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I always get this sick...Lost feeling in my stomach...

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Name:   |lost|naruto|Ranking:   --
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Name:   |lost|naruto|
Birthday:   1994-04-08
Joined:   2007-11-30
Location:   alone

Not much to say I guess...I like ramen...I can be very hyper..But there's another side to me to..



╚╩═╩╝╚╩╝╚╩══╝╚╝╚══╝ Remember the name!!!

(='.'=) This is Bunny. Put him on your
(")_(") homepage and help him on his

Ok so Sasuke is KINDA hot

Everyone hurts once in a while but the good news is we can always count on friends or loved ones so please don't be like these try to be happy.Otherwise you dont only hurt yourself but you hurt the ones that care about you as well so smile ^_^ And if you have no one I am here for you even though i dont know you.I still wish to help you through tough times cuz its hard to deal with stuff when your alone(Trust me i know i grew up as a foster kid and i always felt alone)
-_My advice_-
Advice #1:DO NOT i repeat DO NOT get a girl mad (Its scary!!)
Advice #2: Please do not act a different gender if your a boy stay a boy (trust me it dose ya some good!)
Advice #3:Treat your pet bunny thinggy with love and care
Advice #4:DO NOT MESS WITH DOGS!!(They are just as scary as the girls O_O;)
Advice #5:Adults are big mouths o.o; (Ok so its not advice but a fact but eh whose counting XD)
The real Advice #5:Ummm Errrrr If your not a cat lover...Stay away from cats! (Thats all i can say on that one!)
Advice #6:Wow i never knew someone could fly so far O_O Oh the advice thing right ummm dont mess with kakashi?
Advice #7: Fangirls are freaky
A SWEET STORY:Here is a story for all you yaoi fans and for all you yaoi haters it is a LIGHT yaoi story with no kissing or any contact like that so enjoy ^^;
|Title:No one wants to be alone|
Sasuke was walking to the store one quiet night when he happen to glance at an empty field. And standing right in the middle of the field was the blond also known as Naruto.Sasuke stared at naruto for a little while what is he doing?Sasuke thought.Naruto didnt budge from his spot he just kept his feet and eyes glued to a bird. Sasuke thought nothing more of it and walked to the store but when he got back he found Naruto in the same spot watching the same bird.Now irritated Sasuke walked up to naruto to ask him what he was doing until he saw another bird fly up to the bird naruto was watching. Seeing the two birds naruto turned to leave. "Hey dope what were you doing?" Sasuke asked.Naruto stoped walking and said "Oh..That bird was lonely so i thought i could hang around with it..Now seeing that the bird has found someone to hang with im not needed here.." Sasuke looked at naruto. "What do you mean?" Sasuke asked. "I mean...No one deserves to be alone." Naruto said. As he started to walk again.Sasuke bit his lower lip and he called after naruto "Hey dope...How would you like to come over for dinner?"
Naruto turned and smiled "HAI!" (Yes!) Naruto shouted happily.

Thanks for takeing the time to look at my profile ^_^ I really did work hard on it thanks again and i hope we can be friends!

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