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This is me
AGE: 18

My Boyfriend

AGE: 19

~~~My Life Before The Nightmere Happened~~~
Me: (writing in my dairy) -Dear Dairy, I am laying down in bed, perfectly happy after spending the day with my family...Kiya was talking to that cat demon Zeek again after daddy said not 2, and when he left 2-day he looked pretty annoyed and I didn't Like the look in his eyes, but I'll find out what he was mad about tomorrow I'm awfuly tired now so going to bed) *puts the dairy under my pillow and lays my head down and falls asleep quickly*
Inu: *trying 2 shake me awake* baby girl..??!! you have 2 hurry and get up now..!!!
Me: *hears him and groans, but sits up and rubs my eyes open* daddy..?? what's wrong..?? it's the middle of the night...*opens my eyes more and sees my mom holding kiya and Koga right outside my door, i turn back and look at my father* what is happening..??
Inu:*smiles kindly and trys 2 act like everything is fine* you, your bother and sister are going to stay with Mia know who she is right baby..?? *softly tucks a lose piece of hair behind my ear and then softly rubs my cheek*
Me: *nods but sp sleepy and confused* she's huh..Kiya's bestfriend right daddy..??
Inu: *chuckles softly, but his eyes are watering and have such a sad look to them* tea baby..that's the one...
~~~~A Huge Fire And Bang Comes From The Woods All Of A Sudden~~~~
Inu: *jerks his head to the window and yanks me out of bed and grabs Koga and throws him on his back and then grabs mommy's hand and pulls us quickly from my room and out to the opposite side of the woods, closer to the river and sets me and Koga down and looks at us sadly*
Koga: why can't i stay and help dad..??!!!
Inu: this is to big a job for you son, your sisters need you more than I do..and I and your mother with be right back with you guys when we can..
Me: *looks around and fully sees for the 1st time that we are under attack* daddy..?? we are not going to stay with Mia just for a vist are we..?? o_o
Inu: *bends down to me and holds my face in his hands* no are not just visting have to stay with her till we make is safe enough for us to bring you guys back.. *turns and looks at Miya and sees her holding onto Kiya and has her head buried into Kiya's head and can tell they are both sobbing from there bodies shaking and stands up and walks over to her and wraps his arms around both of them* it's only for a little while...we will all be back together before you know it...we just have to make sure you guys are safe...
Miya: *nods* i know..but sweetheart....they are just childern, and Kiya is so young...she doesn't understand why are are leaving her.. *looks up at Inu with a tear streaked face*
Inu: *kisses her tears away* but she will, well be with them again soon, i would send you with them, but will need your healing powers
Miya: *nods again* i know this..*bends down and gentlely lays Kiya in Koga's arm and them bend down and hugs me, Koga and Kiya tightly and kisses us softly* we'll be back..don't worry..
Inu: *bends down and wraps his arms around all of us and hugs and kisses everyone, then slowly stands and draws Miya up with him* we'll be back.. we promise it.. *smiles at us and turns to leave*
Kiya:*crying* i want my wolfy..the one mama gave me..!!
Miya;*hears her and runs back and gets it then starts to run back*
~~~~A Huge Fireball Was Behind Miya Before She Even Knew What Hit her~~~~
Inu: *stare at her with a look of horror and runs at her trying to save her*
Miya: *was hit and light up and quickly started to fade, yet she must have been is pain..she stared at us all with a loving, peaceful look on her face*
Inu: *runs back to us and pushes us to the woods with a look like that of a mad man and also a twisted, pained look on his face* take care of each other, Kiba Is Waiting in the woods, find him and run as fast as you can and no turning back or even looking matter what you far as any cat demons know...the whole Inu's Wplf Pack was Murdered this night..not a soul lived..understood..?? o_o
Koga:*crying softly and nods and takes my hand and holds Kiya tightly and runs into the forest*
~~~~Be At The Pack's Base~~~~
Inu: You have taken everything from me....!!! you took my friends, brother, siters, everyone, then you took my wife, and as if that was not have taken my last reason for childern...!!! I've never once called apon a war on you...I've been your friend, and you have turned your back on me and forced me to sit back and watch you kill my your 1st act of kindness and take my life as well....!!! if you are cold hearted enough to kill babies and women..then surely you have no fear in killing a man who shall not lay a finger to stop you...!!!
~~~~Cat Demon Coming From Everywhere~~~~
Inu: *sees them and closes his eyes softly and smiles kindly at the thought of being with my mother again* but 1ft my gentlemen...i might what i said of mot laying a finger on you...but it only seems far that i take the life who is to blame for killing my wife..?? as all who wife was the kindest, most beautiful angel that ever did live, and i take it to be the worse sin thought of for someone to kill her..allow me to kill the one that killed her..then you may kill me...
Cat Demon: *steps foward* It was I who killed the mutt..
Inu: *switchs forms in the blink of a eye and flings himself at the man's throat and bites into it so deeply the neck bone breaks and he lets him go and turn back to his human form* now you may kill me.....
Sook: As the leader..i'll grant you the chance to say your last words before we kill you..see..?? we can show kindness after all..???
Inu: *closes his eyes and bows to Sook* It would seen you can *closes his eyes again and looks to the sky and speaks to softly for any cat demons to hear his words* My love....I'll be with you very I've said...i can't live in a world where you no longer exist...and as I've also was a sin for you to be killed...I've killed the man who had so wrongly taken your forgive me for given up and leaving our childern..i know they need us, but for something as pure as you to be was much more than i can handle....i mean if we had losted the would have broken us both up..but we could have made more....i can never find someone to replace I'm given up and joining you...
Sooko: are you done..??
Inu: *nods* may go on now..
Cat Demons: *jump at him and start bitting, using their nails, and the power to kill him quickly*

---it's my 1st day at the Ninja Acadmey---me:(thinking: man i want 2 go back home,i don't know any one here..!! & they made my sister go to a whole different part of the school building, so now i have no one 2 talk 2...-_-) *walks into the class and looks around the room*
teacher: alright class we have a new student today & i want you all 2 be nice 2 her..!!*he looks up at the door and smiles at me and waves his hand 2 show me i should come in further*
Students: yes master soka..!!
Master Soka: Kiba Inuzuka,are you sleeping again yet in my class..??!!>_<
kiba: *half way asleep* no Sir....*lifts his head half a inch with his eyes closed and gives the teacher a coy smile* not yet at least...*lays his head back down*
Students: *all laughing*
Master Soka: well then how about you showing our Miss Kira Star here around the school...??? seeing as i seem 2 be boring you...-_-
kiba:*puts his head up,and smiles at him* ahhhh don't be hurt by that small little fact...i'm bored with anything and everyone at school and you mean i would get out of class..??!!^_^
Students: *all laughing really hard*
Master Soka: *anime falls* why do i even try with him..???
kiba: *turns his head to the door and spots me and his eyes get wide*
Me: *looks at him and sees him staring at me and i blush and giggle*
Kiba: yea i'll do it Master Soka..!!^_^ *gets up & walks over 2 me* hi i'm Kiba Inuzuka...*holds a hand out 2 me* and if you can't tell..i'm the class clown...XD
Me: *still giggling and takes his hand and shakes it* i'm Kira Star..!!^_^ and i do believe i am seeing this..
Kiba: * smiles and keeps my hand & walks me out of the class room*
Me: *gets red when in the face when he takes my hand,but follows him out*
Students: omg,he is really showing her around..??this is the 1st time he did what he was told..o_o
~~~Me and Kiba~~~

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