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Hello and welcome to Twilighters For Eternity, one of the latest Twilight clubs on G-G. If you've stumbled across this page accidentally and you like Twilight (the books, the movies, the characters - whatever!) then don't hesitate to come join us! As you can probably see, we're a little low on members, so we'd love some more! If you don't like Twilight, however, that's completely fine! Just leave this page, and no one will ever know :) Please do not flame Twilight here. Yes, I get that you have your own opinion, and yes, you have the right to express it, but I am asking you quite kindly not to do it on a pro-Twilight club. I'm sure there are many other anti-Twilight clubs you can go and vent. Anyway, I'm sure many of you are thinking "Oh, no, not another dumb Twilight club!" but wait just one second, don't click that x! We are not just another Twilight club. When we get some members here, we'll have all sorts of fun things and heaps of Twilight saga goss. I'm planning on making a TFE role-play, because not many of the roleplayers on other accounts are active. Know what I mean? But no offence to them. There's also going to be things like newsletters, contests, games and much more. So what are you waiting for? Join now!

Welcome to the membership section of our page! Just to let you know, with the membership there's going to be points. Everytime you get a certain amount of points, you go up a level. There are 7 levels - human, werewolf, 'beta' werewolf, 'alpha' werewolf, vampire, the Cullens and the Volturi. To get points, you need to be active in the club, participate in polls, games and contests and when you log in everyday say "______ (your name) is an active member of TFE!" and you will get 20 points. With the contests and such, the number of points you earn depends on how well you did it. Now, to become a member just fill out this form. You will all start with 0 points.
Name: (Your REAL name)
Birthdate: (dd/mm/yyyy)
Favourite character in the Twilight saga:
Favourite book/movie in the Twilight saga:
Why do you love Twilight?

If you are a member, participating in the poll will earn you 15 points :)
Which of the following Eclipse stills excites you the most? (Click on the avi to see the full pic)


Kirby (iammrscullen)

Edward Cullen
Breaking Dawn
I love it because it's different from other vampire books and it shows that you don't have to be the prettiest girl in the world to geat a great boyfriend.
Human (15 points)

(under co.)
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