noriko?" Alphonse said, turning, "Do I know you?" he asked.

"We had second grade together," she said.

"Oh yeah! That was you!" he exclaimed. "I had the biggest crush on you!"

Noriko turned red and Yuji looked up from his doodle. "Man I had good taste when I was younger. You turned out to be so fine. How bout you come with me after school and I’ll show you a good time."

Yuji stood up and stood between the boy and Noriko. "Sorry but she is hanging out with us after school. And if you ever bug her again, I’m going to find you!"

"Don’t forget us," she said pointing to her and Kisuke.

"Yep we are here to defend Nory, too!" Kisuke said.

"I was just kidding, anyway who would what some stuck-up college graduate?" With that the three boys went and sat down on the other side of the room.

All the blood drained from Noriko’s face. "Huh?" Akira said, still pointing at Kisuke, "Okay, your doing my homework." Was all she said.

"That’s it? You’re not mad that I didn’t tell you?" Noriko asked.

"Nah, she doesn’t care." Kisuke said.

"Well I do, but I figure you have your reasons." She shrugged.

Yuji’s mouth was wide open. "So just how smart are you?"

Noriko smiled, "Bill Gates does not have anything on me!"

Akira was confused, "Isn’t it ‘aint got nothin’?"

"Do you know how grammatically incorrect that is?" Noriko said matter-of-factly.

"Yep she’s smartical!" Akira said.

Noriko grinned. "Yay, I’m not alone anymore." And from that day on they were fast friends.

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