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>> This is my Manga Page <<

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Name:   *˩ʋиα ´s manga page*
Birthday:   1993-01-13
Joined:   2010-05-15

Hi to every one!!! Thank you that you visit this page!!
This page is my "Manga/Drawings Page"

it means that i´ll show you some of my drawings
and a little bit of my current manga here

(my manga is called: Wake Up Chaos)
well, i don´t want to write too much about it XDD
so i´ll give you a shortly summary of the beggining:

There´s a 15-years-old girl who´s called Yume.
she has got a little brother called Hirao.
It´s the first day of school and Hirao´s first
day at Yume´s school.

Yume is very shy and she doesn´t talk much
she also never smiles and she hasn´t got many friends
but on this day they got a new student at Yume´s class.
His name is Jchiru and he is the bad-boy-type nobody
wants to handle with

Heiji who´s also in this class immediately wants to be
Ichirus friend who accepts it (more or less)
Both of them have supernatural powers
(which i won`t tell u now XDD)
and they can sense people who are different like them.

Ichiru isn´t sure about what he senses but if
he´s right then Yume should also have a supernatural power
(each person has got one power)
They decide to follow her and check if she´s like them
but Yume notices that her brother is bullied and she
stands between some really bad guys and her brother,
therefore she got slapped into her face.
Ichiru and Heiji who watched it beat up the bad guys
ok that´s the beginning... everything i wrote
is happening in the first chapter XD

here are the characters:




maguri (he appears starting from chapter 4)

this is one full page of my manga

and here are some other pictures:

this is when yume gets slapped

and some pictures choosed from all existing chapters (only 4 till now)

there are some pics of my 2 older mangas (Asked & Purple Phoenix)
Asked was a ninja manga and Purple Phoenix a magician manga

This Pic is the "bird´s nest" (Purple Phoenix, the base of the magicians)

This are some Funny Faces from all of the 3 Mangas

now, here are some other picz i drew

this one is one of my newest

i like this one, too, but it´s older now...

haha this is from....i think 2009 ?? XDD i don´t know
it´s an Purple Phoenix special XDD
aaah i got it it´s from december 2008 XD

this is a pic of yume and ichiru (but i don´t really like it)
i don´t like yume´s face on that pic....well...anyway, it´s old

hmm this guy looks japanese, doesn´t he? XDD
well, it was not on purpose XDDD

OMG oldie oldie oldie XDD but it´s still cute XDDD
it also was a purple phoenix special XDD

and this one is from this year...i made it for the bleach fan club

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chihiro. writes:
Did you draw these? There amazing!

Posted on: Jul 15th 2011, 12:45:35pm

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